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  1. How are 2016 Ramon Allones Superiores smoking? Any experience with boxes with the ETP factory code? Thanks.
  2. This cigar starts with heavy fruity, spice, pepper and woody flavours followed by nut, cream, coffee, tobacco notes after going through 1/3 of a cigar. These aromas are combined so nicely with the complexity throughout the end that makes me not to stop puffing it even once. What a great Robusto for both cigar connoisseurs and beginners who want to try medium-full strength fruity Robusto! -Mr. Knight Brand: Ramón Allones Size: 50 x 124 (Robusto) Country: Cuba Box Code: Received as a gift from our member, Raskol (ndchow) Price: Received as a gift from our member, Raskol (ndchow
  3. Greetings again dear friends! Below are a number of video reviews of cigars which I've termed 'uncommon' due to their discontinuation (or hiatus), premium exclusivity or simply for the fact that as cigar enthusiasts we're more unlikely to reach for them from our humidors! Again, like the 2017 Xmas Sampler Series, I'd like to say that speaking 'on-the-fly' about cigars is certainly a challenge and I will need to acknowledge errors throughout this series (so bare with me). Also, please feel free to share your thoughts on these cigars in this thread. If you have views or opinions contrary to
  4. I picked up this box at Fincato in Rome on my Honeymoon. Little over a year, and I've heard such good things I figured why not try one for the Ramon Allones Review Weekend. I've been lucky that most of my boxes don't have giant stickers, but this one has a nice Italian one that, I believe, translates roughly to "if you need someone to smoke these with, call Francisco at 800xxxxxxx". Something like that anyway, I took French and Spanish, and may be a bit rusty. My cigar buddy was over helping with some garage things, and since he's a huge fan of Belicoso/Pyramid type cigars I gave him t
  5. Ramon Allones Hunters & Frankau Aniversario 225 Review Vitola: Gorditos 50 ring gauge x 141 mm or 5.6 inches How does one follow-up smoking a Cohiba Gran Reserva Cosecha 2003 Siglo VI? Answer: with great difficulty! And so it was that after Trevor and I enjoyed that sterling cigar, I offered my humble split of Ramon Allones Hunters & Frankau Aniversario 225 cigars. I too, was able to get some of these thanks to @LordAnubis (or Mus as we know him), so a big thank you to you! For those of you wishing to know the background of this special United Kingdom Regional Edition,
  6. I was curious what folks think of recent production of Ramon Allones Gigantes? I'm in the market for a box of prominentes and these have piqued my interest. I've heard they're similar is flavor to the RASCC which I love. Anyone have any thoughts? The fact that they share a name with my favorite baseball team doesn't hurt, and maybe I'll have one for opening day.
  7. Ramon Allones Club Allones - Edición Limitada 2015 (AUM Jul 2015) Vitola: Club Allones (47 ring gauge x 135 mm or 5.3 inches) Introduction: Just like the Partagas Seleccion Privada 2014, I've been meaning to visit this cigar for some time now, again as much as 12 months. Again, you rated it highly. A recent thread below discussed the two best Limited Editions of the past three years and the Ramon Allones Club Allones got many of your votes. Alas, unlike the Partagas Seleccion Privada, the Club Allones has enjoyed a 'longer life' than most Limited Editions by being available fo
  8. I've decided to post my 2016 Xmas Sampler Review in the Review Section for future reference purposes. It was originally posted in February this year in the 'Daily Smoke' thread... Cigars I've smoked lately... The 2016 Xmas Sampler (dedicated to our dear friend @Hurltim) Did you happen to pick up El Pres' 2016 Xmas Sampler? These cigars represent Rob's most consistent quality cigars for 2016. I smoked through these fine cigars during my January vacation time, on my own, watching sport, watching movies and sometimes in the fine company of some other dear fellow cigar enthusiasts
  9. I have an APR 16 box of RASS from our lovely host purchased last August. Should I let these sit for a while longer or is it within the window to start smoking?
