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Found 7 results

  1. I had my first Rafael Gonzalez in Rome from Fincato. Was bummed I couldn't smoke in the shop any more, but I bought my goodies and a single and stood outside on the street and enjoyed it. I like the PC size, it's about the right gauge and time for me in general when smoking, I picked up this PSP box from here back in April. The most frustrating packaging in all of HSA's line, at least that I've encountered so far, but I suppose all the layers keeps all the goodness inside? I dunno. Great smell, great construction, V cut, toast, and away we go. El Pres call it the perfect cigar with coffee, so I had just that. Pairs well, a good way to wake up on a Friday morning. Overall I don't get loads of flavor. A tad coffee and leather, perhaps little hints of burnt sugar, but for me overall coffee and leather. A fairly even burn and right around 40ish minutes to smoke. I like these, quite a bit. I think I'll take a Party Short over them, but it's somewhat close. For the price it's very hard to beat. Call it a highish 80's, 87-88. Good cigar, good construction, good burn, good taste, good all around. At the price it's a steal, I enjoy it as much as the Connie A's I've had.
  2. I'm smoking a monte 2 with 2 years that has approximately hit the 30 day acclimatization period. Its really wonderful! However, I really like the idea of a 45 min smoke, and I also like the price point on petit coronas. Being the newbie I am, I do not have much stock yet, and would like some suggestions on petit coronas that I could smoke right off the bat.
  3. I love it when I have a cigar that qualifies for a review weekend! Let's proceed. Trinidad Reyes 4.3" (110mm) x 40 Preliminaries: What a nice looking cigar. Bought these a month or two during a 24: 24 sale. They're HQ grade. Beautiful, gold Colorado wrapper. Some vens, including a few Frankenstein stitches, but nothing major. I cut the cap, and the draw is snug. Cigar feels very solid and well-rolled in the hand. Light and initial thoughts: Takes to flame easily enough. The draw is snug, but I'm getting enough smoke. Right off the bat,the cigar is stronger in body and flavor than I thought they'd be when I bought them. There is some spice on the retrohale, but none on the tongue. Very smooth. El Pres frequently says these taste like cake in his descriptions, and I can kind of see it, though it is definitely more of a coffee cake than an iced birthday cake. The wrapper leaf feels rather thick, and I'm having a but of tunnelling on the burn, though the other sample I had from this box burned perfectly, so I suspect it's just not properly acclimatized yet. I'm getting a bit of leather and maybe some light coffee bean. A little nutty (cashew maybe?) as I move into the 2nd half. These are a but pricier than most Habanos in this size range. That said, I find it to be very well made, and it offers a smoking time more in line with marevas or robustos, and the presentation is classy with the SBN box and pigtails, so it's not a BAD value. I tend to like my cigars on the younger side, but I might bury these for a few years to see if I can get some added sweetness and depth to the flavors. As it is, this is a very nice cigar. My CA rating would be an 89 or so. Final smoke time 50 minutes exactly. Likely would have been longer if not for multiple touch ups to the burn.
  4. Montecristo No.4 (1970s - Aged) Review Vitola: Marevas 42 ring gauge x 129 mm or 5.1 inches It's a special thing, to devote yourself, at times, to smoking a cigar, even if it's your weekly 'timeout' routine, it's another thing when the cigar you smoke is 40 years old. I must thank and acknowledge @Luca for gifting me this Montecristo No.4 to smoke recently. I've never had the opportunity to smoke a cigar even 20 years old. The question to consider, in regards to its age, is whether it had peaked. There were clues, during the cold draw...firstly, the wrapper was brittle and had frayed at the foot of the cigar a little, secondly, the aroma was muted. Upon lighting, it was easy to tell, that this had peaked. There was still faint elements of your standard Montecristo cocoa and nut, but no cream. The best way to compare it is to take your morning espresso coffee and add a litre of water to it. There'd still be a coffee taste there, just nowhere near as strong. In the middle third, the faint elements of Monte cocoa and nut had dissipated. There was no cream texture, no coffee elements and no toasted tobacco flavour either. It wasn't terrible enough to pitch, but it was smooth, overly smooth. The last third of a cigar is usually when it's at its strongest, was that the case here? The answer is no. The most flavoursome part of this cigar was the first third, the last third was merely an extension of the middle third in regards to flavour/s. Still, I'm grateful to @Luca for having this opportunity to smoke this cigar. Aging cigars is truly a subjective experience. A little while after having this Montecristo No.4 from the 1970s, I sampled a Romeo y Julieta 130 Aniversario cigar from 2005 that was so strong, I swear I could easily leave it another 5 to 8 years until I'd sample another if I had a box. I couldn't recall the last time I had so much water to clear my palate!
