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Found 11 results

  1. This stickied thread is being established to provide a clearinghouse for information, links, resources, and discussion about cigar surface phenomena this includes topics such as: mold versus bloom does plume actually exist can bloom be induced, and if so, under what conditions does plume affect the smoking experience etc. Please feel free to post your info and I will bring the best into this opening post. Cheers, Wilkey
  2. I'd consider myself a experienced cigar smoker, 20 plus years and a somewhat bigger collector. Been slammed with work and flying this year so haven't had a ton of time to figure out the problem BUT everything I have taste like shit.... I have 3 good size converted wine chiller/coolers and no matter where the stick comes from its very harsh and taste terrible. Yes and I do finish them but its been a big problem the last year. Buddies in my group that are experienced smokers don't see it as much as I do but one of them is a pretty religious Opus smoker so well throw his opinion out.
  3. Understanding "Activation Logic" I get more and more questions regarding humidor controllers and what separates the various controllers on the market. This has been written to introduce the readership to what makes a humidor controller tick and how this programming characteristic affects the life of your cigars in your custom humidor. Understanding the difference and the jargon of logic controllers is the key to getting the system performance that the advanced humidor builder requires. This thread will discuss some of that control jargon so that you as a humidor builder or consumer may have
  4. I found that I did only poll with a lot of numbers without any temperature. So ı started again. Please vote
  5. After made polls, I found people use different humidity levels and wanted to learn is there taste difference more than %20 at different humidity levels.
  6. After a lot of talk, I wanted to make poll about rh for Cubans and Nicaraguans. Please vote and see how people does it.
  7. Hi, Is there someone had any muted flavors and bitter taste at 70 rh?
  8. Hi all, If I dont have time in day, I smoke cigarillos like Cohiba mini or Davidoff mini. What do you think that should I put them into humidor or not?
  9. Hi guys, Its been a long time since my last purchases and I am starting to get back in the game I ordered the Meade TM005X-M hygrometer and placed it the the wine-cooler which is pretty empty as I only have one box atm. Anyway, TMALSS do I need to calibrate the hygrometer or its just 'place and forget'? Don't pay attention to the data, I just put all the systems to work, hopefully it will level on 65%RH~ P.s. the Temp is in C.
  10. I guess we can all agree that you have to smoke thinner cigars slower to keep them from going hot/bitter. Now with all the talk about THE perfect humidity rate for cigars, wouldnt it make sense to keep thinner cigars in a seperate humidor at higher humidity, to slow the burn/prevent overheating?
  11. I have begun to delve a little into what I call micro analysis of humidor performance. I can't expect it to really excite anyone but me, but there is a certain amount of pleasure derived from making something work, making it work better and trying achieve perfection. It is interesting to see if an idea that you have will really turn into something that you will consider as a standardized design or whether it is a failure. This is the same humidor on two different days with similar temperatures (outside). My goal was to try to shallow the dehydration during cooling above the 80 dF ambient mark

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