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Found 20 results

  1. Punch Mantua Review Cigar: Punch Mantua Release: RE Italia 2018 Vitola: Laguito No 2. 38 x 152mm Production: 2500 50 count boxes made. Box # unknown Box Code: UNKNOWN Date: Saturday, June 26, 2020 Start Time: 7:54PM End Time: 9:17PM Paired with: plain water. Reviewers Notes: My style of cigar reviewing is “open”. I try to jot down what I’m experiencing with every draw. When you see a “/” consider that a break in between puffs. What I leave out in fancy prose is made up with observation. Conside
  2. I've been dryboxing this Punch Punch for last 10 days. Today was the perfect moment to light its up. I need to say, it's my third from the box. Today I was seeing with one of my friends, manager in local LCDH. Spontaneously this meeting has grown to local CA meeting (here in Poland we have forum, like FOH but smaller, it has 13 years; we were laugh that it's our small FOCSA, stand for Forumowe Ogólnopolskie Spotkanie Cigar Aficionado - Forums Cigar Aficionados' meeting. Punch Punch is defienietly what I'm looking for when we are talking about size. I prefer under 50 RG. It'
  3. Unsure code on this, I won it in a bundle from a contest here. Great construction, good sheen, nice barnyard smell. Toasted and lit well, fairly even burn throughout. Tried to smoke it slow, didn't get exact timings, but 45mins-hr. Subtle tastes, I get a little cedar, some light cocoa/chocolate and little bit of spice/pepper. Mostly cocoa and cedar. But nothing overpowering and not too strong/harsh. Good cigar, not great, maybe mid 80's for me. I haven't had too many EL's, so unsure if this is a good indicator, I have had Punch Punch's several times and have always enjoyed tho
  4. Review: 1969 Punch Nectares No 2. Release:JJ Fox Exclusive Selections: Punch Vitola: Coronas Gordas/Grand Corona. 46RG * 143mm Production: JJ Fox Exclusive Selections Box Code: Uknown. JJ Fox records show the box is from 1969 Paired with: Plain water. Date: June 14, 2019 Start Time: 10:30AM EST End Time: 11:40AM EST Reviewers Notes: My style of cigar reviewing is “open”. I try to jot down what I’m experiencing with every draw. When you see a “/” consider that a break in between puffs. When you see a capital "W" that means I've taken a drink of water. What I
  5. Found this cigar in the abounded Widow & Orphan Cabinett. 5 little you will have a jolly good time cigars. They seems to be very old and this one is my last one. Wrapper - ugly and veiny. Cold draw - like a Christmas pudding with a lot of orange inside and hints of peppermint. Leather and yes tobacco. Ash is a bit flaky. So far a medium smoke with dark and bitter taste. A lot of smoke, very relaxing. The bitterness turns into a nice spearmint taste. Still on the lower medium side. Very enjoyable. Last year around Eas
  6. So here's a Punch Punch (how many times can I get punch into this review?) 5 5/8 x 46 Good construction, somewhat rustic looking. No draw issues and a good burn. Dark grey ash that came off after the first few inches. Smoking time came in at just over an hour. 1/3 - Starts off smooth as butter. Beautiful aroma with a delicate, creamy flavour. 2/3 - Cream is still there but starts to be overtaken by wood. Still smooth. 3/3 - Things start to heat up in the final third. The cream is gone and pepper starts to come to the front. Definitely not an over powering pepper.
  7. I like a "Punch" as I tend to get less "tobacco" in my mouth and I think its a shame to waste that triple cap! Curious what everyone else uses? Tried to do a "poll" but never could get it to work.
