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Found 6 results

  1. Two weeks ago, I made my one tupperdor with cedar trays(bought it from AMAZON). But I found some black colored spots on it today. These are not fuzzy. I wiped it with clean clothes, scratched with nails, but it never became clean. To be specific, I seasoned it with distilled water by boiled clean sponge. And got rid of water with clean clothes on much soaked spot. Dried it at balcony without sunlight few hours when I just seasoned. 3 boveda packs(65% RH) are in tupperware and internal humidity level never have raised over 64%. The internal humidity level is 63% to 64% and the internal temperature is 71 degrees Fahrenheit to 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, no cigars in it yet. What should I do? Do I need to grit the spots with sand paper? Or need to buy new trays? Any advices for a noob plz.
  2. This stickied thread is being established to provide a clearinghouse for information, links, resources, and discussion about cigar surface phenomena this includes topics such as: mold versus bloom does plume actually exist can bloom be induced, and if so, under what conditions does plume affect the smoking experience etc. Please feel free to post your info and I will bring the best into this opening post. Cheers, Wilkey
  3. Hello everyone, first post here... While traveling, I purchased my first 2 boxes of Monte no4’s from a LCDH on 12/9/17. I opened them today to find this.... These boxes have a “OBM JUL 16” stamp. I’m guessing it’s mold... any opinions? Should I contact the LCDH? I haven’t put these into my main humidor yet, as I don’t want to spread potential mold. Thanks for the insight. MAJ
  4. Dear all, May I have your opinion regarding my cigars please? I have just 2 cigars with soft white powder, which comes away easily and while I rub it off it feels oily, no stains residues after rubbing nor any kind of awkward smell. I’ve rubed both cigars about 3 to 4 weeks ago and again, that kind of soft white powder started coming up again. The other cigars are intect without any sign of that white powder for over 1 month from the first time that I’ve noticed it on those 2 cigars in the pictures. Thank You in Advance for all your help Kind Regards, Sergio
  5. Was at an Antique market last weekend and scoured the booths looking for cigar stuff. Didn't find too much, but I did grab a few goodies. First off. 1 full and 1 partial cigar mold. The vendor picked up 37 pairs in Germany recently and stated these are from te 1902 - 1905 time frame. I picked up the last of what she had. Partial mold. Front view. 10 slots for figurado style panatelas judging from the size. \ Back view. Not much to look at. You can make out a groove where the vice made contact with the wood when the cigars were pressed. Side View: The word "Peters" is legible. Can't make out the rest ATM. Intact pair. Exact same sized vitola. Slightly different dimentions overall and only 1 peg/hole combo. Also found this old Italian Toscano box. Imported by a company in Montreal. Based on the tax stamp I'd estimate these are from 1935 onwards. Final thoughts. I've always wanted some cigar molds. I'd love to get Cuban ones but I have never seen them on the market. It seems that the inventory available is mostly American or European Clear Havana era molds. Of note. These things STINK. They have a strong, dusty, musty cigar box odor to them. In between some of the slots I scraped out dried, shards of tobacco leaf. I imagine they must have been used 100's, 1000's of times? Therefore they must be loaded with tobacco oils. I gave them a wash and scrub in some warm, soapy water. I was using a light abrasive pad and then finished it with paper towels. There were gross greenish/brown stains coming off of it. In the back of my mind I was hoping that I wasn't releasing dormant Spanish Flu spores or bacteria. After drying them with paper towels I bandished them to the garage to air dry. While they still have some aroma to them, it is far less nasty and so far. No Spanish Flu. If cigar molds are on your radar. Beware of the condition you find them in. Depending on where and how they stored could affect their "appeal". Definitely give them a wash.
  6. Sometime I have a good laugh at how people store their cigars...! This is their chance to have one at my expense... With all this talk of mold recently, I had a little run in of my own. NO, I am admitting that my humidors don't work (nice try), I am saying sometimes 'I' don't work! Laziness, ignorance, poor running humidors, all contribute to mold on cigars. The fact is, anytime you neglect your cigars you are in for trouble, regardless of how much you spent on your humidor. This is one such case and an example of just how fast mold can develop in a box of cigars. Victims here, no not really, just my pride... Watch and have a laugh, perhaps you might learn something. Cheers! -Piggy

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