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  1. Interesting reading : Cuba: marching in place as the world moves on The idea that the world is a very, very bad place has been implanted in Cubans' minds to make them believe that a planned economy and the one-party model are the solutions for the future of the planet Francisco Almagro Domínguez Miami 06 Oct 2021 - Graffiti on a wall in Havana. Diario de Cuba "The world is something different," someone told me 30 years ago in the kitchen of my house in Havana. He had returned from seeing his brother in New Jersey, in the United States. He
  2. Jailing people won't solve the medicine supply problem ... Punishing the Private Sale of Medications in Cuba: Yet Another Castroist Crime Cuba's "hoarders", "resellers, " "line holders" and those making up its huge underground market are legitimate "children" of every Marxist-Leninist tyranny. They are the effects, not the causes, of the shortages affecting the country. Roberto Álvarez Quiñones Los Ángeles 25 Sep 2021 How many Cubans would die who could have been save
  3. Recommended reading : GAESA: Its Business Is Money Laundering, Not Managing Remittances With the money from emigrants, the conglomerate led by Luis Alberto López-Callejas builds hotels and creates real estate assets. But there is much more. Emilio Morales Miami 22 Sep 2021 - 18:04 CEST The Hotel Cohíba, next to an apartment building in Havana. Diario de Cuba Two weeks after the recommendations were delivered to the Biden Administration by the commission created by the US Government to study and
  4. Courtesy of a friend of mine in Tarpon Springs FL - a lovely b/w movie of the cigar industry in Tampa, Ybor City and Cuba back in the 1930's and late 1950's.
  5. From this news, it looks like anyone with a Cuban sim card now has access to 4G in Cuba (Havana at least). Handy for those who need some internet during a stay.
  6. Historical low figures - Only 6 % of tourists compared to last year arrived in Cuba ... Tourism in Cuba falls to historical lows in the first quarter of the year Between January and March 2021, 76,913 travelers arrived, only 6.2% of those who arrived in the same period last year 14ymedio, Havana | April 26, 2021 The worst forecasts for tourism on the island are already a reality. The Cuban Statistics and Information Office (ONEI) published this Monday that between January an
  7. Came across this black & white video of Cuba in the 1920's with extensive coverage of tobacco harvesting.
  8. I was quite surprised to watch this video today by a Cuban "influencer" about meeting up with friends at the Havana Kempinski yesterday, nobody wearing a mask, everybody happy drinking French red wine and the room costing 360US$ a night special ( down from 580US$ regular price they say ) and the lady saying that she just went there to buy cigarettes there and ask about the Spa and just made a reservation as only Hotel guests can use the pool terrace and Spa ... While the area below the terrace looks quite empty and deserted , I am truly fascinated/disgusted by this almost obscene show in
  9. Looks like it is getting very bad for rum drinking & smoking addicted Cubans on the island. Of course the embargo is to blame. What else ... For those Cubans who are dying to get rum and cigars Havana Club has disappeared for national sale and tobacco 'flies' from establishments 14ymedio, Havana | March 05, 2021 "Havana Club rum is not for sale anywhere," says Jorge, a fan of these drinks from Holguin who regrets that, in recent times, only foreign drinks are sold at unaffordable p
  10. The Miami Herald article linked below offers another insight into worsening conditions on the island. One statistic which stuck out to me: “U.S. Coast Guard officials have detected a new uptick in Cuban rafters...more than 100 Cubans have been caught at sea in the last five months, compared to 49 in all of the 2020 fiscal year.” [Fiscal year begins October.] ““I threw myself into the sea because it’s not possible to live like this anymore,” said Beatriz, 28, who the Coast Guard found on a raft near Key West in January. “There’s nothing in the stores and with what I earn, I can’t buy
  11. Embargo ? What embargo - show me your cash and take the chicken ... Food purchases from Cuba to the United States fall to the level of 2002 The most plausible explanation for the reduction in imports is the island's lack of liquidity in foreign currency. 14ymedio, Havana | February 19, 2021 Imports of food and medicine from the United States fell by 36.6% in Cuba last year compared to 2019. The island's food purchases from American companies, published the US-Cuba Economic
  12. Found this just now on 14yMedio - a perfect example of Cuban "resolver" power ... ? Translation by Google. Only in Cuba: stealing 208 tons of rice from a state warehouse without leaving a trace 14ymedio, Havana | November 17, 2020 The history of robberies of the Cuban state sector has insurmountable milestones. Adulteration of figures, makeup of merchandise and even ingenious garments with internal pockets to transport products. This November, the Pot
  13. Just read that 3 days ago 900 Russian tourists landed in Cayo Coco for an AI vacation that mandated not leaving the Key. 11 of them have tested positive for Covid-19 and are now at Moron hospital - in total 20 are in quarantine by now. The Cuban health ministry MINSAP declares them to be "Russian citizens" of Ciego de Avila province in its statistic ... no mention of tourists. Would be a bit embarrassing as they were the first to land to much fanfare of the state media about "safe vacations" in Cuba, meaning beaches, not hospitals. These are all AI tourists ( just like in VRA
  14. Interesting story - great guy. How Mexico Became Home for Tampa Bay’s Cuban Star “I’m Cuban, but it’d be an honor for me to represent Mexico,” said Randy Arozarena, the rookie who has taken the postseason by storm. Randy Arozarena, 25, has emerged as the Rays’ best hitter and has powered them to within one win of
  15. Cuba’s Economy Was Hurting. The Pandemic Brought a Food Crisis. The island was able to control the coronavirus, but the dearth of tourists in the pandemic’s wake strangled an economy already damaged by mismanagement and U.S. sanctions. Shoppers loading groceries in Havana. What food is available in Cuba is often found only in government-run stores that are stocked with imports and charge in dollars.Credit...Ramon Espinosa/Associated Press By Ed Augustín and Frances Robles Sept. 20, 2020 Leer en esp
  16. this person is fu*ked.
