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  1. Hi all, I am looking for recommendations for Partagás P2 box codes. I've had a couple of P2s lately that were really good. They had very light wrappers (with a nice rosado tint), quite loose and even rolls with easy draws and a rich box aroma. Flavours were like rich cedarwood, coffee bean, baking spices, white pepper and a hint of a creamy Parmesan cheese type complexity... if that makes sense to anyone and doesn't sound pretentious. Can anyone who knows their boxes well recommend any particular date/codes that match this description? Sadly, my cigar merchant just dumps their cigars out into display trays and keeps no record of what's what. Again, what I'm looking for is: 1. Even give/open bunching at foot/loose roll, 2. Light wrappers, 3. Rich yet delicate complexity Unfortunately, every other P2 I've tried since just doesn't match up and seem to have a less complex caramel-base flavour, usually darker wrappers and often firmer bunching. I've had the more savoury and complex character before in some D4s too, which also had the lighter wrappers. However, light wrappers alone don't seem to guarantee it. I need help and sound advice from experts here. Someone must know of certain date/codes that match this. Many thanks in advance!
  2. I’ve decided to write about this habano because it was an extremely pleasant surprise to me. I’m usually suspicious of maduros, as in my experience they tend to provide a smoke that doesn’t evolve much. I chose this factory as it’s been the source of my best 2019 Bolivars and Partagás (my two favourite brands). In fact, the best batches of Libertador also came from it – February 19. The Maduro nº 1 has a gorgeous oily wrapper. The smell of this baby is simply incredible. If I close my eyes, it reminds me of a 70% cocoa dark chocolate. I literally feel like almost giving it a bite. Cold draw brings leather and cocoa. First third This is a special Partagás. Right from the start there’s the brand’s strong taste, but it’s somewhat tamed (actually an upper medium) and is so sweet. It feels like I’m smoking a chocolate liqueur. The smoke is so thick and beautiful. There’s also a faint taste that I can’t pinpoint exactly. Somewhat caramel but not exactly, it reminds me of my grandma’s milk pudding. The retrohale has a slight pepper taste, typical Partagás goodness. The one unpleasant surprise is that this particular stick does not have a perfect burn line, unlike the other ones I’ve smoked. But not retouches were necessary. Honestly, it smokes so well that I have to pace myself not to smoke it too fast because it is delicious. Second Third The dark chocolate takes over. It’s significantly less sweet. I feel like I’m smoking a delicious dark chocolate bar. The smoke is just superb. I feel it’s oily wrapper come to life when touching my lips. The cigar is getting stronger. It feels like a meal. Last Third Wow, this is amazing. The pepper is back. It feels like I dipped a dark chocolate bar in a 30 year tawny porto. The flavours of the first two thirds all mix together, like in beautiful dance. Simply superb. No bitterness. I usually don’t like smoking much of the last third, as I find it lingers and makes wake up the next day with a weird taste in the mouth. Not with this one. I cannot waste any bits of it. Verdict A young cigar that smokes as a much older one. So deep and complex. Evolves over the smoke in a beautiful way. It deserves more attention than it’s currently getting. And hopefully an appearance in 24:24. 96/100 truly superb cigar, perfect for a late afternoon early evening smoke.
