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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all, thanks for allowing me to join. I have smoked cigars for a couple years, but only recently started buying more at once and keeping a stock at home. I used to only buy them right when I was going to smoke them.... I probly shouldve stuck with that lol. I live in NE, love to hunt, fish, camp (and partake in bushcraft), golf, and I work construction while I'm in school here at the University for Construction Management. A fun fact about me is that I am sober other than nicotine of course Feel free to ask any questions that you may have. Glad to be here and look forward to making some friends! Prophet
  2. Hello Admins & All, I am new to the world of cigars, maybe since a month or two. My first Non-Cuban was a hand rolled, no brand cigar from a cigar store near where I work. It was some mild cigar that the guy in the store recommended for a beginner. I was interested and upon further research I found ton of info online. My first Cuban cigar was a Montecristo #5, paired with single malt on my daughter’s birthday. I immediately recognized the distinctive difference in flavor vs Non-Cubans. The #5 wasn’t even a full-size cigar but nevertheless the complexity and the earthiness was way beyond my expectation. There is so much information online and misinformation about CC’s, but just by saying it is nothing but hype, I think that’s just BS. I joined FOH to dive further into my exploration for good cigars and be a part of this diverse and great community!! Thank you all.
  3. Hello botl and sotl, Thank you for having me. I have to admit that I have been lurking for years. I figured it was time to come out of the shadows. I first began smoking cigars back in '91. I still remember my first cigar: a Bances. I loved those tubed cigars and used to actively seek them out. I graduated to a pipe in '93 and still enjoy the odd puff, but it tends to be more in the wintertime. In early 2002 a friend introduced me to the world of online cigar purchases. I made a few purchases from Uncle Mikey's and then I was introduced to a few online Cuban suppliers. I quickly fell down the rabbit hole ordering desktop humidor after desktop humidor to store all the cigars I was ordering. I quickly realized that this wasn't practical and have been rocking the coolerdors ever since. I'm jam packed right now but I'm happy to report that the walkin humidor is coming this year. I purchased $10k worth of Cuban cigars for the first few years, smoking everything almost as fast as I was ordering. It took the birth of my daughter to slow down. But like you all know, you can slow down but not ever completely get away from your vice and hobby. I only smoke Cuban cigars now and usually one a day. Weekends are when I'll have multiple cigars. I'm sitting on the Andaman Sea and I thought this would be a great time to make my first post. I'm enjoying a Hoyo Epi #2 as I write this post. JW Marriott has always allowed me to order to the hotel so that I can collect my purchases for my holidays. Upon arrival here in Thailand, I had HU Mag 46's, Monte Medio Coro's, PSD4's, Punch Punches, Hoyo Epi Especial, and Hoyo Epi #2's, waiting for me. I grabbed a bottle of Highland Park Einar on the way through Hong Kong and I enjoy a cigar and scotch every night. holiday time. Who doesn't!?! I love scouring tobacco shops while on holiday for gems. I found some old SLR Petite Coronas in Aix-en-Province last year and promptly bought them all. My favourite cigar ever was a Cuban Davidoff Mille Series 1000 that I smoked at JJ Fox in London. It was complete perfection. Feel free to visit my reviews at . I try to use this website so I can keep track of everything I smoke but there are many missing entries. Duplicate entries are only made when there's a difference from a previously smoked cigar. On a personal level, I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I came to Canada at the youthful age of 6 months old , from Perth, Australia. I'm married and have a 9 year old daughter. I'm a currency trader and I'm over 16 years into my career. I have a Norwich Terrier whom I love to death, named Eddie after the lead singer of Pearl Jam. I am a proud and staunch supporter of Tottenham Hotspur. Don't hold that against me. My great grandmother lived a few blocks from White Hart Lane. My family is from the area and I was born into it, just like my daughter. To me, life is family, cigars, fine drinks, and the friends that make it all so worthwhile. I hope you all smoke in good health and have the ability to enjoy all that life has to offer. Thank you again for having me. Feel free to reach out anytime. Jay
  4. Well although I am very much on Noob, I finally got around to starting a Coolador. Coleman 120qt with 62 rH Bóvedas. I have no idea if I have to many or few bags I'll measure and find out. I have an Onset HOBO logger coming thanks to PigFish recommendation. It's a learning process for me. For now I think because I live in CA and believe I can maintain 70-72 degree temp, what I need to log is rH over time and see. I'm very much open to comments and suggestions of course.
  5. Hello, here is a list of questions I have not been able to find an answer to. - I am wondering how to use the shoutbox, i can read it but can`t write anything in it. - I figured out out how to reserve boxes LFTH but am not sure if I have to write my credit card info in the email I send to Diana or if the payment can be taken care of some other way - How often does LFTH sale happen and what is the difference with LFTW.. How often does THAT happen? Thank you
  6. Hi all, I have a desktop humidor at around 22C, 64% rH, with about 100 cubans (all 2013) inside. Its been that way for about two weeks, and I do an inspection weekly for beetles. How much time needs to pass, without the signs of beetles (fine beetle poo, holes in cigars etc) before you would be comfortable that its beetle free?

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