  17. Just stumbled on two articles regarding Cuba re-opening travel to the island. First stated that borders will open August 1st - not earlier. But it has not been confirmed officially. Second is a report on Casas Particulares that are struggling to survive without foreign tourists to rent to. While they are "officially" closed and not allowed to rent to locals by law, some have gone to renting "on the side" to local couples on an "hourly basis". From charging 35 to 40 CUC a night to a tourist some have been renting as low as 3 CUC without A/C or 4 CUC with A/C an hour always fear
  18. Hey all FOH, Finylly will fly to CUBA after many yyears lurking on the forums (FoH and others).... I just wanted to share my future and first trip to Cuba in May 2020 (4th - 20th ca.) After a long time waiting to get the possibility to travel again, I decided to fly to the Cuba finally and also I wanted to gift my dear mom to discover it too. Will travel there to an acquaintance parents in Havana and maybe a few days in a resort (has to be defined at this moment... ). Will also be very happy to meet with any Foh Members who will be there on these dates
  19. Something I found out on my last trip from an expat friend in Cuba is that "somebody in Cuba" is cloning some users' phones, that is, phones with a Cuban sim card. I'm not sure about international sim cards. In case anyone might be worried that this may sound like a groundless accusation of underhanded dealings, there is a code that lets you check and see for yourself if it has been done. With your Cuban phone, open the phone app and dial *#06# and press "Call". the following screen will open on your phone, this has to be done in Cuba of course, on the Cubacel network. Edit. This wor
  20. I got some images this morning from a friend in Cuba with details of the events in Havana for the 500th anniversary. Some of these will overlap with the Partagas event. Quite a bit going on. The big public event on Saturday the 16th, and probably the place to be, is a concert by Los Van Van on the Malecon by the Piragua, that's the space between the Hotel Nacional and the Maine Monument, basically in front of the Gato Tuerto. Anyway, here are the images.
  21. @nino just gave me the idea for this. Quite a few of us have just returned from Havana and some members will be going in the next few months, February etc. Any new paladares to recommend? Or any that have gone downhill since the last visit? Here's my, short, list to begin. Michifú It's very new, not even on the Alamesa app yet. I was brought there by a friend who lives and works in Havana. It's about 1/2 block east (towards Habana
  22. After 18 months away from Havana I was again able to go for a few days with a small group of the cigar gang here in Toronto. This seems like a good opportunity to provide a quick update and also include a few photos from the trip. The photos are mix of phone and DSLR, so the quality will be different. The colour/lighting/exposure are based on my preferences so that may not appeal to some. Considering the weather we've been having in Toronto it was an excellent reason to get away. Here's what I was leaving behind on the day of the flight to Varadero from the back of the cab: I t
  23. Hello FOH, Recently discovered your website and forums and have been enjoying all of the information you guys bring on so many different topics! Going to La Habana, Cuba next Tuesday March 5, 2019. Staying right there in La Habana for a whole week. Im interested in a few things while im in Cuba: good cigars, good rum and good places. Starting with my main interest, CIGARS! I've been reading on here and have concluded I want to visit Alejandro "Alex"Gonzalez Arias at the Hotel Comodoro for some custom rolled cigars, probably his canonazo or his Behike 52. Do I have to order before ha
  24. As a new "special period" looms, some solutions suggested ...…/ostrich-rodent-on-the-menu-as-cub… Ostrich, rodent on the menu as Cuba seeks food miracle Sarah Marsh 4 Min Read HAVANA (Reuters) - From breeding miniature cows to importi
  25. Looking for information on cigar shops in Cayo Coco, friends going to Pullman resort there. Wondering if there are specific stores to stay away from? Any which seem to have good storage conditions and selection? Thanks RP

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