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Found 8 results

  1. Here in The Blue Mountains, Ontario, Canada, bars have “Open Mike Night” throughout the week in the different towns, on different nights. The bars are restaurants too and the food is fantastic. Two of them, one here and one twenty minutes away are so good, I board my dog Blue on Wednesday and have a standing reservation. But last night was different. It was Thursday at The Crow Bar and Variety in Collingwood, Ontario . I will let the pictures tell the rest! That’s bourbon of course. The couple with halos brought me the present. CB
  2. Last eve I was smoking a wonderful stick but in rather uncomfortable surroundings. Despite the discomfort, the combination of the smoke and the music I was listening to (Thievery Corporation,) created in me a truly zen like state. I know there has been other posts about music before, but I was hoping for members to add their favourite music to smoke to. Please only include the music when its just you and the cigar, the tunes that you use to get to your zen like state of peace, relaxation and reflection. Perhaps we could get a spotify playlist going? FOH Chill?
  3. I came across the Kickstarter campaign to get this album off the ground. I wish I could say I know the people involved, I don't, at all. But I love this. I got into Bob Marley when I was 12 and I've loved Salsa and Reggaeton for years as I fall more deeply in love with Cuba. I'm well aware not everyone is going to like this but I've always liked "crossover" musical styles when it's done well, and I think this is done well. When the piano switches from reggae to salsa..... anyway, it's a brilliant band, I've seen the line-up and great backing singers. My wife told me sh
  4. Ah - the benefits of an international forum. One thing that resonates perfectly across all cultures is music. Within these borders, I've found two childhood songs that make my skin crawl every time i think of my childhood days singing these in classes. First one is a great little tune with a patriotic message too: Second is a nice little Deutsch (spelt 'Dutch' in North America) Canadian influence. Happy polka times: What are your culturally relevant folk songs you reminds you of your childhood?
  5. An absolute favorite of mine. Found this gem, and it was from just a few years ago apparently.
  6. Not sure if cool and if not please remove. I play guitars and piano for the past 25 years, so most of my life. Got pointed in the direction of a new app that is being developed that allows people like myself to jam with friends or just random people, basically you get to play a track and other people join in and then you get to create a full track with various people and playing styles. The reason I am putting it out here is they need people to contribute and spread it around so they can get it right. the site is here: They have a cool movie that explains it. Che
  7. Hey guys, Here in Oz, every Australia Day there is a tradition of BBQs, beer,backyard cricket and the Triple J hottest 100 countdown. Over the past month the radio station (Triple J) has been running a poll on what is everyones top 20 songs of the past 20 years. Here is what the Australian public for What would be your top 20 songs of the past 20 years? It took me 3 solid days to think about mine. Im interested to hear what yours would be.
  8. Hi all thought this might be of interest to some of the members here ,enjoy This is great... 100 FULL CONCERTS... LIVE A Collection of Full Live Concerts! Enjoy hours of fun musical browsing, and see your favorite artists doing what they do best - making beautiful music! Click Here to Watch ABBA - USA 1980

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