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Found 13 results

  1. What’s up with the Punch 48 having gold LCDH bands? I was rummaging through the humidor looking for tonight’s smoke and noticed that it’s secondary band was gold while the other LCDH bands I have are red. Does anyone have any insight as to any differences this might indicate / which cigars have gold vs red ?
  2. Furthering the discussion of RE/LE comparisons to value/enjoyment compared to regular/discontinued in a recent thread, we would like some input from the members as to which they feel were/are a lead runner for the specific marcas and those that were better off staying at the blocks... No right answers just opinion. We would ask that opinion posts be limited to those that have smoked at least 3 of the offending cigars to have insight beyond a single smoke or evaluation just upon size. We’ve not made this a poll on purpose; want descriptions and opinions on where to put money on this marca
  3. Will be going on a cruise in a couple of weeks. 1)Wondering if anyone has recent experience with the LCDH in Georgetown, Grand Cayman? 2) Edición Regional Caribe (Paraiso) - are these worth trying to locate? Much appreciated.
  4. I have a bit of personal history with this place. And it is brief. I've been trying to get to it several times with no success. Tried to get to it back in 2006. Came too late it was closed and our tour was moving on from Rome. 2010. No luck again. Find the doors closed. 2011. Nope. Find a sign saying it is closed for 3 weeks. (Vacation) 2013. Success! Kinda. I called ahead to reserve their last two boxes of La Escepcion Selectos Finos. On the way down, my cell service craps out, so I can't confirm with them. My wife and I find the Fincato by the Piazza de al Colonna. I
  5. I couldn’t find much info online about the Guatemala City LCDH so I figured I’d do a little report on it here. The LCDH was located in a nice shopping mall in a fancy looking part of town about 12 minutes away from the airport so I made a quick stop there. They had a great selection of pretty hard to find stuff... QDO 54, 50, Cohiba Lanceros, Talisman, Trinidad La Trova, old EL’s (Partagas 2012, Bolivar 2014). I picked up a nice assortment of stuff I can’t find in other places. The prices were a bit on the high side (prices on the list below are in Quetzales - divide by 7.7 for USD) but overal
  6. Not a post that originated on FOH but worthy of being in ReFOHrence. Original Source. Cigar Journal dot com downloadable PDF. LCDH List. Alphabetical by country. City. Address. Phone# ALBANIA La Casa del Habano Tirana Shopping Mall of Sheraton, Tirana Hotel & Towers. Tel. 355 384 093 251 ANDORRA La Casa del Habano Escaldes-Engordany Placa Co-Princeps, 3 Baixos, Escaldes-Engordany. Tel. 00 376 869 225 ARGENTINE La Casa del Habano Buenos Aires San Martín 690, Buenos Aires. Tel. (5411) 4314 1272 ARMENIA La Casa del Habano Ereván Yerevan, Ere
  7. Hey guys, johnny and I have vastly differing opinions/experiences on this one. Our thoughts. cheers nate
  8. Was hanging out at Toronto LCDH yesterday while the wife did some window shopping. Enjoyed a nice Cuban espresso, some conversation and took a quick look inside the humidor. Found some really nice large format jars. All official Habanos sa. The Behike, Partagas and Cohiba jars look big enough to hold Double Coronas with room to spare! The RyJ Short Churchill and Monte Edmundos are regular sized. The Partagas one is a beauty! Basically the P1 jar on steroids. Future Hamlet Salamones home? Slick, black Behike jar. Another biggie. I guess Habanos got tired o
  9. I Visited Yerevan, Armenia at the beginning of September with my wife. Had a great time sightseeing, visiting friends and family. But one of the highlights was visiting the La Casa Del Habano on Amiryan Street 4, just off of Republic Square. My first visit ever to an lcdh, I was excited to see what they had to offer. My wife had an appointment at the nail salon, so this was my chance. Having previously contacted the store through their facebook page, I was met by the manager, Arto. They have a nice walk in humidor, accessories section, and a large cigar lounge and a bar, but It was empty
  10. Fresh Diadema Maduros straight from Conde De Villanueva LCDH NOV 2015/North Pole/my House Hope you Enjoyed......MERRY CHRISTMAS.
  11. I have a chance to pick up a box, but heard there were construction issues!
  12. Hi, Anyone been to the LCDH at La Estrella in Cayo Santa Maria recently? Any infos would be appreciated. Thanks JS
  13. So LCDH Mexico just published in it's facebook page some pictures of the SCDH Torreon Jar and other new stuff. As far as I know, this is the only picture out there of the jar, so I wanted to share it with you guys. Also some pictures of the new book of Cuaba and the Bolivar libertadores "exclusive" for LCDH and some humidors and Lusitanias GR. Bolivar Libertadores Cuaba Book2012 Lusitanias GR and you can see the new Punch EL in the corner and the HDM Grand Epicure Partagas Book 2013 Vegueros and in the back Punch EL and Montecristo Petit No.2 (I guess) Ramon Allones replica

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