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Found 15 results

  1. Hello all, I’m an avid cuban smoker but in my college days I was obsessed with woodworking. Naturally, elaborate wood humidors are exciting to me, I love marquetry and anything made out of a nice walnut or other hardwood. The below is my current smoking humidor. Side note, the monte especial 2’s seem to be great in recent years. Anyways, I hunted down some other humidors and boxes that looked interesting and was wondering if anyone would be able to find a bit more context than I could. The first humidor looked similar to the discontinued “Assorted Humidor”:
  2. Hi friends, I’m back for another thread, to track the build process of my next humidor. Some of you might have followed one of my first projects here: The Wheezydor. I assumed that I’d “pace myself” on 24:24, etc. but that didn’t work out very well. As you can see, I built a total of 4 desktop humidors, plus the Wheezydor, but all are 100% capacity. Zero airflow as well. Soooo...I’m embarking on the Wheezycab, a larger standalone cabinet to load balance the current humis, and to also reclaim desktop space in my home office. I’ll be updating this thread over the coming weeks. If you
  3. Hey all. A wife of a friend of mine wants to get him a good desktop humidor of at least 100 count. This guy likes the finer things in life and so cost is not a huge issue. I don't mean unlimited but more than the 50-100$ desktops on Amazon is no issue. Having written that, if you know of a really good quality one that looks sharp and doesn't break the bank, that is also good! Cheers! B
  4. So I am not a 'fan' of the Oust Fan! However there are a number of people who don't have automated systems who would still like an automated timed fan that can push a hefty amount of air and water around inside their humidor. Seeing it is a holiday weekend, I decided to prototype such a device, and here it is! I purchased a couple of these programable timer modules about 6-8 months ago and have wondered just how good they are and what their mean-time to failure was. So I set one of them up to run a fan on a bench in the lab, 4 seconds run time, 4 seconds off time. The damn thing has
  5. Hi all, I've searched this but haven't seen a good thread discussing, so figured I'd post. My accumulation/aging of cigars started 7+ years ago with NC's, and I transitioned to CC's 5 years ago. Like many here, I graduated from a 200 count desktop humi to a coolidor, then a larger coolidor, then a 150qt coolidor with custom cedar shelves. That filled up, and eventually I discovered Sterilite air tight tupperware. I now have 7 of the 54 QT tupperwares in my basement, and they are excellent at holding humidity, and cheap. It has been my daydream to one day have a great smoking room i
  6. Hello my friends. I understand many of you build humidors on this platform. It would appear (to me at least) that what these people sell as a working humidor does not actually work. I hate to be so blunt, but there you have it! It is also the source of the most common questions that I am asked about in correspondence. I just received yet another one this AM... I know many of you are happy with your products and purchase of these, so for you simply ignore what I am going to ask. Operation of a humidor is in the eye of the beholder, I get that. I am curious however. Many of you kn
  7. Understanding "Activation Logic" I get more and more questions regarding humidor controllers and what separates the various controllers on the market. This has been written to introduce the readership to what makes a humidor controller tick and how this programming characteristic affects the life of your cigars in your custom humidor. Understanding the difference and the jargon of logic controllers is the key to getting the system performance that the advanced humidor builder requires. This thread will discuss some of that control jargon so that you as a humidor builder or consumer may have
  8. As many of you know I am always building something new in the shop. Humidor perfection is a goal that I never attain yet always attempt. I had a member contact me about humidors the other day (noting new about that) but he wanted to see some of what is entailed in a CigarClimatology humidor. Here is a brief glimpse into Piggy's lair and a sneak peak at a new Gen 12 humidor. Cheers! -Piggy Gen 12 Humidor Build Tour
  9. I don’t use any wood in my humidors. However I am tired of adapting different materials to construct the one shelf that I usually use. I have a minimalist approach to shelving. The more you use, the worse the humidor generally works. Shelves impede airflow. I prototyped a very simple shelf made of robust Spanish cedar. I wood carved a couple of members however they are so narrow that the carving was less than desired so I decided to embellish the last member with some Habanos cab “brands.” Brands as in branded or embossed brands… the ones that come off the tops of cabinet lids.
  10. That’s right folks, you heard it right. Apparently we have some NASA scientists on the board, obviously displaced by cuts to the agency just itching to team with me to create the perfect humidor. Today, early in the AM, I receive this transforming email from a guy, no a scientist, a hidden jewel amongst us plebes regarding a business proposition to create the perfect humidor. The question is should I take it??? It is obvious that I have impressed him with my knowledge, charm, whit (and of course good looks). My fortune has got me teary eyed… Here is the lett
  11. There is a lot in the analysis of humidor performance based on how you look at data. Take this case in point. I often look at raw data from my data loggers in a highly compressed, macro perspective. While this view can leave you, will leave you, without much in the way of detail, it will help you espy trends and shifts, and even corrections needed to your system. Here is the first data log. Now I data log this test box everyday, unless I forget to download the logger and reset it. I test a lot of stuff in this box. I house a few boxes of cigars in here plus my frauds collection. The cigar
  12. There has been considerable talk in the Humidor forum as of late regarding the “dehydration process.” In a recent topic about a walk-in humidor project it was mentioned as a recommendation by a tobacconist that a new walk-in be built without sealing it, assuming that the exterior ambient would provide sufficient diffusion of water so that no dehydration process would be necessary. It was at least implied, as I read it, that without leakage and transfer of water to the outside environment, the humidor would over hydrate. That ‘leaving the door open’ or leakage to the outside macroclimate would
  13. I have begun to delve a little into what I call micro analysis of humidor performance. I can't expect it to really excite anyone but me, but there is a certain amount of pleasure derived from making something work, making it work better and trying achieve perfection. It is interesting to see if an idea that you have will really turn into something that you will consider as a standardized design or whether it is a failure. This is the same humidor on two different days with similar temperatures (outside). My goal was to try to shallow the dehydration during cooling above the 80 dF ambient mark
  14. Some pictures of very fine Humidors sold by one of the Casas del Habano in the city. These are : 70 numbered “Piano” Humidors manufactured by “De Cuba” celebrating Chucho Valdes and containing 20 MC 2 & 18 Cohiba Pir. Extra. 30 numbered “Compay Segundo” Humidors manufactured by “Cedral” containing MC 2, 4, Edmundos and 520. I found these beauties during my first days in town, several are on their way to Europe. Nino For more pictures : http://flyingcigar.d...-fine-humidors/

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