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  1. This finally arrived on the shelves of our Provincial gov't's liquor monopoly shelves. Looking forward to try it ASAP.
  2. Too funny if it wouldn't be so sad ... What a f#+?d up country and gvmt ! Three eggs a month only and NO fish in a Caribbean island surrounded by rich fishing grounds Hope you are fortunate to live in the capital .... ------------------------- The PCC congress multiplies the eggs in Cuba but does not achieve it with the fish In April there will be four more "controlled" eggs for Havana and one for the rest of the provinces 14ymedio, Havana | April 16, 2021 The imminenc
  3. Taken from this post. Here's a recent list of rollers that was put together. See credits below. Roller || Address || Notes Alejandro Gonzalez Arias || Hotel Comodoro Cigar Shop at 3ra Ave. & Calle 84, Playa || Replaced Santos. Word is good on his sticks. Leopoldina Gutierrez aka 'La China' || Partagas LCDH at Calle Industria #520, Centro Habana || Great personality, excellent roller. Get whatever you can. She can't roll as much as she used to. Arnaldo Ovalles || Hotel Melia Habana LCDH at 3ra Ave. between Calle 76 & 80, Playa || Replaces Yolanda. M
  4. After a busy week in Havana, I got to take the new GoPro out for a spin. This might bring back memories for many.
  5. Some here that a few of us have eaten in before but I think some new ones too. La Corte del Principe I thought had gone downhill a bit last November. El del Frente is very nice, Tocamadera of course and Beirut Shawarma is nice but not brilliant. I hear good things about their new place, Amir Shisha.
  6. I got some images this morning from a friend in Cuba with details of the events in Havana for the 500th anniversary. Some of these will overlap with the Partagas event. Quite a bit going on. The big public event on Saturday the 16th, and probably the place to be, is a concert by Los Van Van on the Malecon by the Piragua, that's the space between the Hotel Nacional and the Maine Monument, basically in front of the Gato Tuerto. Anyway, here are the images.
  7. @nino just gave me the idea for this. Quite a few of us have just returned from Havana and some members will be going in the next few months, February etc. Any new paladares to recommend? Or any that have gone downhill since the last visit? Here's my, short, list to begin. Michifú It's very new, not even on the Alamesa app yet. I was brought there by a friend who lives and works in Havana. It's about 1/2 block east (towards Habana
  8. After 18 months away from Havana I was again able to go for a few days with a small group of the cigar gang here in Toronto. This seems like a good opportunity to provide a quick update and also include a few photos from the trip. The photos are mix of phone and DSLR, so the quality will be different. The colour/lighting/exposure are based on my preferences so that may not appeal to some. Considering the weather we've been having in Toronto it was an excellent reason to get away. Here's what I was leaving behind on the day of the flight to Varadero from the back of the cab: I t
  9. Gotta love reading the reviews from visitors to Cuba: Quick quiz, which one is by a clueless American? The Penthouse is beautiful and it’s right on the Malecon, 3 min wall to National Hotel and restaurants. The breakfast every morning was wonderful with fresh fruits , veggies eggs and juices. Juvie and Adrianna took care of our every need . The place is absolutely amazing. The views from every room are spectacular. Excellent choice. Would definitely recommend. Isabel is definitely a superhost! This air bnb is outstanding. We came here to celebrate our 40th bday. (Guys tri
  10. I posted a great review of Paladar Marea this year on my blog - now I am hearing bad things about it from knowledgeable people. Update 07 Sept. 2018 : Looks like the Cuban Paladar disease of "earn 500 CUC today and lose 5.000 CUC tomorrow has affected Marea in Miramar. Good and knowledgeable friends lately have reported shitty food, frozen Tuna and bad culinary experiences there. I spoke today with a group of Scottish friends who had dinner last night there and they reported it was terribl
  11. My son, @Ethernut clued me to a post yesterday, from @GotaCohiba who is on a cruise to Havana, and having immigration procedure delay issues. I'm in Florida for the cold months, and scheduled to sail on this cruise, with Royal Caribbean, on Sunday from Miami. We stop in Nassau, Key West, and Havana (7am to 5pm) on Jan 25. To be legal, we scheduled a 3-4 hour tour, and will have 3-4 hours to ourselves and the Cuban taxi drivers. The tour is actually looking pretty good, with a drive down the Malecon, and stops at Revolution Plaza, the Capitol, Morro Castle, El Cristo del la Habana statue, a
  12. Hello fellow brothers / sisters I will be traveling to Havana Jan. 13-17 2018 if anyone will be in Havana let me know we can meet for drinks and cigars. If you will not be there during those dates let me know when I travel to Cuba every two weeks. Thanks Robert Rogers
  13. Here is a good tip if you like to take a free tour in Havana and help students in their spare time practice English. One of them is the sister of a good friend of mine, a fantastic roller, Alejandro Gonzalez of Comodoro fame. . Thank you ! I’d like to start the new year with a nice project that a group of students is running in Havana. They offer free tours of Havana in their spare time so as to practice languages and earn a small tip if the tourist is satisfied with the tour. They speak Spanish, English and Fre