  3. This gigantic behemoth pronounces with dominant signature Partagás Pepper, Spice, Leather, and Wood at the beginning. Then, it transitioned into Almond, Bitter Chocolate, Butter, Cedar, Coffee, Cream, Cuban Twang, Nut, Toast, Tobacco bomb with slight hint of Earth, Hay, and Salt notes. Despite of edginess from its youthfulness and constant relighting due to windy weather, it's one of the super complex cigars I've ever had without being too harsh. I would definitely recommended this majestic Cuban cigar if you are seeking for a fine evening cigar! Brand: Partagás Size: 49 x 194 (Double Corona) Country: Cuba Box Code: N/A Price: N/A Score: 100
  4. After a lot of digging on the web, I think I finally found something from an official source... This is from the Facebook page of Tiendas Caracol Especializada who puts the event together from what they say in their post. I've put the same info in another thread :
  5. I received this cigar in a sampler from El Pres from winning something last year (I honestly forget what, maybe a review) so I don't know box codes on it. Good construction, nice smell to it, not too squishy nor too hard. I've only had a few limited editions, so while I see the hate often expressed about them I was open to trying it out. I do love Partagas. Standard V cut, good predraw, toasted well and lit well. I've seen others talk about problems staying lit or uneven burn or tunneling, but for the most part mine was good in all that. A tad uneven in the last third, but overall it burned well. HUGE, lovely billowing clouds of smoke though, good lord. Were I Gandalf or Bilbo perhaps I would have been able to blow intricate smoke rings, but I just let it waft away. Consistent flavors for me for the most part - chocolate, some light cream, maybe a tad of earth and later on almost a tinge of mushroom. Overall I'd say chocolate. Not the cocoa of a Monte 4, a tad smoother than that. Hints of cream around the edges, perhaps a tiny bit of the partagas spice, but nothing like a short or D4. Overall really good cigar. But big for what I tend to like, but good flavors and those clouds of smoke! Looking at the prices, a tad more than I'd spend for anything on a regular basis, but as a treat it would be worth it. Call it high 80's, maybe an 88.
  6. This little beauty I was gifted from a great BOTL. As I don't know the Box Code I took the year they were HSA axed. It's a very small figurados cigar. Called Infantes Size: 37x98 Cold draw: yeast dough and chillies. Draw not so perfect let's see how it will pans out. Loads of white pepper and bitter black tea. Burn is a bit uneven, but in this size I don't correct it. Draw is perfect for me. Ash is very dark and little globus like mercury crystallize it out of it. Smoke is getting smoother & creamy. Wow this little beauty has the full steam - that's a full body smoke. Taste of burned creme brûlée. Smoking time: 60 minutes ??? A very nice gift ???
  7. I love Review weekends. So much fun. Always a good chance to savor the last of it kind. Always a good chance to learn a lot. What I really regret is that I didn't had the guts to go deep when I had the chance to buy them. Well that's gone. May be Rob is doing a great relaunch of the Serie. I would deeply appreciated it and all my kudos and hats of for him and his team. So go back to topic. Review time. So Baby, time to get the punch. Cold draw is perfect. It's starting with veeerrry dark espresso. Not bad for nearly 20 years. A very dry smoke. Chocolate, sweet and very creamy. Some hints of cinnamon. Something between mild and medium. 70 minutes of pleasure. Recommendations - when you have the chance to lay your hands on it, do it.
  8. So far in my cuban cigar journey I've found a couple of happy little islands. Party Shorts are where my capital is planted, it's from here that I venture out to the Montecristo island, or way out to Vegueros atoll. From the first Short I had, I was hooked, it's my perfect size and tasty and just perfect all around. The only tragedy is that I don't have a cabinet sleeping. Yet. Yet. This was from a box of PSP's I picked up earlier in the year from our wonderful hosts. It hasn't been here long, I suppose this falls into my ROTT sample even though I've had the box a month or two. First impressions - almost a boxpress on it. Heavy. Sheen. Heavy, did I say that? Tight. I strayed away from my typical V cut and used the cuban crafter guillotine. Had I to do it over I'd have V cut. Good lord this thing is tight. And heavy. She's an early girl, these things need to rest for awhile. The burn was very nice and even, but clearly these are new and need to age more. Not quite Rob's mongrel, but tasty. Pepper. Some sourdough. Perhaps a tinge of coffee. Not harsh, but not mellow. A great short, but I CANNOT WAIT until this box has another year or two on it
  9. Would like to hear some opinions on the above. Came across a box of Mille Fleurs TOU Dec 17. Never tried a P Short. Flavors? Strength? The Mille Fleurs I have taste ok. Nothing spectacular. A bit of a “mongrel” in the last half. Good for a 40-45 minute smoke.
