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Found 1 result

  1. Review: 1969 Punch Nectares No 2. Release:JJ Fox Exclusive Selections: Punch Vitola: Coronas Gordas/Grand Corona. 46RG * 143mm Production: JJ Fox Exclusive Selections Box Code: Uknown. JJ Fox records show the box is from 1969 Paired with: Plain water. Date: June 14, 2019 Start Time: 10:30AM EST End Time: 11:40AM EST Reviewers Notes: My style of cigar reviewing is “open”. I try to jot down what I’m experiencing with every draw. When you see a “/” consider that a break in between puffs. When you see a capital "W" that means I've taken a drink of water. What I leave out in fancy prose is made up with observation. Consider each segment a play by play. This style works for me. I hope you enjoy it. Visual: Nice looking wrapper. Seems firm. This particular example has a bit of flakey wrapper damage by the foot. Therefore, It will be sacrificed first. There are also some green spots on the wrapper. This cigar came from this box. I received it in this tube Pre Light Floral, some mustiness, pine aroma on the wrapper, wheat cracker on the foot. First Third First puff tastes like a cracker / smooth draw / tangy tobacco / oily mouth feel / hint of orange peel / tangy / lemon zest / citrus finish / earthy / lemon zest / pine on finish / woodsy / chalky mouth feel / citrus finish / W / earth & grass / chalky earth / strong mineral hit /great draw / slightly tart finish, like lime peel / can taste the "age" in this cigar. It is a musty, earthy hint that is pervasive throughout / good sign of any vintage cigars' provenance IMO / cedar hit / smooth baking spice on this draw / chalky finish / oily cedar, lemon / baking spice / lemon zest again: similar to my 1944 WM Penn Panatelas (Clear Havana) / tangy tobacco / good burn and ash / malty, liquor finish / W /malt then cedar / really ramping up in body / finish like a Whiskey burn / toasty tobacco / baking spice /lots of blue smoke from this cigar / bready notes. End of First Third Second Third Big hit of lemon zest / cedar finish / good ash, should tap it out before it falls on me / nice citrus hit / ash falls on me / minty / must / cedary, Whiskey burn / draw is still smooth (perfect) / coffee and cedar finish / very sharp citrus hit followed by cedar / W / a cinnamon, cedary, spicy burn (like those flavoured toothpicks I used to buy as a kid), this lingers on the back of the tongue / chalky cedar / lemon zest / huge hit of citrus on the palate (almost like grapefruit) / cedar and Whiskey / lots of life for a 50YO cigar! / baking spice / I put the cigar down to take note of the aroma in the air, it is like pine / cedar and anise / cedar / creamy coffee / baking spice / I do a retro burn to see if there is any ammonia present. And to my surprise there was some. An inch long flame burns off in about two seconds. It took some of that citric flavour away going forward End of Second Third Final Third Baking spice / creamy coffee / W / cedar / cigar is far smoother now after that purge. Less citrus notes, which I did not hate BTW / earthy hit / big hit of pine / minty finish / rich tobacco / oily finish / pine / cedar / W / rich cedar hit / W / hint of lemon zest / musty finish / baking spice / creamy coffee / hint of sweet coffee / toasty tobacco / anise / cedar and must / wrapper starts to fray a bit / smooth cedar / W / rich hit of.. Guiness? / Whiskey finish returns / the cigar is hot on the lips now / toasty tobacco / the finish is like toasted cedar / W /hot pine flavour / lots of baking spice / wrapper splits apart some more / the final puff is earthy FIN Final thoughts Dynamic flavour range and transitions. No "trademark" peanut Punch flavour. Overall a medium to full bodied cigar. Not bad for a cigar that was rolled in 1969. Lots of creamy smoke throughout. Lots of life in this cigar. Pricey but worth it. I sourced this back in 2015 through Rob Fox and saved it for my 50th birthday. My patience paid off. This was an exciting, exquisite smoke.

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