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Found 3 results

  1. Dimensions: 5" x 52 Box Code: ULA NOV 13 Box Number: 1643/2000 Purchased: November 2016; A la Civette; Paris, FR I picked up a single on my first day in Paris last fall, and smoked it while lounging on the steps outside of Shakespeare and Co. with a coffee and a tattered old copy of "A Movable Feast." It was one of the most enjoyable smoking experiences I've had in a long while. This belicoso was so remarkable, I had to stop by and pick up a box before we left. After opening four boxes (most of which appeared over-humidified, some with significant mould), I found a good looking box. Toothy, earthy colorado wrappers with a bit of visible oil. Some variation in construction though. Pre-light: This particular single has a few cosmetic flaws, but the construction feels firm and consistent. The cold draw is easy and open, and produces a fresh, sweet tobacco and precise cinnamon note, almost like the aroma of a pipe blend. First third: It takes flame readily; the draw is full, producing a good amount of cool smoke. A fine white ash follows. The combustion starts slightly uneven, but corrects itself early on. The initial flavor is full of nutmeg and cinnamon notes over a bready, brioche kind of base. My favorite aspect of this smoke might be the spicy cinnamon note that recurs in the aroma; I could linger around that days ... Second third: The sweet baking spice flavors dissipate a little, and a woody, earthy character develops. There's just a bare hint of something like peat moss in there that I can't quite put my finger on. The finish is a bit short, but never acrid. The burn requires a bit of a touch up, but I chalk that up to less-than-ideal circulation in my humidor than to any construction flaw. Final third: The sweet baking spices return, but sharper and more intense. They're something like clove and molasses now, and the aroma takes on a more pungent, leathery profile. But that sweetness is still there - definitely my favorite part. Smokes cool well past the band; hard to put down! Summary: Despite only having had a handful of these, they've become one of my favorite smokes. Although it's on the mild side of medium-bodied, it's never one-dimensional or uninteresting. The flavors and aromas are rich and evolve beautifully over the course of just less than an hour. Since I've only got a single box, I'll have to ration these; but I'm already plotting when I can dip into this box again.
  2. Gentlemen, (and ladies if pertinent), This is winter. Its cold. Its time to improvise and overcome. Overall though, I'm not doing bad. 7 out of 10 in my own opinion. Per the pictures, -PopUp Tent with lights, sides. -Kerosene heater -Entertainment in a PC -Xikar Light/Cut -Coffee, black -Whiskey (or whisky for you Irish fellas, always to note) -and 1 Quai D'Orsay Corona from our host Cigar is so smooth and light, perfection. Easiest retrohale I've probably ever had. Buttery, creamy, and slightly grassy at the time of this writing, first 1/3. Building slightest of strength. Downfalls, er, possible improvements: Need a nice ashtray for the deck. Prez? FOH ashtrays coming by xmas I hear? Garage Recliner, minor details but hey. How is everyone else getting along tonight?
  3. Saw this mentioned on another forum. Halfwheel has the story. "Production on the 7 x 47 Churchill vitola ceased in the second half of 2014, with news of the official delisting coming recently from Antoine Bathie of SEITA, the distributor of the line in France, along with the Jose L. Piedra marca" A shame if true. Let the run on Imperiales commence!

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