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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have not bought or smoked that many cigars for the past ten years, but in the last few months, I did start to smoke more from my stock which is mostly 2008-2010. The renewed interest in cigars is leading me to look into buying another box or two of some regular production large format cigars, mainly Prominentes. I've been a big fan of the Partagas Lusitania, but want to know if the Hoyo DC, Punch DC, or RA Gigantes have been better of late? Also, have any of the above had any significant blend changes in the last ten years? Any other info would be very appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I'm going away on vacation in a couple of weeks, and I wanted to bring a big cigar with me to smoke on my last night at the resort. I have smoked the RyJ Churchill and thought it was just ok. I have smoked the HUSW and thought it was sublime. However this is the extent of my experience with Churchills and Double Coronas. So, my question to you FOH community, is which of the BIG BOYS would you reach for first? To level the playing field, let's say current regular production and nothing with more than 2 years of box age.
  3. Recently, I had GAT Sep 2012 Saint Luis Rey Serie A, thanks to @Duxnutz. About a week later, I had a 2016 Saint Luis Regios, one of the cigars from the Sublime Selfies Weekend prize I was graciously gifted on account of our members. I will post up more detailed reviews of these cigars at a later date, but in summary, the difference between these two cigars was quite evident. I enjoyed them both, however, the best way to adequately describe the contrast in these two Saint Luis Rey cigars is to say that the Serie A showed signs of benefiting from aging, a lovely sweet cocoa
  4. @Mattb82's recent topic on Petit Coronas got me thinking about longer cigars, especially in consideration of @earthson's reply in that topic. Whilst I don't mind the ring gauge (47 rg on a Churchill, 49rg on a Double Corona) I don't seem to smoke enough of these, I always seem to reach for the shorter and standard ring gauge cigars by preference. Do you do the same? Give me 2 hours to enjoy a cigar and I find I'll nearly always try to fit a Minuto/Perla or Petit Corona in there! So let's have a look at current regular production of Double Coronas and Churchills... What cigar f
  5. For this review I took the opportunity to revisit the king of kings from Hoyo de Monterrey: the Double Corona This cigar isn't called a Prominentes for nothing the Double Coronas undoubtedly represent the best of their marca's and are time-honored and honed showpieces of what a Cuban cigar should stand for. This particular example was boxed in 1998 and therefore the tobacco is approximately 20 years old. The 1998 cigar was made with the old Corojo tobacco and it shows in the small veins on the wrapper. Spidery and smooth with a slight reddish tint to it. Smoking time 2:30
  6. With Spring and Summer coming for us Northern Hemisphere folks, it's getting near that time where we dig to the bottom of our humidors to see how those lovely Double Coronas have progressed after a long Winter's nap. For our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world, it's time to get a DC or two in before Winter hits. This got me thinking, which DC are you most looking forward to? For me, it is the Ramon Allones Gigantes. The one that I had at the end of last summer was 94+ smoke with waves of sweet, stewed fruit, chocolate, and toasted tobacco. Damn near perfect construction an
  7. Planning to go with our host for the first time and need some guidance in terms of flavour/complexity bang for your buck. I’ve looked around in threads and have found some info on DC’s and Churchill’s but I specifically would like see the opinion of many and form my decision from there, on what is smoking well now. Looking to get one box of DC’s and one box of Churchill’s and the following are my choices. I have tried and have Punch DC’s (love them) so I have not included it and the 50 cab SLR DC’s are not in my budget. I have already tried the HdM and the SLR and I equally love both as well.
  8. Today had some nice warm weather with a slight breeze. Probably one of the last summer days where a DC seems just fit especially after work. I pulled out a stick that had been sitting in my herfador over night; one i meant to smoke yesterday but didnt because there wasn't ample time. The wrapper on the cigar looked on colorado claro side, silky smooth, with one slightly visible vein. The construction was perfect IMO. I used a Punch and it revealed a good draw, suprisingly open for a small cut which i prefer as usually I find with tight rolled cigars a punch is too resistant. Smell on th

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