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Found 10 results

  1. Some here that a few of us have eaten in before but I think some new ones too. La Corte del Principe I thought had gone downhill a bit last November. El del Frente is very nice, Tocamadera of course and Beirut Shawarma is nice but not brilliant. I hear good things about their new place, Amir Shisha.
  2. @nino just gave me the idea for this. Quite a few of us have just returned from Havana and some members will be going in the next few months, February etc. Any new paladares to recommend? Or any that have gone downhill since the last visit? Here's my, short, list to begin. Michifú It's very new, not even on the Alamesa app yet. I was brought there by a friend who lives and works in Havana. It's about 1/2 block east (towards Habana
  3. This is my first trip report and review, it is a bit long but the TL:DR of what we smoked and notable eating spots of the trip is at the bottom. I've always looked forward to my trips to the big Apple, the food is great, the buzz gets me going and most importantly getting to meet up with friend and BOTL @torsion. There have been a couple trips previously but this was to be the final meet up in NYC (also, his wife was away?) as his time in the city is done. This meant a celebration like no other, cigars, food, drinks, in that order. The goal was not to smoke as much as possible but to smok
  4. Hey brother and sisters I am traveling to Cuba Sept 10-15 and asking if anyone has advise for food, drinks, music ,art and of course where to "if any honey spots" for and to find Cuban cigars? Any help is greatly appreciated! My first time going to Cuba from US. Thank you guys! Robert Rogers
  5. Hi guys, Heading to Vegas in a few weeks, and its been several years since my last visit. Looking to mainly relax--I'm staying at the Luxor. I have a couple of questions for the better traveled: 1) Can you smoke cigars at tables, walking around the casino, etc... 2) Best cigar lounge to chill out for a few hours and have some drinks? 3) Best restaurant for some BBQ or a steak? 4) Any activities you recommend (non-club)? I would love to stay on/near the strip, but would venture away from the glory if necessary... Thanks guys!
  6. Just wanted to start a thread on your favorite cheap places to eat whether locally or in your travels. Similar to the C&C section I hope this will give a good listing of places that botl's can step inside for a quick, cheap, relatively healthy, and delicious meal. Being an economics major, I am thrifty (cheap lol) and constantly think of my end utility from what I eat and if I am satisfied. Likely because I go to the wrong places I constantly am dissapointed paying 20-30$ an entree and leaving hungry and not experiencing what I expected or hoped for. I am not ashamed to say that some of t
  7. Just booked a vacation for 2 weeks in the end of Sept, we're landing in Paris CDG and will be staying a few days there, after that we might rent a car and head south, stopping at anything that's interesting (for now we have Reims, Dijon, Avignon, Marseille on our brainstorm list), hopefully we can do a day trip to Andorra before heading out to Barcelona. Having only been to France for 3 day in my previous trip I think it is best to ask our more-experience members for suggestions. How would you distribute your cigar purchase in this trip? Should I just buy everything in Andorra or should I sa
  8. A perfect Portmann Week-End We, Frank and I, were surprised to learn that it was not going to be the small, uncomplicated affair we expected, but a "Portmann Havana Group Reunion" dinner at a Michelin rated restaurant in St Gallen / Switzerland. Oh well, worse things can happen in life ... Like the traffic jam we saw on our way down, stretching basically for three-quarters of the way but fortunately on the opposite direction. We arrived on time for a glass of champagne and a Robusto at Portmann Cigars in Kreuzlingen, then just a quick pick up of the hotel key, no changing, and off to St Ga
  9. I am thinking of taking a trip to somewhere in Mexico with my girlfriend for her birthday. I've been looking at Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Cozumel, and Cabo San Lucas. Every one of them has an LCDH (I checked, haha, it's my one requirement). For those of you with experience, which one would you prefer, where are good places to stay (We can't afford anything real expensive, but don't want to stay in a dump either), etc.?
  10. Attention to All! This is the announcement you've all been waiting for...MONTREAL HERF 2013! This year`s event will be held on March 9th 2013. There will be a pre-herf dinner (yes we will make sure to have steak on the menu this year) then the actual Herf will take place on the private floor of Stogies Cigar Bar. Raffle and auction will be held to raise funds for The Nicaraguan Children's Feeding Mission yet again. We will also do a pre-herf on Friday March 8th for anyone coming into town on that day. Locations, hotel rates and prices still to be determined, but we are trying to work

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