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Found 4 results

  1. I know these photos are spread out in various posts. If it’s okay I thought maybe one place exclusively for island hauls. I just get so blown away by what some people are bringing back. The custom bundles, the ashtrays, the rum and coffee. If you care to share post it up. I’m hoping to have some pics of my own in late may.
  2. Hello FOH, Recently discovered your website and forums and have been enjoying all of the information you guys bring on so many different topics! Going to La Habana, Cuba next Tuesday March 5, 2019. Staying right there in La Habana for a whole week. Im interested in a few things while im in Cuba: good cigars, good rum and good places. Starting with my main interest, CIGARS! I've been reading on here and have concluded I want to visit Alejandro "Alex"Gonzalez Arias at the Hotel Comodoro for some custom rolled cigars, probably his canonazo or his Behike 52. Do I have to order before ha
  3. Hello all! Work has been keeping me from the forum and enjoying as many cigars as I'd like, this summer I'll have time to slow down and after reading so many great threads here I've decided to make a short trip to Cuba happen for the wife and I. We'll be flying from Baltimore, MD to Havana for 3 days and 4 nights. It looks like booking a place to stay will be easy through AirBNB (if you have a great Casa feel free to post it up as I haven't booked yet), and the wife will be chatting up Jorge about driving and giving us a tour, but my main concern are the Visas. How do we obtain these?
  4. FOH, Looks like another bringing Cubans to the US thread but I wanted a little more info which hopefully my fellow Yanks can help me out with as I very infrequently travel to the US (read twice in 15 years). I'm a American guy living in Thailand working on a ship and thanks to some new United States Coast Guard regulations coming about in 2017 I have to travel to the USA for maritime courses (3 weeks). I'll be flying Bangkok to Dubai then into JFK on Emirates metal and plan to bring my large portable Xikar humidor (about 30 sticks). What is the latest news? I read previously taking the ba

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