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Found 6 results

  1. I was a big fan of the Punch brand, no secret about that, and I smoked a great many of them. The brand once had four different corona gordas; Black Prince, Punch Punch, Super Selection No. 2, and this Royal Selection No. 11. Back in the day when all four where in regular production, I favored the SS2 and the RS11 most. Although some claim all four are the same, just different packaging, I found the SS2 and RS11 more flavorful and satisfying than the others. Fast forward nearly 20 years and all but one have been discontinued, including this RS11. The cigar I pulled for this review ha
  2. So [mention=2756]mkz[/mention] gifted me an incredible "sampler" a while back (from his epic thread in the photo gallery subforum) and I've had a hard time keeping my hands off the cigars. Yesterday I finally gave in again and smoked my second stick from the pack, an old Troya Universales. Now, I should start out by saying that this was probably the cigar I had the least hopes for. About a year and a half ago, I was sitting in the José Martin Airport with a shitty-rum hangover lighting up the worse cigar I've ever in my life. It was a Troya that came in a plastic tube. Format: Unive
  3. Despite my best efforts to resist the Siren’s song, I feel victim to Rob’s sweet narrative about this cigar on September 5, 2016. Why did it take this long to try, only God knows; but, I am glad I took the dive before the executioner sharpened his blade. The Cigar: HUPC – MEG MAR16 (PE, I believe), will note that I have a box of the LUB ABR14 but have not dug into them yet. It will be interesting to compare the two boxes in the coming months. Days of Acclimation: 121 days since receipt. Stored the last few weeks in the mid 50s, so there is a nice crinkle when rolled in between
  4. I talk a lot about me "not" being a collector. Yet, like many I suppose, I hold a place in my heart for my "last" box of cigars. This is my last cab of Partagas Lonsdales. I am a practicing genocidal madman when it comes to the extinction of cigars. The other day, was the official first day of the last days for this box of cigars. I never regret smoking a good cigar! -Piggy
  5. The Diplomaticos No.4 was a Marevas cigar identical in specification to the Montecristo No.4, at 42 ring gauge by 129mm. I say "was" because, like all great offerings from Habanos S.A. that don't sell in great quantities, this was discontinued in 2010. (Unlike its bigger and older cousin, the well-known Montecristo No.4.) It's a great shame really, as this cigar, if it was around deserves to be in your rotation, at least as a 'change-of-pace'. I was fortunate enough to receive this from a much admired and fellow Sydney FoH member, Kam a few months ago (thank you so much), and I was able to
  6. Saw this mentioned on another forum. Halfwheel has the story. "Production on the 7 x 47 Churchill vitola ceased in the second half of 2014, with news of the official delisting coming recently from Antoine Bathie of SEITA, the distributor of the line in France, along with the Jose L. Piedra marca" A shame if true. Let the run on Imperiales commence!

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