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Found 5 results

  1. I think the Don would approve of this stick. An aged legend no doubt. It is a rather ugly wrapper to be honest. There is some bunching on the wrapper. This could be a sign of aging. The cold aroma is heaven. Honey is mingling with some nice Graham and a pleasant floral aroma. I am indeed quite excited for this one. Let's put the flame to it and retire this old boy for the FOH heads. 1/3 Light bodied in the initial draws. The smoke has a sweetness to it. Absolutely zero edges to the smoke. Super smooth and floral in taste. Light honey is definitely in the mix. So far it is tastin
  2. Here we revisit a super aged Pre Embargo. I am happy to be here and thankful for all that I have. This Corona has been aging for decades wrapped in cedar and cellophane. A great treat to review for the FOH heads. Cold aroma was pure old newspaper after removing the cello and cedar. I let it air out for about 8 hours. Then gave it a rinse with tap water. The smell became ever so slight. A nice herbal ginger floral aroma. Ever so faint but there. The foot is a beautiful box pressed rectangle. The foot is loosely packed but honestly looks gorgeous. The wrapper is a mottled colora
  3. Just got a box of Montecristo No 4 from a recent 24:24 a few days ago. BUM MAY 15 PSP/HQ When I ordered I thought it said BUM MAY 16 but upon receipt I saw the box code said 15!! Lucky me!!! I know, I know... You're supposed to wait 30-60 days. But you know sometimes I just can't help myself. I'll take the worst out of the box and give it a shot. Worst case, it sucks and I wait 3-4 months before I try the next one. Well gentlemen, I smoked one of these today and it blew me away! My fiancée even tried it and loved the flavors and asked if I had more. Not sure that was so smar
  4. Well, another Live review, has ended tonight, and I just wanted to write some words about it. Lots of us have been in the forums for a long time (yes I'm talking about people like you piggy or all the moderators and opinionated guys . Since Rob has started with the live reviews meetings, I think the forum has growth to another level for the people that have participated on it. We have made friends and we have had great times. Tonight, even we have not had the opportunity to be with anyone of our has hosts, have been one of my greatest nights in the event (or maybe its the alcohol talking ha
  5. Recently went on a trip to Ottawa and spent some time at the Bacchus smoking room located in the Hilton. i decided to bring along some cigars I had never tried before. Here’s my short review of each cigar. What’s your opinion on any of these cigars? RA Grandes 2008 - really good, rich and creamy but not a lot of evolution in the cigar is the only issue I had with it. Smoke beautifully and had the essential RA flavors. Score 92 Partagas Lusitania 2011 – smooth as silk! Partagas flavors all the way! had some good flavor changes as it progressed. Score 93 SLR Pacificos 2009 – Wow! Amazin

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