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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I’m an avid cuban smoker but in my college days I was obsessed with woodworking. Naturally, elaborate wood humidors are exciting to me, I love marquetry and anything made out of a nice walnut or other hardwood. The below is my current smoking humidor. Side note, the monte especial 2’s seem to be great in recent years. Anyways, I hunted down some other humidors and boxes that looked interesting and was wondering if anyone would be able to find a bit more context than I could. The first humidor looked similar to the discontinued “Assorted Humidor”: The construction is solid, and truthfully my hope is to refinish this as it looks like someone started that but didn’t bother to remove the hardware. Then I’m aiming to fill it with some comparable current production partagas vitolas, mirroring whatever was in here originally as much as possible. This might not be the assorted humidor though, so correct me if I’m wrong. The second nature box that I recently found seems much earlier and I couldn’t find anything about it online. The text is a bit faded but the one that is most difficult to make out seemed like the vitola: "50 portuondos". Any information or guesses would be great, appreciate the knowledge you all bring to the table.
  2. What an incredible time to be alive. I think the 1950s would have been incredible as well. Just think they actually had Federal customs officials who would sit in the Cigar factory and clear the Havana tobacco. The tobacco was not taxed until the cigars were rolled. This government system ensured that Havana cigars were of guaranteed origin. Before me is a beautiful claro wrapped clear Havana cigar. The American market was almost always claro selected. Prior to the Revolution Cuba sent certain types of tobacco out to different regions. The American market was mild Havana tobacco. I once read that Cuban farms would send the best wrapper leaf to the US. Such a fascinating time in history. Let's put this to rest and review for the FOH 1/3. Smooth mild Havana tobacco up front. Americans liked their cigars mild in these days. There is a light sweetness that is there. Probably the claro wrapper. A nice floral herbal bouquet is emerging now as it approaches the 2nd 3rd. 2/3. Retrohale has been smooth and highlights a nice graham flavor. This cigar is mellow no doubt. Slight notes of cinnamon mix well with the core floral tobacco flavor. It is hard to find a fault in this old cigar. Again the American market demanded mild Havana tobacco. As it approaches half way the flavor picks up. Of course the smoke is mild and light in body. Retrohale is absolutely necessary here. Halfway The smoke has taken on a bit of a grassy flavor. Hard to believe how much the claro wrapper is playing a part here. I wouldn't necessarily describe this smoke as complex. There are a few different flavors happening though. A nice coffe note has arrived. So to sum up the first half it started fully floral/herbal and has now gone towards a grassy coffe flavor. Final 3rd. Beautiful mellow smoke. The cigar has required a few touch ups. The smoke is just outstanding. Super smooth and the coffee is really coming through now. This is met with a certain creaminess to it. I should note that the draws throughout the entire stick were perfect. I take this down to the nub and it has turned into a delightful creamy coffe sweet smoke. Score: I won't even give it one. There were certainly flaws in the overall experience. A beautiful aged stick from yesteryear. I barely spoke about the album. The Many Faces of Oliver Hart. It was done by an artist named Micheal Larson. He passed away in 2010 from an opioid overdose. He had such a beautiful personality. It is a shame he left this world so soon. Any hip hop fans will really appreciate his talent. Arguably one of the best improv freestyle artists to date.
  3. Came across these recently. I didn't know Fonseca made Petit Coronas or packaged cigars without tissue. These are pre-embargo though. Excuse the picture quality, the side of the box does state "Petit Corona" but the quality of that picture was especially rubbish. It's a little dress box of 5 cigars. Top Bottom Open

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