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Found 5 results

  1. Who among us makes a cup of coffee or pulls a shot, it tastes great, but instead of enjoying it you say hmm how can I make this taste better? I’m not talking about in a Mr. Coffee I’m talking about fresh ground beans, a pour over/immersion or a nice espresso machine. Who out there is a total coffee geek like me? I can’t get enough! My cigar addiction is far greater, but I always find myself buying new accessories for my espresso machine. Today I got a Saint Anthony Industries New Levy Tamp and Wedge Distributor. If your stateside, who is your go-to roaster? My go-to lately has been Topeca Coffee Roasters, they won the 2018 US Roaster Cup and their prices are insane for their accolades. Topeca Coffee Roasters Signature Espresso and Ethiopia Beriti SO Lucca A53 Mini by La Spaziale, Eureka Atom and a Baratza Vario W Saint Anthony Industries New Levy Tamp and Wedge Distributor Post some pictures of your setup!
  2. Great way to start the weekend! Very old school cigar, Great morning cigar - Medium body, smooth draw , very creamy taste, perfect structure with very nice ash. have a great weekend!
  3. I smoked a Connie A last night, and I liked it. (Just like Katy Perry) I got the sense my nose was in a cappuccino overlooking the beach in Positano. Tons of cream. Tons of caramel. It was a beautiful experience guys. Is this flavor profile prevalent to other Upmann vitolas? I'm interested... What cigars do y'all recommend with that coffee, cream, caramel, or toffee flavor profile? I've read here that PLPC's are a caramel dream and they're on my radar as a next buy. Thoughts are appreciated. Cuba libre. Happy smoking! Javiel
  4. I was reading through some old threads about what folks like to pair with their cigars (coffee, tea, water, Dr. Pepper (?), etc.) and thought I'd be helpful to get some thoughts on coffee versus tea pairings. I usually have a dry latte, unsweetened, when I smoke. I have a burr grinder and a decent - but not great - espresso machine. I use a dark roast Nicaraguan bean from a local roaster that has a nice chocolate aroma and isn't too acidic. I've used Cubita in the past when I can find it, but I haven't seen any at my usual sources for the past year and a half. I've heard of some testers who use lukewarm tea as a sort of palate cleanser when they smoke, and I think that's an interesting idea. I'm considering trying something different because "coffee" or some variant of that is so common in tasting notes and reviews. I never really get that out of my cigars, and I'm assuming that's because the coffee note is completely masked by the actual coffee I'm drinking. Any thoughts on a pairing that would really let the full range of flavors and aromas of a cigar shine through? And for tea drinkers, any recommendations? I'm thinking something in the oolong family, but that might be too mild ... Looking forward to enjoying trying some new pairings!
  5. Coffee roasting is a growing passion of mine and since it appears there are many coffee lovers here I was hoping to pick your brains. This is a pretty general topic but would love some thoughts on any part of it. I've been home roasting for a few years now and thinking I'm ready to upgrade to a bigger roaster. I come from a large family so if nothing else I can share more with them. Looking at least a 6lb batch roaster but debating if I should wait until I'm ready for more like a 15lb. And of course I'd like the hobby to produce some sales. Does anyone even buy bulk coffee anymore? Has the K-cup taken over and around to stay? Do you appreciate good coffee enough to demand fresh every day and if so how do you get it? Do you find many prepackaged single serve coffees to be boring?

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