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  1. When out and about I carry my lightweight cigar pack that fits what I need for the next couple of hours: Imperfect Draw tool with Cohiba case Fine but Lames cutter Stank Dupont lighter 24 carat golden cigar stand Partagas Tubo for the Siglo 6 (why not) Transparent leather humidor case I then try to find a nice outdoor spot to sip some brown gold at. What does your packs / kits look like?
  2. Timing wise this review week couldn't have been better as I was celebrate my birthday (I won't mention how old but I'm a grandpa...) Challenge was what to smoke as I've been gifted these beauties from fellow BOTL Ended up choosing the Talisman as I've got a box but have not cracked it open as I was looking to age them and try them another time but thought might as well try and see what the hype is about. 1/3 was smooth, no freshness with this cigar but the start is very muted, not getting a lot of flavours, predominant notes of hay. Starting similar to a fresh Siglo VI.
  3. Greetings dear esteemed friends! I've had some requests to do some more reviews from our members so I decided to use the time we've all been jointly afforded lately (due to the Covid-19 pandemic, of course) to pull out some rarer and standard Cohiba cigars from my humidor and share some views on them with you. I'd like to thank @Trevor2118 for gifting me many of these cigars to smoke (I will also post up detailed text reviews of all these cigars soon). I hope that in sharing these reviews I can adequately express the joy of smoking these cigars and the background to them and I sincerely h
  4. Just came across this yesterday. File this under "Close. But no cigar". Let's have some fun. Can you guys spot the differences?
  5. My first Medio Siglo, and I have to say overall I'm a fan. Good flavor throughout and while perhaps a bit fat, overall the time/size I typically look for. Lots of travel last couple of weeks, and after getting in past midnight last night I was ready to have a coffee and cigar on the porch this morning. Debated a CoRo or Siglo I/II, but decided to try my first of these. Stiff construction, but excellent aroma. V Cut, toast, and right from the beginning honey and hay. Burn got a bit wonky at times, and at first I thought I might have a tunnel, but it wasn't that bad. The initial hit o
  6. Hello guys i bought these but something smells fishy can you tell if fake by the photo? Since i dont have any experience about cigars yhanks
  7. I recently watched Rob @Elpresidente and Ken share their review of the Cohiba Esplendido (several years ago review) and Rob mentioned frequently about the inconsistency with such an expensive cigar, so I had to try one. As I complete the first third, I must first note I’m a SUPER novice, but I’m surprised how firm the draw is on this cigar, albeit, the flavors are excellent compared to the few I’ve smoked thus far. But this required A LOT of attention to maintain the burn throughout the first 1/3. I must say, I’m deeply involved in siglo II at the moment, but I’m keen to know others exper
  8. The ever maddening Cohiba. Picked up a quarter box of PSP/HQ last November, they've been resting since I got them in December. Small, good construction, nice smell. V cut, paired with my black coffee. Debated a CoRo or a VI, but decided to try a lil fella. I don't know if it's expectations or what, but I'm rarely wowed by Cohiba. Lit well, was a bit of a hard draw at the beginning. Then I think I found a little bit of a tunnel, so it opened up after the first third. Not a ton of taste to it, some spongecake and coffee tastes (although I was drinking coffee too), maybe a tad bit of
  9. Last weekend I came across a deal too good to pass on OR perhaps too good to be true. Well see. Exactly what the deal was and where I’ll reveal eventually. So I got this box of 24 out of 25 Cohiba Espléndidos. stamped EOG CCUA (the U is barely visible) I did some research; EOG : Miguel Fernández Roig - La Coruna factory CCUA : 04/99 - April 1999 The cigar bands are of the type used until 2003. The latch/lock has a “Schmale Germany” imprint. Schmale has an exclusive contract with Cuba (since 1911 they say) to manufacture the latches. The
  10. Hello FOH, Recently discovered your website and forums and have been enjoying all of the information you guys bring on so many different topics! Going to La Habana, Cuba next Tuesday March 5, 2019. Staying right there in La Habana for a whole week. Im interested in a few things while im in Cuba: good cigars, good rum and good places. Starting with my main interest, CIGARS! I've been reading on here and have concluded I want to visit Alejandro "Alex"Gonzalez Arias at the Hotel Comodoro for some custom rolled cigars, probably his canonazo or his Behike 52. Do I have to order before ha
  11. I would really like to buy a Behike 54 to age for like 5 years and smoke on a very special occasion (Marriage, first home bought). Where can I find one at a decent price? I appreciate any feedback, thanks.
