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Found 2 results

  1. Looking to get a pooled consensus of the regional editions worth going after. Added every searchable tag on the title for ease of searching. I think I'll start a list with a simple 0-10 point scoring system with all the regionals I have tried and took notes of. Hopefully others can chime in, and then we can average out the scores to see what are the hottest and best ER's recently! (will also include how many entries a particular ER has been scored/voted for at the beginning of each) I know there will be the 'age' factor on the ratings but lets keep it simple for now (1) Saint Luis Rey Incas: ER Peru 2014 ---> 7.0 (1) Ramon Allones Silver Jubilee: ER Asia Pacific 2017 ---> 7.5 (1) Quai d'Orsay Secreto Cubano: ER France 2016 ---> 8.0 (3) Rafael Gonzalez 88: ER Asia Pacific 2016 ---> 5.5 (1) Por Larranaga Encantos: ER Asia Pacific 2010 ---> 8.5 (2) Punch Sir David: ER Hong Kong 2018 ---> 9.25 (1) Ramon Allones Nuevo Mundo: ER Costa Rica 2017 ---> 7.0 (1) Bolivar Tiempo: ER France 2017 ---> 8.0 (1) Vegas Robaina Short Robaina: ER Andorra 2014 ---> 6.5 (1) Ramon Allones Sur: RE Libano 2014 ---> 8.5 (1) Bolivar Silver Jubilee: RE Asia Pacific 2017 ---> 6.0 (1) La Gloria Cubana Paraiso: RE Caribe 2014 ---> 8.5 (1) Por Larranaga Sobresalientes: RE Gran Bretana 2014 ---> 9.9 (1) La Gloria Cubana Invictos: RE Italia 2017 ---> 6.0 (1) Bolivar Bosphorus: RE Turquia 2014 ---> 9.5 (1) Diplomaticos Excelencia: RE Cuba 2015 ---> 9.5 (1) Sancho Panza Quijote: RE España 2010 ---> 9.8 (1) Ramón Allones Grandes: RE España 2008 ---> 9.8
  2. The day after returning from a Chicago home trip, I opted to smoke a Don José as my first smoke in anticipation of a much-needed nicotine kick based on previous experience. Beautiful construction with a near-perfect draw with pre-light notes of gingerbread. First 3rd: Similar to the last one I had a couple of months ago, it started off really spicy showing predominately white pepper with cinnamon and cloves. Once it settled down, the cloves diminished allowing the cinnamon to be more prominent. The finish had lingering cedar notes. Middle 3rd: It mostly remained consistent with the first third (spicy profile) with the exception of pleasant nutmeg spices completely replaced the cinnamon notes. Near the middle of this third, I finally got hit with the much anticipated nicotine blast. Cedar notes remained on the finish. Final 3rd: Definitely, this is a full body/strength smoke that had me lightheaded. While the nutmeg notes remained noticeable, they started to fade and now overtaken by the reemergence of cinnamon. Coffee was now on full display on the persistent finish. 94 Points with upside. It's impressive how great the Don José is smoking at this young age. This powerhouse smoke reminded me that I still have to pick up my Escepcion jar of the Selectos Finos that I've had on-hold for a couple of months now. I have to admit it that I'm bit disappointed that the gingerbread noted on the pre-light never made an appearance during showtime.

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