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Found 8 results

  1. Length: 15 cm Ring Gauge: 54 Factory Name: Le Hoyo de San Juan Vitola: Le Hoyo de San Juan Type: Geniales Presentation: Box of 10s & 25s Release Date: Third quarter 2014 The opening night of the 16th Habanos Festival showcased two historic brands with their latest edition, the Partagas D6 and the Hoyo De Monterrey Le Hoyo de San Juan. I had the opportunity to smoke my first San Juan back in February to get an idea of what to expect and saved a few cigars to review a couple of months later. The Le Hoyo line has not seen any new additions for decades until today where t
  2. Length: 9cm Ring Gauge: 50 Factory Name: Serie D No.6 Vitola: Petit Robusto Type: Petit Robusto Presentation: Case of 5s & Box of 20s Release Date: Third quarter 2014 Price: N/A During the opening night of the 16th Habanos Festival in Cuba last February, which was dedicated to the Hoyo De Monterray & Partagas brands, the new Serie D No.6 and Le Hoyo de San Juan (review will follow soon) was handed out for guests to sample. I have smoked one during the festival and kept the other to review for you guys, so lets take a look... The Construction - Smooth semi-matt
  3. Length: 12.7 cm Ring Gauge: 58 Factory Name: Robustos Supremos Vitola: Maginifos Type: Maginifos Presentation: Box of 10 (TBC) Release Date: Third quarter 2014 Much talk was going on about this cigar being one of the widest ring gauges to come out of Habanos and rumors circulated about it might be bigger than 55! Well during the Habanos festival this year, all rumors were put to rest when they announced the COHIBA Robustos Supremos being an astonishing 58 ring gauge! These cigars were handed out during the Trinidad Vigia dinner as the fourth Habanos to be showcased t
  4. Made this review a little over 2 weeks ago and forgot to share it on FOH. my bad fellas.. here is it Length: 11 cm Ring Gauge: 54 Factory Name: Vigia Vitola: Torres Type: Petit Robusto Presentation: Box of 12 and Tubos of 3 (TBC) Release Date: Third quarter 2014 During the Trinidad Evening in the 16th Habanos Festival last February 2014, they gave out the Trinidad Vigia and Cohiba Robustos Supremos EL 2014 for sampling with our dinner. The cigar was great to smoke along with the a wonderful evening that made it so memorable! That is why I kept one to review for y
  5. Length: 15.3 cm Ring Gauge: 53 Factory Name: Sidon Vitola: Sobresalientes Type: Robusto Extra Presentation: Box of 25 cigars (Only 4000 Serial Numbered) Release Date: 2013 The Habanos importer Phoenicia Trading has once again paid respect to Lebanon's heritage by commemorating the historic city of Sidon (Saida as known today) with its latest release. This major southern Lebanese city has played an important role in the country's history as well as during the ancient Semitic civilization in the region. It was also believed that Jesu
  6. Length: 18cm Ring Gauge: 54 Factory Name: Poderosos Vitola: Double Pyramid Type: Rodolfo Presentation: Box of 25s (Only 2,000 Serial numbered) Special Presentation: Jar of 25s (Only 100 Serial numbered) exclusive to LCDH Knokke & Gent Release Date: Last quarter 2013 The Poderosos is the second exclusive release for the 2013 BELUX region (Belgium and Luxembourg) following its predecessor the amazing La Gloria Cubana Belux No.1 back in 2011. They hale with an awesome new size of a double pyramid and a ring gauge of
  7. Length: 10.2 cm Ring Gauge: 50 Factory Name: Petit Robustos Vitola: Petit Robusto Type: Petit Robusto Presentation: Box of 10 cigars (Only 3,500 Serial Numbered) Release Date: Planned for 2010 but was available end of 2011 As I was debating on what to smoke for my night cap, I wanted something full bodied yet short with familiar taste to end the day but nothing came to mind. So as I was reaching for the Upmann half corona, I knew this wasn't gonna cut it! Then I remembered I have these firecrackers resting in my humidor and it is exactl
  8. Anyone attending this year's festival? I know I am and would love to meet up with anyone who is going to be there. lemme know and we might do a little get together after the events

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