  12. This pencil thin cigar begins with sweet honey and citrus notes, then the grass, spice, tobacco and some hints of hay, woody flavours are added after its beginning. Due to the nature of the Cigarillos, it may not be as complex and great as long filler cigars but still, it lives up to its hype as it contains the key elements of good quick smoke! -Mr. Knight Brand: Cohiba Size: 29 x 106 (Cigarillo) Country: Cuba Box Code: Received as a gift from our member, Raskol (ndchow) Price: Received as a gift from our member, Raskol (ndchow) Score: 86
  13. One of the best things about our FriendsofHabanos community are the regular competitions our host runs for the benefit of our community. It was one such competition in June this year, the Sublime Selfie Weekend Competition that, thanks to you, enabled me to win a prize of 5 regular production cigars. The timing of that competition was impeccable. I was coming to the end of a hectic June work period and looking forward to a well-earned holiday break, and this competition was coincidentally on the winter solstice so I made sure to get away as soon as I could to enjoy a cigar in the sunset. After
  14. I'm a fan! i know some aren't. no they are not always at the top of their game but when they are they are something special ( for those in the know, you know what i'm talking about). i would love to know if you do like them, whats your favorites? you can talk about more then one. for those who don't why? and which ones have you tried that brought you to this conclusion. For me its either the siglo IV or the siglo V. To me they add all of the dimensions of what cohiba can offer when you have a good example of these. a special mention to the Lancero as well, but it lacks the intensity
  15. Hi guys - I just bought a box of "Cohiba Piramides". Not "Cohiba Piramides Extra", and not "Cohiba Piramides Limited Edition". Just "Cohiba Piramides". They come in tubes, its a box of 15 tubos. The quality is impressive - the bands are on point and look legit, with holograms and everything. I'm only suspicious because of the following: relatively low price the lack of "Cohiba Piramides" online the fact that the head on the band is missing the white line/border around it. The fact that the hologram only says "cohiba" and not "cuba" The fact that the h
  16. Hey all, Did anyone happen to jot down the factory code for the Cohiba Siglo IV Tubos that were up on the 24:24 on Wednesday? I have NOV 17 but missed the code. If anyone has it, much appreciated!! Tom
  17. Was hanging out at Toronto LCDH yesterday while the wife did some window shopping. Enjoyed a nice Cuban espresso, some conversation and took a quick look inside the humidor. Found some really nice large format jars. All official Habanos sa. The Behike, Partagas and Cohiba jars look big enough to hold Double Coronas with room to spare! The RyJ Short Churchill and Monte Edmundos are regular sized. The Partagas one is a beauty! Basically the P1 jar on steroids. Future Hamlet Salamones home? Slick, black Behike jar. Another biggie. I guess Habanos got tired o
  18. Thoughts on this bourbon? This pairing? I'm loving it so far This one was listed as 15 years old by the vendor for a custom batch.
  19. Though many brothers among us cherish the Cohiba marca, particularly the Siglo line, I have not met with success in the Cohiba line except for the Esplendidos. I have tried repeatedly to find something to like about Cohibas, but to no avail. This time around I picked up a little nugget that has been resting in my humidor for about a year since I received it in trade from a good BOTL. He continues to convey that he loves them, and that one day it will strike me like lightning, but I'm still waiting for the epiphany. The Siglo I is a perla, just 102mm - 4 inches in length by 42 gauge. This
  20. As I enjoyed the first snowfall of the year in NW Ohio, I decided this was the perfect time to break into the Christmas Sampler that I ordered from our host. We have our tree up and I was feeling rather festive. So why not jump with two feet in on this sampler and pick up one of the most sought after Cubans in the market. Luckily for me I just had to go to the basement and grab it out of the dry box. It was in the dry box for 2 days which has a 62% Boveda pack in it. The band slid very easily on the cigar and I knew this stick was ready to smoke. I went ahead and grabbed my cutter and di
  21. Hello, I have a question about storing Cuban cigars… But first, I found many online cigar sites and it looks like this one may be the best. I have been a cigar “dabbler” for 20+ years - willing to spend 15-20$ US on a cigar but not really knowing the Good from the Bad and the Ugly. Prior to the recent Cuban embargo relaxation, I preferred Nicaraguan cigars. I have recently come into an (I think) amazing windfall… A friend has a client that needed some political help - they needed to get their remaining family out of Cuba, so this friend of mine had a connection in the U.S
  22. Cohiba Gran Reserva Cosecha 2003 Siglo VI Review Vitola: Canonazo 52 ring gauge x 150 mm or 5.9 inches I had the opportunity to smoke this cigar a few months ago thanks to our dear friend @Trevor2118. We smoked one together and both agreed it was the best cigar we've sampled, and having sampled some exemplary cigars over the years, this is quite a statement. What is it like? Well, picture eating a honey, vanilla and cream sweet shortbread cake, only smoking it. I read a review on-line in preparing this reference review that the Gran Reserva series are amplified versions of
  23. I've decided to post my 2016 Xmas Sampler Review in the Review Section for future reference purposes. It was originally posted in February this year in the 'Daily Smoke' thread... Cigars I've smoked lately... The 2016 Xmas Sampler (dedicated to our dear friend @Hurltim) Did you happen to pick up El Pres' 2016 Xmas Sampler? These cigars represent Rob's most consistent quality cigars for 2016. I smoked through these fine cigars during my January vacation time, on my own, watching sport, watching movies and sometimes in the fine company of some other dear fellow cigar enthusiasts
  24. I found this picture on social media. The counterfeiters appear to have really high quality (if not authentic) Cohiba and the Edicion Limitada bands. However they overlooked the fact that Cohiba EL in 2014 was the Robustos Supremos, the Piramides format was last offered in 2006 and both came in 10 count boxes. I tried to tell the owner that these were fakes and he replied that he had purchased them at a Mexican LCDH. Which could explain what appears to be authentic bands, but opens up a whole other ugly can of worms. I have heard rumors of fakes at LCDH's but has anyone actually stumble
  25. Hey all, I'm curious, what's the main difference in terms of flavor and body between the maduro line and the siglo line? Are the maduros similar to NC maduros where the leaves are left out longer and develop a fuller sweeter flavor? Since they come in similar vitolas I'm curious why the prices are so different. thanks all!

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