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Found 1 result

  1. No, this is a departure from the Pig's now standardized video review. I figured I would just make it simple... The recent thread on the Boli Gold Medal more or less motivated me to pull out a box and smoke one. I did buy some of the original CW release, but just like today, I have not been much to be stabbed by 'limited' cigars and even at the 'group buy' price, I figured that they were more expensive than what they were worth. As their interest began to wane, I bought more of the re-release and I am glad that I did. My cigar was firm and really well packed. It was dried sufficiently so that I could remove the foil and bands without tearing them. You might say that they had become a nice, dry 9 year old cigar. It was a brisk 90F on Isla Pigfish, and I was wondering how well I might take the adverse climate! ... the soldiers weapons aligned, I went to battle! The cigar opened with dry oats and shredded wheat. A hint of sweet followed and I thought that this was somewhat mild from what I remembered these to be. Within an inch or so these flavors developed and became more robust as they added various spices including nutmeg and some cinnamon. The cigar gracefully conveyed me though this nominally robust and lighthearted medley for some period. It bobbed and weaved removing and adding variances to the melody until about halfway through the smoke. It then appeared that the opening band was left over from the 'home for the aged' festival... and I had arrived early to the 'tribute to heavy metal' festival... And it began. The more graceful cigar came to a rather abrupt halt. As I have had a rather annoying cough for the past two weeks and have been off cigars since my last review, I began to wheeze a little and began to get some tingle from my throat, not previously hurting, but hurting now... I was slammed with straight tobacco, pepper and smoked paprika. The lovely essence was gone, the brute force of untamed tobacco had begun. In better condition, I would have likely enjoyed the cigar more, but being somewhat sick (still) I was bowled over by the torrent. Don't get me wrong, the cigar was good. It was very interesting, as far a ambushes go, but I was just not well suited for it that day... While super strong cigars are not really my forte, robust ones are. The cigar gets great points for making my interest and keeping it. It had huge constitution, and a lot of character to boot. In the right health and frame of mind I might have really been impressed, but in my case I felt more 'assaulted.' This of course was not the cigar's fault, but mine alone. Eventually I had to leave a good 2 inches in the ashtray... I just could no longer take it! If you are ready for a boorish cigar, a bully in lambs wool, pull one of these out and give it a try. Me, my throat is now sore as hell, and I am hacking like a sputtering lawnmower with water in the fuel. It is not the cigars fault, but my own. I look forward to taking one of his siblings to task another day, a day when I am done dressing my own wounds!!! -LOL Let the healing begin! -Piggy

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