  10. This cigar is the Edición Limitada cigar, meaning that it is produced in limited numbers for certain period of time unlike the regular productions. The wood, honey, coffee, cedar and bitter chocolate are being pronounced at first, then followed by almond, earth, caramel, leather, pepper, spice. tobacco and vanilla notes with some complexity throughout the end. I expected this cigar to be something special as it is limited edition cigar but being utterly let down by its tight draw, fireproof wrapper and generic flavour profile. Such a disappointing cigar and I can see why there are many cigar aficionados prefer reliable regular productions over uncertain pricey limited editions. -Mr. Knight Brand: Partagás Size: 52 x 138 (Robusto Extra) Country: Cuba Box Code: N/A Price: N/A Score: 86
  11. Complete crap weather in the SE today, so delayed driving up to NC for work and cracked open the first of the Christmas sampler. I'm a fiend for Partagas, but less so of the pyramid/belicoso/perfecto type, so figured if I'd try an early one I'd choose the Presidente. A first for me, in my eye it looks a bit odd, but very well constructed overall. It had been sitting in a sistema tupperdor for a week or so, so very early for me, but I've been itching to try one from this sampler. Drinking a stone fence, using the Whistle Pig Rye (highly recommend). For taste, it was mostly sourdough, but hints of pepper in the middle third. It was damn cold and windy, and I kept popping in to watch the Falcons play like complete crap in between puffs and sips. While a good construction, a bit off on evenness of burn, and not a tremendous amount of flavors for me. Crisp tobacco, sourdough, and cold winter were my predominant flavors lol. I love Partagas, but I may not buy a box of Presidente's in the future. A good sample though, I enjoyed, as I always do when I can relax and smoke a lovely CC
  12. Almost getting finished with box number one of these, this is number two. Originally purchased on release and I'm very glad I bought two boxes! I have to say I love this cigar!
  13. This cigar is the rare cigar which can compete with larger ones. It starts with strong beginning which consists of spicy and peppery notes, then flavour is getting more and more intense with woody, cedary, leathery and coffee notes as well as some complexity as I smoke it further till the end. I can see why many cigar aficionados are not only rave about this Minuto sized Petit Corona but also consider it as one of the best short smokes. -Mr. Knight Brand: Partagás Size: 42 x 110 (Petit Corona) Country: Cuba Box Code: ORG ABR 17 Price: RM 49.00 per stick Score: 93
  14. Just shared a Lusitanias with my boss in celebration of a job we landed... he loved it! Of course I knew it wouldn't let down, however he is more inclined to shorter and mellow smokes. What do you guys recommend as a shorter smoke with a similar profile? Would that be the Partagas Shorts? Or perhaps another?
  15. Was hanging out at Toronto LCDH yesterday while the wife did some window shopping. Enjoyed a nice Cuban espresso, some conversation and took a quick look inside the humidor. Found some really nice large format jars. All official Habanos sa. The Behike, Partagas and Cohiba jars look big enough to hold Double Coronas with room to spare! The RyJ Short Churchill and Monte Edmundos are regular sized. The Partagas one is a beauty! Basically the P1 jar on steroids. Future Hamlet Salamones home? Slick, black Behike jar. Another biggie. I guess Habanos got tired of all those counterfeits on Ebay? Pricing was > $230CAD on the big jars.
