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Found 9 results

  1. Bought the travel humidor in 2011. White lacquered box with 15 cigars inside and a humidifier. Well make it short the humidifier was a nice art object. But I didn’t know it better as a greenhorn. The only way to pretend the cigars of a dry out was putting them away into another box. The travel humidor I kept it to but my small coins in there. Back to the cigar. Courtesy of ccw it’s an Robusto Extra with the size of 50x6 1/8” 4.000 Humidors had been produced. Draw is very easy. Prefer to punch the cigar. First puffs are loads of white pepper and black tea. B
  2. Ready for some cigar pr0n? Someone on FB reached out to me about a shopkeeper who is looking to ID what era these are from and any background information. The items in question are both from Hoyo de Monterrey. One appears to be a salesman sample case with 62 cigars. The other is a huge wall mounted cabinet showcasing the HdM factorie's offerings (in fivers) along with two monster showpiece cigars. There are some really gorgeous bands here too. If anyone here has any insight, please post here. In the meantime, enjoy the pics. Salesman travel case. Top of case.
  3. I'm sure I'm one of many that will review Des Dieux this week and am looking forward to what others think of this line. I'm definitely late to the HDM party. To say that HDM is underrepresented in my humidor is an understatement. Des Dieux is the only one I own. I must admit I do not get that itch to pull the trigger when other HDM come up for sale, compared to Monties, Partagas or Cohibas. I have tried a few different cigars from HDM but they never piqued my interest. I have found myself gravitating consistently to Partagas, RA or Cohibas. This box I own is
  4. Just came back from Paphos, Cyprus. Visited the lcdh there and found these Le Hoyo du Prince, in cardboard 5 packs. According to ccw, these were discontinued in 2006. If so, these are aged and rare. Your thoughts?
  5. Hoyo du Maire, when I started to smoke cigars the du Maire was one of my first boxes I bought. Along with the ERDM Demitasse. both are Entreactos = Between the theatrical acts. The Demitasse is more box pressed and looks thicker. Both are equal. If you don't have the time for a big cigar but you desire is more than a cigarillo than these two are the right choice. Cold draw reminds my of vanilla cookies. A bit of resistance. Loads of cocoa and cream. It really reminds me of a Montecristo ? The after taste is wood and a warm mouth feeling. Love the little bugger. Q
  6. Since du Prince is sadly being discontinued, I'm assessing if I should outsource a couple boxes while I'm still seeing them within Germany.First 3rd:Chestnuts, almonds and caramel are dominating this third. Loving the sweetness on the finish along with the pencil shavings notes.Middle 3rd:Almonds are still present. Starting to show some creamy notes. Really interesting hints of lemon drop at the end of this third. Semi-oaky finish.Final 3rd:There's still a touch of cream along with some newly-developed coffee notes. As it reached its end, slight hints of licorice are noticeable on the finish.S
  7. I'm not sure if this one will be in before the deadline, as I see the contest announcement has a conflicting day/date. I smoked this opne at a coffee shop where they never hassle you for smoking on their outdoor patio, but their WiFi filter prevents me from accessing FOH because of "tobacco" content. Go figure! Photo below is from a different stick than the one smoked for this review. Didn't have my camera on me. Visual Appearance: From a SLB of 10. Medium-brown wrapper. Oily appearance. Mostly attractive, the veins and seams aren’t too prominent. Slightly grit
  8. For this review I took the opportunity to revisit the king of kings from Hoyo de Monterrey: the Double Corona This cigar isn't called a Prominentes for nothing the Double Coronas undoubtedly represent the best of their marca's and are time-honored and honed showpieces of what a Cuban cigar should stand for. This particular example was boxed in 1998 and therefore the tobacco is approximately 20 years old. The 1998 cigar was made with the old Corojo tobacco and it shows in the small veins on the wrapper. Spidery and smooth with a slight reddish tint to it. Smoking time 2:30
  9. My first review posted, so be gentle Also posted to /r/cigars (hope that's okay) Preamble So fellow FoH'er Photo_Rob knows why I smoked this, my last EpiEsp in my collection. Inside story. It'll be interesting to see how he reviews the one I just traded his way. Will I buy another box of EpiEsps down the road? Read on. Pairing Paired this cigar up with an absolutely fantastic, complex Scotch; if you love the browns but don't like peat, I highly recommend you pick up a bottle of Craigellachie 13 Year while it's available (it's a limited release). Super complex, nice underripe

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