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Found 1 result

  1. I attended a big gala dinner a few weeks ago. Great wine, great food, great friends and off course I´ve brought some good cigars. Standing out smoking a Dip#4 later in the evening I started a conversation with an elder gentleman quickly realizing he was a true Brother of the Leaf. Tried to offer him a cigar but he regretfully told me he had quit smoking some years ago due to health issues. Then he told me that he had some boxes at home that he had tried to give away without luck. "You wouldn´t be interested to check them out some day? Maybe you find something of interest." So long story short, I took up on his offering calling him the week after. Stored in a humidor in his cellar, neglected for the last two or three years but still in a surprisingly good condition I found some Cuban orphans. He offered me to take what I was interested in, he just wanted the cigars to go to a new home. Now they are sleeping away in my humidor for some slow re-hydration. Bolivar Belicosos - OSO JUN01 White mold. Intoxicating aroma. Cohiba Coronas Especial - CLE LL00 Fonseca KDT - AEL JUN00 ? Fonseca No1 - TAECCLL HdM Double Corona - I have no idea on the code. Anyone? H.Upmann Monarchs - SLA AGO 0? Juan Lopez Coronas - SCO MAY 00?? La Flor de Cano Selectos - EOG CCUI La Gloria Cubana Medaille d´Or No.2 - Box code unknown These ones looks and smells like a dream come true. Oh Gloria!! Partagas Lusitanias - SUA 99??? Montecristo Tubos - RPO E??? Partagas 898 - Unknown box code Spotty mold. Smells terrific. The color of the bands has smudged over the years. PL Panetelas - VISU ????? Smells like a dream. Punch Double Coronas - ASU VC 3 ?? Punch Punch - REC?? Quintero Londres Extra - NISU CFGOS RASS - OSU JUL00 El Rey del Mundo - Grandes de Espana PEL LE00 RyJ Churchills - PL OSSU Oh the aroma in those tubes!! Pure love!! Saint Louis Rey Coronas - ??? Trinidad Fundadores - PLE? LRO00 Troya Universales - DGC CCUT strong barnyard smell. In one of the boxes I found a hidden gem... Montecristo Robusto Riserva del Milenio Please feel free to comment on the boxcodes. The notes on some boxes are my own best-guess from surfing Trevors site looking at codes. Note to self: If I some day (God forbid) end up quitting cigars I´ll be shure to pass whatever I have left to some new BOTL just the way this gentleman did. Cheers!

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