  16. I really haven't been smoking for much time compared to some of the older members here on the Forum. But, having started 5 years ago one of the first Cuban cigars I started smoking was the Partagas Short. The box I'm smoking from today was one I put away shortly after I began smoking, a cabinet from 2013. I was a Freshman in college at the time, and my friends and I though smoking cigars made us look cool (it did), but it also gave us a chance to relax during the week in between studying. I was even more naive then than I am now, and really did not have many obligations. It is interesting to see how that has changed to today. Relatively cheap, consistent, and having much praise on the forums the Partagas short was a convenient cigar for me to have regularly in the humidor. Especially, being that I really wasn't making much money from my work study job. Plus, I didn't mind passing them out to friends to have them enjoy as well. The opening has traditional Partagas sourdough bread, a bit of spice and leather. Interestingly, there are some floral notes when retro inhaled through the nose. A touch of sweet bell pepper enters the palate, a welcomed addition. To drink today I decided to do a comparison between the new Ardbeg An Oa and the Ardbeg 10. The new An Oa is slightly darker in the glass with less peat and more fruity notes, where as the original 10-year is more pale and has much more intense peat on the nose. I must say, the sweetness of the cigar is lasting much longer on the palate opposed to fresher versions of the Partagas Short. Age really does add more to this small cigar. A couple strong draws makes the ash fall prematurely but there is a lot of sweetness on the palate. More of a bell pepper/ leather note through the retro inhale than earlier in the cigar. The original Ardbeg 10 has classic sharp peat, not as much sweetness is noted in the new release. Red fruits, cherries are noted in the An Oa where is there is a slight citrus note in the older Ardbeg 10. As the second third opens all the floral has disappeared. There is still consistent leather, sourdough bread and bell pepper sweetness. Not much change or evolution. Some roasted nuts occasionally but not a dominant flavor. The burn is fairly good. Only one touch up is needed at the beginning of the final third. Not much change to the cigar. But, it's a good honest, not overpowering, flavorful, short smoke. Exactly what you expect from a five-year-old minuto. Consistent and reliable, better than right off the truck and well worth the time and effort age them. The Ardbeg An Oa is recommended. Very consistent with the typical Ardbeg flavor but more fruit. I will be purchasing it again. Thinking back to where I was 5 years ago, while not a long time, reminds me of what I learned in that time. Needless to say, I am excited to see where I will be in another 5. Hopefully, not studying.
  17. DAMN... WHAT A CIGAR! Hopefully you can hang through the review. It is long... too long! I repeat myself over and over again...! I would not give back a second of it. Video review is up... ... beware the 'the wildlife detour.' Thanks for watching! -Piggy
  18. I hadn't touched most of the cigars I picked up last November in Havana. I have been travelling quite a bit for work the last 8 months, and winter doesn't typically lend to outdoor smoking here in Colorado. I finally had time tonight and decided to light up something special. My choice was a massive cigar I received at the Encuentro de Partagas opening dinner. I believe it was a Rodolpho, or something close. The foot got a little beat up on the trip back. (or maybe that night at Up&Down club, its impossible to say for sure) Despite losing the closed foot at some point this cigar was AMAZING. Absolutely delicious, nuts in the main, some salty BO funk (maybe driftwood to some), mushrooms, other flavors I couldn't identify. Perfect burn and draw from tip to tail, zero touchups required in almost 8 inches of cigar is an accomplishment to me. I did not want it to end. Truly a special cigar, fortunately I have one more stashed away along with a couple presidentes.(or something close) I paired it with a Blood Orange Soda, Perrier, and at the end a Single Hopped Saison from Funkwerks brewery in Fort Collins. With their vastly differing flavors/sweetness they all highlighted different flavors in the cigar. Now to my questions: Of the two dozen or so FOH members that were there, who has smoked one of these? I know that La Chine used to roll every single special cigar they handed out at the partagas events.(she handed these cigars to me herself) I have heard that she has been travelling quite a bit the last couple years and rolling less due to some arthritis or hand discomfort. I have never smoked any of here customs before, but for any of the members who have smoked both, do you notice similarities? If they are similar to these cigars at all, I will be loading up on my next trip.
