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Found 1 result

  1. I've been thinking about starting this topic for awhile, yet was a little hesitant to list my stock count as it may be perceived as vainglorious and boastful, when in actuality I am trying to future-proof my cigar hobby as best I can against legislative changes and tax increases. After discussing with planetary how to go about getting collective data via pm, I relented and thought I would so in the best interests of our FoH cigar community. My marca breakdown is below... Cohiba - 210 or 21.3% H.Upmann - 123 or 12.4% Partagas - 115 or 11.6% Montecristo - 88 or 9% Por Larranaga - 75 or 7.6% Ramon Allones - 70 or 7.1% Trinidad - 68 or 6.9% Hoyo de Monterrey - 55 or 5.6% San Cristobal - 34 or 3.5% Diplomaticos - 29 or 2.9% La Gloria Cubana - 29 or 2.9% El Rey del Mundo - 25 or 2.5% Vegas Robaina - 25 or 2.5% Bolivar - 13 or 1.3% Cuaba - 7 or 0.7% Punch - 6 or 0.6% Romeo y Julieta - 5 or 0.5% Saint Luis Rey - 5 or 0.5% Sancho Panza - 4 or 0.4% La Flor de Cano - 2 or 0.2% I am expecting H.Upmann to be the most represented marca in your humidors, but we shall see. Certainly, I think H.Upmann, Cohiba, Partagas and Montecristo will have the highest representations. Although Habanos S.A does not publish sales figures annually, we have had some data in the past. The seven global brands, Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta, Jose L.Piedra, Cohiba, Partagas, H.Upmann and Hoyo de Monterrey account for over 80% of sales (In fact, one could probably estimate that Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta and Jose L.Piedra alone account for 50%!). I believe it is pertinent to mention that although Multi-Local brands such as Bolivar and Local brands such as Ramon Allones generate probably 1 to 2% of annual sales for Habanos S.A, they would be more proportionate among cigar enthusiasts such as ourselves. The information gathered here, I think, would be interesting data for our generous host Rob (El Presidente) and Alex Groom at Cuban Cigar Website. Below are some other related topics similar to this one... Which cigars are you deepest on? Going Deep...What and Why? Best Represented Marca in Your Humi... Year to date movement by volume (2015) Finally, I'd like to thank planetary, who has graciously agreed to do an overall tally with weighted and simple averages of cigar counts and percentages.

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