  14. I will be in Havana from November 20-27th with a couple other brothers. If anyone will be there during these dates would love to meet for drinks and cigars. Thanks Robert Rogers
  15. Just got back from Havana. Went with some old friends and made some new ones. A slushy Mojito with a Trinidad Vigia. My first ever Vigia. Loved it. The gang relaxing with a smoke at the Melia Cohiba (I think) Browsing the humidor at 5 y 16 The new Kempinski hotel in it's shining glory. Very shiny, but antiseptic. Like an Apple store. We had a smoke on the second floor lounge in the Kempinski. Prices were good, service was great, the ventilation was excellent but IMO, the decor was not fitting for a cigar lounge. Once again, too polished. I
  16. Cheers I'm currently en-route to Havana, Cuba re-routing me from Atlanta airport which has closed in/out flights from now till who knows to lovely New York airport now. Then will take straight shot away from Irma to Havana, Cuba to arrive on Tuesday 9/12/2017......finally! Havana is slowly regaining power back and should be back on at least in Havana by Tuesday when I arrive and the water not exactly sure but I just took a shower in the sink at the airport in Kansas City with couple hand fulls of water.....? As for the flooding in Havana it should reside a considerable amount by Tuesday when i
  17. Just got in last night with tons of pics from Havana..... unfortunately, I am afraid the storm here has fried my desktop. i will do my best using my phone and hope it gives me same quality as my desktop. it was a BLAST , Enjoy ?????
  18. Hey all! I've been putting off making this post but you all have given me so much in my time on the forum that I knew I needed to give back in my small, but hopefully special for somebody, way. Background: I've been smoking cigars for about 10 years now and been getting much more into cubans in the last 4years or so. I watched a few docs and saw a few different pictures of Cuba and knew that I needed to go. When I took a new job with an unlimited and flexible vacation policy, I knew how I was going to take advantage of it. So I convinced my wonderful wife to do a 10 day trip, 5 days in V
  19. Just did a four day stint in Havana with some good friends. No debauchery, just some good, relaxing times. A Trinidad Topes EL 2016 outside our "hotel" which seemed to be a running joke with the other hotels. Not going to bother with this release myself. Hanging out at Club Habana after emptying the place out of Monsdales. Enjoying a mid 1970's Sir Winnie at 5 y 16 LCDH with an espresso. I like bringing these old classics to their birthplace to smoke. While at 5 y 16, Carlos Robaina handed me his cigar for the day to enjoy. Smoked it later that night at
  20. It’s about time I got some pictures of my last trip up here. Great time as usual, one of the best trips yet. I had an old Chicago friend, Sue, come down and join me for a week. One of my closest friends, I hadn’t seen her in ten years and it was great to catch up. My flight got delayed in Paris by just over three hours, for some reason they upgraded me to business, so I didn’t complain. I used some miles to get up to business on the way home too so all good! I got in the Wednesday before the festival, had to check in to two apartments, then straight to the Gato Tuerto. Refu
  21. Havana 2017 I just recently returned from another trip to Havana, my first since 2015. Having been down to Havana multiple times in the past, it’s always interesting to reflect on any changes I’ve experienced in the city. Mental note: don’t do a 7 day cigar trip to Nicaragua and then roll right into a Cuba cigar trip. The positive takeaway is that I already had my ‘Cuban head’ on before I landed in Havana. In the past we’ve always flown through Varadero for a multitude of reasons. The problem with Varadero is that it’s filled with tourists and as a result everything becomes pain
  22. I spoke with Prez this morning and he agrees that it would be a great idea to have a gathering for any FoH members who will be in Havana for the Habanos Festival next month. The Habanos Festival is from Monday Feb 27 - Friday March 3. The event will be in the restaurant VIPHavana in Vedado from 4pm to 7pm on Wednesday March 1st. A fairly new restaurant, it's a really nice space and great tapas. Not stuffy at all, it'll be relaxing, fun, a few drinks and cigars, absolutely in the spirit of FoH. A time to share stories of our week so far..
  23. Just got this in the mail today. I've mentioned this magazine here a few times before but this issue is dedicated to Cuban cigars and tobacco. Interviews with Hector Luis Prieto and quite a few of the people working for him, including Miguel's son. I haven't read through all of it yet but looks like some good stuff. Plus, for the first time this year I see the venues posted for the Habanos Festival events. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27 7:30pm Welcoming Evening dedicated to H. Upmann Sir Winston Gran Reserva Cosecha 2011. Cocktail at
  24. Looks like paladares are a thorn on the side of the system .... Permits for new ones have been stopped and tighter regulations announced for existing ones. No more Paladares in Cuba ... too crazy an idea, but here are the news :
  25. Hello Chaps, A dear friend of mine is going to Havana later on this month and has offered to bring back some cigars.. Having been there myself, last year, I know how sometimes poor the selection is in the local tiendas. Has anyone been there recently and seen what is widely available in stock that is worth bringing back? Thanks in advance!

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