  19. Partagas Seleccion Privada - Edición Limitada 2014 (OPG Dic 2014) Vitola: Magnum 50 (50 ring gauge x 160 mm or 6.3 inches) Introduction: I've been meaning to visit this cigar for some time now, perhaps as much as 12 months. So why did I put it off for so long, and why has this Limited Edition cigar flown 'under-the-radar' lately? Certainly you rated it highly. A recent thread below discussed the two best Limited Editions of the past three years and the Partagas Seleccion Privada got many of your votes. Heck, it even got my vote! (Okay, I've sampled the H.Upmann Magnum 56 since then and so it's hard to just choose two.) Aroma and Cold Draw: Typical of Limited Edition releases, the aroma was refined yet strong. The wrapper was a distinctive rosado 'red'. My cold draw instantly told me that this was going to be flavoursome, I could detect pepper even before I lit the cigar. First Third: The very first puff indicated Partagas DNA, oh boy, this was full of flavour. Coffee, sourdough, some leather and pepper, this was like a mild-medium Partagas Serie D No.4 with about 3 or 4 years of age on it. There was also good pepper through the nose and excellent amounts of smoke per puff. Second Third: This was by far the most enjoyable part of the cigar, this is where I want the cigar to be in the next two to three years throughout its length. By now the pepper had died off, retrohaling was more smooth, and the coffee and sourdough spine one gets from a quality Partagas Lusitania was what I savoured. Final Third: During the final third, I encountered the standard dominant 'toasted tobacco' one finds in a cigar that shows obvious signs that it's still peaking. Still, I had no problem smoking it down, but it wasn't as brilliant as the first two-thirds. Conclusion: If you have a box of this 2014 Limited Edition cigar resting, now is the time to start sampling it in my view. It's incredible to find Ken and Rob's views on this cigar in December 2014 are simply so 'spot-on' two-and-a-half years later! The 'Christmas cake' richness, the Partagas marca characteristics, the exhortation to re-visit these sometime in 2017. As for me, I have a box resting away which I desire to peak further, perhaps I'll visit in another year or two, sampling one per six months. In the meantime, I think I'll sample my other single in my home humidor sometime in 2018. Below are some links to some other excellent reviews on this fine cigar...
  20. Here's an interesting box. Was sent these pics from a friend @photorob who ordered a few boxes of PSD4's when they were on sale here a while back. (The 2 boxes for $318 sale) The markings on the box. "Partagas" "Hecho en Cuba" , the logo etc aren't burned in. They look like they're silk screened / printed on. Anyone else notice this on their boxes of PSD4 or other? Box code is OBM ABR 16 Serial #'s check out on Habanos site. So this isn't a "real vs fake" witch hunt. I've checked with Rob Ayala on this. He asked me to post the pics and he himself will look at the PSD4s he has in stock with the same box code, possibly from the same mastercases he put up on sale back then. Source is PCC. Now. On to the "evidence". Exhibit A: "25 Serie D No.4" - Top box is older, bottom one, recent. Exhibit B "Partagas Habana. Cuba. Top is older, bottom, recent. Exhibit C: Partagas round logo. Left is original, right is new. Exhibit D: "Habanos s.a. Hecho en Cuba" - New. Exhibit E: Inner, cedar sheet. New. Harder to tell from this shot. Thoughts? Anyone have something similar?
  21. One of the last from this batch which I received a few years back. A wonderful classic shape, elegant and refined? Vitola: Taco (perfecto) Wrapper: Colorado with touches of Rosado Due to is shape this cigar takes you on a little journey. Starting out with a wonderful refined and mild combination of hazelnut, cacao and some touches of black pepper Behind the bulge it slowly becomes stronger losing the hazelnut and gaining some leather and black coffee taste. At the finishline it turns towards a fairly strong black coffee with black pepper and leather. A good regular production cigar? 8.5/10? Elegant smoke with concentrated taste; a proponent of the older typical Partagas vitolas. Smoke carefully or you might get burn problems?
  22. I don’t use any wood in my humidors. However I am tired of adapting different materials to construct the one shelf that I usually use. I have a minimalist approach to shelving. The more you use, the worse the humidor generally works. Shelves impede airflow. I prototyped a very simple shelf made of robust Spanish cedar. I wood carved a couple of members however they are so narrow that the carving was less than desired so I decided to embellish the last member with some Habanos cab “brands.” Brands as in branded or embossed brands… the ones that come off the tops of cabinet lids. These take some time to recreate. I have searched high and low for matching fonts, but they are not easy to come by. Some used are similar, some totally recreated by me. Anyway, here is a rendering of my first attempt. I have several I am going to recreate (just for kicks). Criticism welcome. Enjoy! -the Pig
  23. I talk a lot about me "not" being a collector. Yet, like many I suppose, I hold a place in my heart for my "last" box of cigars. This is my last cab of Partagas Lonsdales. I am a practicing genocidal madman when it comes to the extinction of cigars. The other day, was the official first day of the last days for this box of cigars. I never regret smoking a good cigar! -Piggy

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