  5. Review Punch Petit Corona FKC NOV 04 Another drom the discontinued list of cigars. Suprisingly full flavored for such an old cigar. Color - Rosado Fortaleza - 3/5 Tastecomponents Floral 2/5 Toasted Tobacco 3/5 Earth - 2/5 Black Coffee - 1/5 White Pepper - 2/5 Still a wonderful smoke🇨🇺. 8.5/10
  6. Despite my best efforts to resist the Siren’s song, I feel victim to Rob’s sweet narrative about this cigar on September 5, 2016. Why did it take this long to try, only God knows; but, I am glad I took the dive before the executioner sharpened his blade. The Cigar: HUPC – MEG MAR16 (PE, I believe), will note that I have a box of the LUB ABR14 but have not dug into them yet. It will be interesting to compare the two boxes in the coming months. Days of Acclimation: 121 days since receipt. Stored the last few weeks in the mid 50s, so there is a nice crinkle when rolled in between the fingers. Construction: Nice looking cigar with a colorado claro color to the wrapper; a few small veins and a subtle oiliness to the sheen. Cigar is about right on fill with no apparent hard or soft spots. Smoking Conditions: Pretty good despite the fact it has been like Noah’s flood here for the past week; temperature 76 DF and humidity 48%. However, lots of damn bugs because the rains. Pre-Ignition: The pleasant smell of sweet tobacco, not as sweet as a Conni 1, but a subtle sweetness to the aroma. If I could bottle it up and spray it around the house, I would. A similar sweetness is found on the draw when cold; just love that H. Upmann goodness. Method of Incineration: The FOH lighter. First use of this handy device and it did an excellent job of lighting but not burning the cigar. Highly recommend you get one if you don’t have one. Flavors: Predominantly coffee and bread. More specifically, I would say expresso, Starbuck’s Iced Coffee and King Cake. Strength: Medium Burn: Nice and even for a young cigar, with only one correction required near the end. Smoking Time: About 75 minutes Smoking Experience: It started out as Rob would describe as mongrel with expresso out of the gate. This lasted about the first inch and then the cigar settled into a smooth and delightful combination of the King Cake with Iced Coffee backbone. The King Cake flavor is like a sweet brioche absent the sugary icing or filing which can hammer your palate to dust. The Starbuck’s Iced Coffee is a medium roast, which lacks acidity and allows the aromatic coffee flavor to be enjoyed unobstructed….As the cigar winds down the coffee flavors intensify, and I find I enjoy this intensity right down to the nub. I crave every last attempt to draw more smoke but give up before risking a mouth full of ash. Closing Thoughts: “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Unfortunately, it seems every PC I like gets the axe. First it was the Punch Petit Coronas Del Punch, and now the HUPC and DuPrince. Look out Monte 4 and PLPC, may God have mercury on your souls, HSA is coming for ya. In Memoriam:
  7. Por Larranaga Petit Corona, Cab 50 from 2012 Checking up on the development of this Cab50, to see if they are already coming up to smoke. The Ashes. Size: Mareva (Petit Corona) Smoking time: 0:45 Location: outside on my patio, no wind Construction and burn were good. Slightly uneven burn. Mild to medium strength cigar. Taste is some chocolate, with honey, sweet notes on the retrohale. Very little harsh tones, the taste is slowly increasing in strength throughout the sigar. From my point of view, the taste is fairly similar to the Hoyo linea classica, more specifically Des Dieux, although slightly lighter in my opinion. A little development throughout the cigar becoming slightly less mild towards the end. Verdict: 7.5/10 A good small Cuban cigar with beautiful delicate taste, which I believe will get better with age.

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