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Found 11 results

  1. Fellow FOH Members. Here are you Top Cigars of 2018 (and 2017 thanks to Habanos' release woes) The cigars in this list reflect what was considered a "New" release by HSA in 2018. Of course, planned release date =/= actual release when it comes to HSA so some 2017 sticks were included. Before we begin; some stats. 137 Members voted. (IMO, that seems low, but IIRC it's an improvement over previous polls) There are 4 ties, so we won't officially get a "top 10". One cigar received zero votes. The HdM Rio de Seco. Not a big surprise as this was a pretty recent release. 58 Members voted for "NONE OF THE ABOVE". This can be read two ways. Many members did not get a chance to sample any of the listed cigars for one reason or another. This thread will allow comments, so those of you that voted this way; please feel free to expand as to what prevented you from trying anything. Of if you did and did not care for any of the candidates. Shenanigans. I really hope this isn't the case. Could it be a middle finger to Habanos? To this poll? Who knows? The List. #1 Trinidad La Trova LCDH Exclusivo #2 Quai D'Orsay No. 50 #3 Cohiba Talisman EL 2017 #4 (Two way tie) Montecristo 1935 Series Dumas Punch Regios Del Punch EL 2017 #5 H Upmann Connosseur B 2017 Habanos Specialist Series #6 (Three way tie) H Upmann Sir Winston Gran Reserva Cosecha 2013 Partagas Series E1 EL 2017 Quai D'Orsay No. 54 #7 (three way tie) Bolivar Soberano EL 2018 Montecristo 1935 Series Leyenda Romeo y Julieta Tacos EL 2018 #8 (Two way tie) Cohiba Robusto Reserva Cosecha 2013 Montecristo 1935 Series Maltes Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote. I've put the final voting tally below for reference so you can see how the votes ended up. I personally only tried 4 of the above with only one on multiple occasions. I think the Trinidad La Trova is a worthy of #1 status and may became a classic. Please feel free to discuss this "latest" batch of Habanos. What you liked, hated or otherwise felt "meh" towards. Final Poll results.
  2. Hello everyone! Im a new member from NSW, Australia. I have a little experience with cigars, but getting into it properly now. I have a xikar humidor set up and packed a box of partagas shorts in it that i got today. Im keen to get my collection going!
  3. Here's an interesting box. Was sent these pics from a friend @photorob who ordered a few boxes of PSD4's when they were on sale here a while back. (The 2 boxes for $318 sale) The markings on the box. "Partagas" "Hecho en Cuba" , the logo etc aren't burned in. They look like they're silk screened / printed on. Anyone else notice this on their boxes of PSD4 or other? Box code is OBM ABR 16 Serial #'s check out on Habanos site. So this isn't a "real vs fake" witch hunt. I've checked with Rob Ayala on this. He asked me to post the pics and he himself will look at the PSD4s he has in stock with the same box code, possibly from the same mastercases he put up on sale back then. Source is PCC. Now. On to the "evidence". Exhibit A: "25 Serie D No.4" - Top box is older, bottom one, recent. Exhibit B "Partagas Habana. Cuba. Top is older, bottom, recent. Exhibit C: Partagas round logo. Left is original, right is new. Exhibit D: "Habanos s.a. Hecho en Cuba" - New. Exhibit E: Inner, cedar sheet. New. Harder to tell from this shot. Thoughts? Anyone have something similar?
  4. What do you think how old Cuban cigar should be for smoking? Is 1 year good or 3-4 years or more? And what do you think about consistency about Cuban cigars in a box?
  5. Hello pals, my name is Martin and I am from Austria in Europe. I am 28 years old and a cigar aficionado since about 2010. It was one of the best decisions in my life! I live in the southern part of Austria. The region is called Styria and is affectionately called the green heart of Austria. Because there are so many trees, mountains (among others the alps) and beautiful lakes. I only smoke Cuban cigars. My favorite brands are: Partagas, H. Upmann and Bolivar. In any case, I like cigars with spicy and earthy flavors. At home I have two humidors, where I store my treasures. Now I am pleased to be a part of ths FOH community. Other hobbies of mine: travel the world, hiking, running, reading, good food and local wines. Best regards, Martin
  6. Best New Cigars of 2014 Notes: Heavy emphasis on "new" since Habanos is not great with meeting release dates, many of the cigars listed were actually released late 2013. Not many have had a chance to smoke them, so I've bumped them up to make them eligible for 2014. This poll is just for fun. It is not the most scientific but it is hoped that we can capture FOH members' opinions on what they enjoyed the most the past year. (or so) I've taken this list of what was released late 2013 and throughout 2014 to come up with "Best of 2014" Candidates. The items not grayed out are eligible for the "Best of 2014" Voting. The one's grayed out can be voted on as your most anticipated release. One vote per question. Make it count. Poll closes Dec 31 11:59/23:59 (Czar time)
  7. hey fellas... And ladies, name is Michael, go by mike. From chicago, I've been really getting into cigars for the past year. Have dabbled with cigars before than but after having a couple Cubans(pd4, hdm2, monte2) about a year ago I've just been hooked. Cigars really have almost grown to be kind of a passion of mine. I definitely will look forward to learning from all of you Mike
  8. New to FOH, taking it all in... Started with cigars slowly in 2009, got sucked in 2012, thoroughly enjoying the tasting adventure and learning all I can. My brother got me hooked on puros and there's been no turning back. Cheers and happy to be here!
  9. Hello fellow cigar enthusiast !! Mauricio is my name, born in Chile, living in sunny south florida for over 20 years!! Love montecristos and punch!! And a good Manhattan !!
  10. Hi everyone I'm mike I live in Virginia with wife and 2 sons. Some new friends introduced me to cigars and I'm hooked. Can't belive I've wasted 40 years that I could have been smoking. As I said new to smoking cigars and am forced to smoke on a budget so any suggestions on a good value price cigar would be welcome. now to try to contribute to all of you anyone needing a good hygrometer i found a Meade TM005X-M on then if you add a Kikkerland Kikkerland Casino Bottle Opener you'll be over $35 and get free shipping then put in coupon code SPRINGCASA20 to get 20 % off so end cost for both is $28.78.
  11. Hello, FOH, First of all I'd like to know if it's possible to talk about humidor sources. If not I ask to the moderators to delete this topic. My problem is simple: I need to go bigger but I live in Brazil and here it is not easy to find good humidors. Said that is there a place you trust to recommend? I already had a bad experience with Cheap Humidors and Aristocrat is expensive to me. At this moment I guess I need a 40-50 boxes humidor. There are 11 boxes in there way to me and they are totally homeless Just to let you know the boxes are: 1 Cohiba Magicos; 1 MC 2; 1 Cuaba Piramides 2008; 1 Vegueros Esp 2; 2 PSP2 (10); 1 Boli PC; 1 Rafael Gonzales PC; 1 520 2 RA Canada Gordito. Thank you Oliver

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