  8. A great SOTL gifted me the Ninfa. Unbranded, discontinued and loved by many. This little precious gem is my first one. Must confess on the first glance a bit ugly, big veins. Time to lit up Wonderful draw. First Third is surprisingly pepper and burned crime brûlée. Nice Did I mentioned that it's cold? Well I am freezing, have the dog on my lap. Overlooking the color of fall, day dreaming and thinking about the sentence: There is peace in a cigar. Don't know from whom the famous words came from. They are pretty true. i didn't expect taste wise anything
  9. So... I have not done a video review in some time so I thought I would finally edit this one up and post it. Frankly, I find the review boring!!! Watch if you must but these cigars have not been that impressive. I wanted a new version of the RS12. I did not find it here, but in fairness they may be hiding in some boxes of these somewhere. Enjoy! Cheers! -Piggy
  10. Hey guys, johnny and I have vastly differing opinions/experiences on this one. Our thoughts. cheers nate
  11. I was a big fan of the Punch brand, no secret about that, and I smoked a great many of them. The brand once had four different corona gordas; Black Prince, Punch Punch, Super Selection No. 2, and this Royal Selection No. 11. Back in the day when all four where in regular production, I favored the SS2 and the RS11 most. Although some claim all four are the same, just different packaging, I found the SS2 and RS11 more flavorful and satisfying than the others. Fast forward nearly 20 years and all but one have been discontinued, including this RS11. The cigar I pulled for this review ha
  12. This was the first from a box of 25, gifted to me by my BIL this past summer. Weather's too cold to smoke outside, and this is a good indoor winter smoke, a petite corona 117 x 40. Pairing: hot tea with sugar. Appearance: rustic looking, with a colorado wrapper, looks ok. I notice that aged Habanos have that wrinkled look to the wrapper. Cold draw: gave it a punch cut, but the draw was tight, so straight cut it and it opened up, giving a cream and tobacco cold draw 1st half: initial draws - creamy twang and a sweet spice, with a dry finish. Wood and some sweetness app
  13. ... these videos don't appear to be getting any shorter!!! -LOL I used to think, 'what am I gonna' talk about for 10 minutes...!' Enjoy. -PIggy
  14. Hello to FOH's; I have spent the last few hours jumping from site to site trying to figure out who has the best humidor for me. I recently joined FOH and rather than dip a toe in to test the water and try my new hobby out, I seem to have dove right in by purchasing 2 box's of cigars from 24:24 and the basic's; torch and cutter. So now that I have these 2 box's heading my way, and on the words of El Presidente, these 2 box's need to sit for about a year.So I am hoping some one here has a good web dealer for supplies. I started with the recommended tupper-dor method by get the small seal-ab
  15. Review Punch Petit Corona FKC NOV 04 Another drom the discontinued list of cigars. Suprisingly full flavored for such an old cigar. Color - Rosado Fortaleza - 3/5 Tastecomponents Floral 2/5 Toasted Tobacco 3/5 Earth - 2/5 Black Coffee - 1/5 White Pepper - 2/5 Still a wonderful smoke??. 8.5/10
  16. Vitola: Petit corona del punch Box date: 2002 (code unknown) Smoke date: 11/18/2016 Not the prettiest in the humidor, or the best specimen from this cab. Wrapper is a bit rough, the seams are a little loose, and there are multiple prominent veins through the length of the cigar. I trimmed it shallow and neat. Cold draw is slightly tight, but good. Pre-burn draw reveals very little. Once lit the cigar produced moderate smoke. The flavor is earthy and rich, with toasted tobacco front and center and sweet wood in the backdrop. The aroma is distinctly Cuban twang and some
  17. Date: August 5, 2016, 7:20pm Cigar: Punch Monarca, Habana, Cuba Format: Julieta No. 2 (Churchill) Code: PUL NOV01 Pairing: Martini & Rossi Rosso (Torino, Italy) Preserved in aluminium tubes, the Punch Monarca is a churchill sized cigar at 7 x 47. The inscription on the tube states "This cigar has been packed in a sealed container to assure the natural Havana aroma and freshness of the cigar when smoked." The wrapper looks like leather, milk chocolate colored, with visible seams and an evenly applied cap. There are a few small veins, and one medium vein
  18. I've been in a quandary of late, I'm seeking a PC to fill a certain and specific void. I hesitate to ask for recommendations because a lot of times people recommend what they like or what may be popular, but for me smoking is an acquired taste and although I only smoke 2-3 cigars a week it is a passion that I enjoy in solitude like few other luxuries. As with scotch, I like certain flavors and have acquired a certain taste over many years. For example, I love Aberlour a'bundah and generally prefer the Speyside single malts in wine finish over just about any other whisky. I will drink others, o
  19. I'm a self-confessed Punch w-h-o-r-e, and throughout the late nineties and early 2000s I bought and stashed as many of my favorite Punch vitolas as I could with every spare penny I had. I have been smoking through those cigars throughout the past 10 years, and enjoying the beautifully developed flavors of aged Punch habanos. Today I spotted the lone remaining Punch RS12 in my winefridgador, it was dated 2004. The label on this cigar has turned yellowish with age, aided I'm sure by the oils from the cigar. For libation I opened a bottle of 2012 Clemente VII Chianti Classico. This wine
  20. Today had some nice warm weather with a slight breeze. Probably one of the last summer days where a DC seems just fit especially after work. I pulled out a stick that had been sitting in my herfador over night; one i meant to smoke yesterday but didnt because there wasn't ample time. The wrapper on the cigar looked on colorado claro side, silky smooth, with one slightly visible vein. The construction was perfect IMO. I used a Punch and it revealed a good draw, suprisingly open for a small cut which i prefer as usually I find with tight rolled cigars a punch is too resistant. Smell on th

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