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Found 6 results

  1. Who doesn't like marshmallow? I'll admit I had been eager to give one of these a try. I added this single among others when I picked up the Blind cigar lot, so no idea date code on it. Had a nice sheen to it, seems well constructed, nice smell. V cut, toast and here we are smoking. I didn't get the marshmallow. Perhaps a bit in the first third, there was some lightness to it, I wouldn't call it marshmallow flavor, but had that hint. Of course that's what I always hear about these, so may be biased to that. But after the first third it was pretty harsh to me, and that lightness went away. Didn't help that it started raining so had to adjourn to the garage. I'll try one of these again, but not so eager to grab a box unless the next one I try is much better. Wouldn't call it bad, just not great and I'd choose many other cigars over this one. 86-87 maybe?
  2. I have to say these are without doubt one of THE most underrated cigars on the market for me, with a couple of years age on them ..they are superb ..and the best bit…they are CHEAP !! supposedly discontinued in 2012 but still about! Its a Lonsdale size which is perfect for me. COLD DRAW - slight woody/cedar taste with some floral bread/toast notes…slight tug I have punched this stick..but its a good draw. the cigar has oily complexion or a mottled look to it with a well packed foot. FIRST THIRD - nice opening of a honey sweetness and wait for surprise toasted tobacco moving onto a wonderful biscuit character which I adore in cigars. SECOND THIRD - the biscuit element is still here along with the sweetness there is now an arrival of a mild white pepper and slight saltiness from the wrapper which combined with the honey is a fabulous flavour .there is also a slight citrus taste on the tip of my tongue whether it lasts we shall see. FINAL THIRD - honey has now turned t burnt caramel there is as expected a bitterness arriving but it wrks well with sweetness to make it into a espresso flavour…the biscuit element has all but gone as we arrive at its end where its now just bitter where everything has condensed at one end. CONCLUSION - I am never let down by these they are not strong or complex ..but medium bodied at best. the flavours are great. and two to three years on these is about right I find - 94 points
  3. Here we go Fonseca KDT Cadetes. My nemesis, as a cigar rookie I got this brilliant idea of buying 3 boxes of Cadetes. Oh dear, oh dear. Just to found out it's not for my taste buds. So! Let's have look what had happened in few years time. Draw is okay, some resistance but okay. I stored them in a jar. The silk dress is quite yellow, so there had been progress. It's a little oily cigar who will see the lighter. We went for a doggie walk. Perfect size for a cigar. Chaos German Style. What's always been bugging me is that the Cadetes just goes off. I had to relight a few times. So what we got here tastewise? Dark chocolate, deep roasted espresso. Light smoke, even its a very oily cigar. Resumes: something to smoke away, nothing demanding. A nice cheap & cheerful cigar for a dog walk.
  4. I took the day off from work, ran errands in the morning and then put my little one down for a nap after lunch. Weather was beautiful out so I decided it was a good time to relax. I have been hanging on to this Fonseca No 1 since 2016 when snagged it via the FoH Christmas sampler. It is a beautiful cigar. Oily, little toothy and a nice orange/reddish, maybe rosado, looking wrapper. Prelight smell is hay with a good bit of wood. Since it was in the middle of the day, decided to pair it with a Coke! First third was very good. Mostly a wood and toasted tobacco flavor with a toasted marshmallow flavor on the retrohale. Draw was a tad tight but not unsmokable. Might need to invest in a Perfect Draw for the future. Second third continued with good flavor. Tasted mainly of dry Cheerios and a little wood. Retrohale was still marshmallow like. Unfortunately at the end of the second third I ran into a burn issue. One part of the wrapper became fireproof which forced me to do 3 to 4 touchups at a bad time. Final third was a little harsh. Most likely due to the fact that I had to touch up the cigar so often in the final third. The cheerio flavor continued with a heavy woody finish. Retrohale was more like burnt marshmallows now but definitely not offputting. Overall I really enjoyed this cigar. I am happy I bought a box of 2017s on 24:24 and put it to sleep for a bit. I think these will definitely get better with age. The Fonseca No 1 is one of my favorite sticks due to the retrohale and its light body. It could definitely be a daily smoke for me considering its priced right and I have yet to have a horrid experience with one. I highly recommend buying a box and putting it away for a bit.
  5. Cigar: Fonseca No.1 Box Code: UME NOV14 Review Date: April 18, 2016 (Age: 1yr, 5mo) Appearance: This box smells incredible! A really great barnyard aroma. This is a box I picked up on a 24:24 a little while ago and it’s PSP grade in my estimation. A perfectly crafted cap with a dark Colorado wrapper that has some nice sheen and splotchiness to it. First third: Honey, cream, a nice balanced pepper, and some subtle floral notes. Second third: The sweetness fades to the background, the pepper picks up a tad. There’s a slight leather note coming in. Third third: Body increases a tad, the leather asserts itself more, as does the pepper. The honey and cream have faded almost completely and have been replaced with a nice black tea flavor. Smoking time: Forgot to measure. I think about 1.5 hrs. Conclusion: So glad I jumped on these when they were available. They're considered discontinued by most, so it was a nice surprise to see them available. Aside from this box I’ve had one other example, a nicely aged stick that I got in a trade. It was equally as impressive. Fonseca may not get as much love as the other marcas, but I’d buy another box (or two!) in a heartbeat if they showed up on a 24:24 again. Rating: 95
  6. Hi guys, While browsing some cigar stores here in Germany I found out that the Fonseca No. 1 - thought to be discontinued since 2012 according to the Cuban Cigar Website - is back in stock at some retailers. Since I like the Lonsdale format I bought one of the boxes. According to the boxing date, these are fresh ones - ARG DIC 14. Another German shop offers some with MOE NOV 14. So, are they back in production or did the Cubans just found some Fonseca's flying around and shipped them? I heard some stories that there were shortages of the silk wrapper - the other vitolas were unavailable for a long time here, too.

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