  10. I came across the following article of interest from Simon Chase, the British 'Cigar Sage' who worked for Hunters and Frankau from 1977 until his retirement in 2009. I always find what he has to say of interest, due to his passion and experience for Habanos cigars. The article below details how Ramon Allones was once a premier brand (in Simon's view, a gigantic brand), which has now been left with 3 primary vitolas, the Gigantes (Double Corona) , the Specially Selected (Robusto) and the Small Club Corona (Minuto). If we include the 2010 LCDH Exclusivo release, the Ramon Allones Superiores (Cor
  11. I think the title says it all. Yes, when I lit up this cigar I had all sorts of descriptors and metaphors to describe it. I have since forgotten them! As usual (for these), this is one of the better cigars that I have smoked this year. It was just a fantastic, complex, enjoyable and well spent hour with a cigar. Competition, well, I could give a rats ass, but I did want to share the cigar. Frankly, I wish I had enough to send you all one. If I could have bought a thousand of them, frankly I would have! Discontinuing these was a serious hit the Habanos world. Do they care? I thin
  12. This Ramon Allones is a discontinued small Belvederes size. This is from a box of machine made cigars from 2002, so already quite old. These tend to suffer from construction issues that influence both draw and the continued smoking. This particular cigar also needed extensive relighting and careful smoking. Taste wise they are not very refined, offering a smoking experience that is quite harsh but distinctly Cuban. Lets just say it was an OK smoke but I have better cigars in my humidor
  13. Cubacigar is the distributor for Benelux region which services Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. After Habanos S.A. started doing Regional Editions in 2005, Cubacigar came out with their first, a variation on the RASS that we have all come to know and love. This new cigar was a Gran Robusto. The same ring gauge (50) as the RASS but 1.225 inches longer. First introduced in limited quantities in 2007 with a little over 25,000 cigars made, they did something unusual for a Regional Edition in bringing it back in 2008. This time it was a larger release of 65,000 cigars. 1,400 boxes of 25 and 600
  14. I got this box a couple of months ago and have enjoyed a couple of the cigars already as they have been taking their siesta in the humidor. This cigar was a special format that was exclusive to the Netherlands. A 50 ring gauge but only 4 inches (102mm) long, this is a good looking cigar with no noticeable veins or other imperfections. The smell is a nice leather smell with hints of coffee. The construction is great and the cigar is tightly packed as I would expect from Ramon Allones, my favorite marca. I used a punch cut for this cigar and upon lighting, the first thing that I notice is t
  15. Bought these cigars some time ago and they have enjoyed a nice rest in the Humidor. I am a big fan of the Ramon Allones marca and am already thinking that I will do three reviews this week for the contest. I smoked a couple of the Superiors when I first got the box but I don’t think that I gave them enough time to settle. With someone posting a review of a 2014 cigar, it only seemed appropriate to compare the 2012 version to the 2014. The construction is pretty spot on with minimal veins present. The o reminds me of a nice cup of milk chocolate. Not too dark and with still a nice oily sheen to
  16. (Review of my first experience with the Superiores) Ramon Allones Superiores – 5.6 x 46 This cigar is a “limited edition” (although they keep coming it seems) Cuban from Ramon Allones. An estimated 5000 boxes (boxed of ten only) were made. Most responses are positive for this series and many call it a high quality medium bodied cigar that stays true to the Ramon Allones DNA. I’m somewhat skeptical of that since most limited editions take on a very different profile vs. the norm except maybe Montecristo. Most limited edition cigars provide a chocolate profile regardless of the
  17. Just a quick hello. A few of my cigar smoking friends told me about the site and I thought I'd check it out. Currently trying out Ramon Allones, Allones Superiores.
  18. Had the chance to smoke quite a few Ramon Allones Club Allones LE 2015s while down in Cuba. Compared a few box codes.
  19. When Rob posted this little contest i figured what the hell, its a good time to delve into a cigar that I usually just either say Meh...or needs more time. In the case of the RACF, its one of those cigars where everytime i smoke one im wowed. But for some reason when i dig into my cooler, I always seem to reach for something else, because in my mind, the RACF is a great cigar, a powerhouse, and one that i feel needs more time. Well its time for me to check up on this and see how its progressing. I smoked this cigar saturday night at the Rib n Reef's cigar lounge in Montreal. I used the sma
  20. RA Eminencia 2005 Swiss RE Mini Review A good friend handed one of these over to me not too long ago. I thought I'd fire it up sooner than later as I enjoy all things RA (minus the RAE ) Released in 2005, these cigar has more of less hit the 10 year old marker. If I knew the box code I could be somewhere more exacting but that's not too big of a concern. This is my first ever Eminencia so I will not have the benefit of knowing what these smoked like when they were fresh. Date Smoked: August 13. 2015 Vitals: Dimensions: 44 * 5.6" Vitola: Corona Pre-light observations. Ar
  21. Full review with pictures: Each year the regional releases for each Cuban cigar market are looked forward to with anticipation. The Canadian Regional market tends to be one of those high on the list. With extremely high taxes, a cigar needs to be exceptional to play in this market. It was produced in 2010 in 10 count boxes with 2,500 boxes shipped. For me the 10 count box is an ideal size for the Canadian market. I’m also a big fan of most of the production lines of Ramon Allones. Vitola: Robust
  22. I blazed this cigar last night, but I wanted to type up the review on the laptop, rather than the phone, so this is what we will call a #latergram review... I paired the cigar with a Stone & Wood Pacific Ale (current favourite) and a Glenmorangie Extremely Rare 18 as the chaser. Notice my radical stand? Many thanks to @rye for this work of art, and the opportunity to obtain one via a fabulous instagram auction for a great cause. #frothing On to the cigar...with an ever so slightly cracked foot, this was the worst looking Belicosos, Piramides or Churchill in my tower at home. And a
  23. RASCC What's the story with how these are released? I totally screwed up the last time I ordered them, and only got one box, and I haven't been able to find them in stock anywhere for a long time across more than one source. Is HSA releasing them very intermittently? I googled, and can't find anything on EOLing them. My inventory is dwindling, and I really like these. They even smoke great young. Any intel? Saint

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