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Found 5 results

  1. My brother couldn't make it up north for Easter so he came home this weekend. Gave me a good excuse to take a vacation day and make it a long weekend. With the day mostly over I'm glad he did. It's always fun to get out golfing and spend time with family. The day started out on the golf course at our hometown (Hawley, MN). Pat and I have played that course literally thousands of times in our lives and both of us could guide you through the course blindfolded. I didn't score as well as he did, a fact the little shit reminded me throughout the day, but some good did come of it. I lost my power fade over the winter and now am hitting it straight or with a bit of a draw. So that was definitely a plus. But for me it was a consistently inconsistent day. Wrong fairway here, bad chip there, lipped out put there. The last 6 holes I shot in even par so I'm feeling good about my chances tomorrow. And I had a near miss on an eagle put today, which is nice despite it not going in. Enjoyed a D4 (2014 box code, seconds) during a frost delay, that while may not have the prettiest looking wrapper has been a consistently enjoyable cigar. Also had the Magnum 50 from a 2014 box. I didn't want the Magnum 50 to end. Such a luxurious smoke, and doesn't want to pick a fight with me like the Magnum 46 does. After the round of golf Pat went back to our mom's place and I headed back to town. Ran to the liquor store where they were having penny wine sale. Buy 1 bottle at normal price and get a second for a penny. Good way to get through some unwanted stock. Last time I went there during the sale all I got was a 12 pack of beer. An old lady behind me in line was staring daggers at me that some uncouth individual would tarnish the penny wine sale by buying some lowly beer. But I do like beer. So I was there to get a 12 pack of beer. And figured what the hell, when in rome. Wound up with a Cabernet Syrah. $15 for 2 bottles, sure why not. Then I headed home to fix a bite to eat, then grabbed a gun and some ammo and headed to the gun range for some much needed and overdue gun therapy. I love going to the range and hate that I can be such a lazy slob on the weekends to not go into the range and get some trigger time in. Got there a bit after noon and damn near every lane was packed. I was shooting effectively a pea shooter compared to the guys on either stall to the side of me. My 9mm only pokes tiny holes into the targets. Guys around me were shooting 44 magnums and a desert eagle (which I got to shoot, good lord does that kick). After that I got back to my house and then it was about time to get the Kamado Joe (it's effectively a Red BIg Green Egg) setup to smoke a tri-tip steak. About the time i got the fire going my mom and brother show up. The tri-tip is a newish cut of meat that I learned of recently and fast becoming a favorite of mine. I smoke it with red oak wood until the internal temp is 130 degrees. Then I remove the heat deflectors and cook it at high temps, 400+, until the internal temp hits 142 degrees. Pulled the steak and then it was time to wait 30m before I could cut into the meat. Also had to have a Half Corona and another beer while the meat was smoking away. I promptly fell asleep on the couch due to the food coma I put myself in. My brother thought it was funny how I'd snore myself awake. Then it was back to the deck to have a beer and a Punch Punch. Standard brotherly BS was had during the cigar. He also managed to talk me out of the box of Quintero Favoritos and the rest of the HDM Epicure #1s. Apparantly I owed him money or something so he got the Favoritos for nothing. I didn't leave him off the hook for the rest of the Epicure 1s though. I think he's pulling a fast one on me though. So glad spring is here and look forward to more days like this.
  2. So what are we smoking this Sunday afternoon? And can Sergio Garcia hang on to win his first Golf Major in 73 attempts (or since 1999)? One thing I do know, it's going to be a fun few hours coming up, judging by history and what happens on the back 9 on the final Sunday afternoon at Augusta.
  3. remember the death of Tiger Woods's pro golfing career. Truly hard for me to watch Tiger on Thursday, he just never looked right from the start. I remember some of the great athletes that knew it was time to hang it up like P Manning or Thierry Henry in MLS recently but I don't recall such a fall from magnificence as with Eldrick. Sucks to see one of my favorite athletes just look like a shell of himself but I'm really concerned about his legacy being tarnished even further with mediocrity if he can't get healthy. I've seriously hurt my back twice, herniated L4 and L5, with back spasms no surgery thankfully and, I just don't see how Tiger can carry on in any pain and seriously compete.
  4. Hey fellas, I figured a good number of us must be golfers on here. I thought to start a thread where we can talk all things golf...Latest rounds played, reviews on different courses, a WITB, new clubs in the bag, PGA tourneys and all things golf...and cigars as well. So this is my second summer where i'm talking golf seriously. Last summer I changed my irons for some TaylorMade Rocked Bladez (stupid name btw...) and I bought a new TaylorMade ghost putter as well. I still have my Ben Hogan Driver. Next purchase will be lob wedges, 56 and 60 degrees. i'll try to get a pic up later on. Plan for this summer is to take lessons, try to get in 3-4 rounds a month on a local par 3 course close to my place to practice my short game, and 1 round a month on a regular course. I hit the range at least once a week as well. Howbout you guys?
  5. Fellow FOH travel gurus, Matthew and I, and another couple, want to plan a trip to Scotland and perhaps Ireland too in Sept/Oct 2013. We are looking at up to 2 weeks. A boat trip around Scotland with stops in ports for visits, sleeping on the boat; inland scotch touring with golfing for them and cigar smoking and scenery for me. Anyone have suggestions/itinerary they can e-mail or share? Seems I have heard some talk about this here. With thanks! Lisa

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