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Found 3 results

  1. The one where our hero froze his arse off - it's 33 in Georgia this morning. But a nice clear morning, I'm over the cold I had, and what better way to celebrate a Friday? Who am I kidding, I usually smoke a cigar Friday morning, it's just colder today Picked this up from an HQ sampler last October, been sitting in the tupperdor for about a year waiting for a day like today. Good construction, a bit squishy up around the band, but overall well made, nice color and smell. V cut, toast it a bit and start. Bit of an uneven burn at the beginning, but blame that on me. Hands may have been shaking a bit when I torched it lol. Lighter than I'm used to with Bolivar, not as much of the bitter chocolate or guiness, this is more ceder, some earth, some spice and leather. Fairly consistent throughout, and nothing bitter in it for being fairly young. First half/two thirds would all be leather, spice, even a bit of hay maybe. Perhaps I'm all chocolated out after eating candy last night (the trick or treaters didn't get all the stash, hooray). Great billowing plumes of smoke, and at just under an hour it was a very pleasant smoke. I don't smoke enough Bolivar, I need to get a box. I've been holding out for a box of CJ's, but I may look into a box of these - Bolivar always impresses me and I really liked this smoke. Call it a 90-92ish level smoke. Would happily smoke these often.
  2. Thank you to Rob for putting on this competition. I am looking forward to all of the amazing, mouth-watering reviews to come. Be well! Edit: 8/21 - In a fortuitous turn of events, my name was drawn for this particular contest. Thank you again to @Elpresidente and his fabulous staff for working to create an environment which both welcomes and educates smokers of all levels who share in a passion for Habanos. Primero: Very smooth - smooth.. Rich roasted coffee beans, not a kick/peaky coffee. Well goodness, if that isn't just lovely. In reference to the aroma the cigar was putting out. Draw is a little tight. Starting off slightly uneven, not really worried. Smoke is velvet on the palette. Waft of smoke threw me as the wind shifted. Seriously, perfume. Jasmine perfume with a smidgen of wood. Really love this, a memorable experience. Update: Ethernut also had a similar experience when smoking his BBF w/ 9 years on it (his BOTL sommelier Tom referred to it as Honeysuckle). Perhaps another 6 years has yielded a similar note in this stick? Slightly inhaling the smoke waft, a nasal draw if you will, til it burns. Just haven't had this before. What a trip!?! Flavors coming through are without fog. Cocoa & hazelnut. Short peekaboo finish. Still tight, getting more worried. Maybe i should have froze it? Sweet corn note, water from a can of corn, not rich, tad less sweet. Cigar might be opening up slightly. Earth, coffee, touch of tobacco and stewed fruit. 15 minutes in, wasted a some of the cigar trying to coax the burn. Way out in front of schedule. Trying to slow down. Leather, stewed fruit, almost to a raisin sweetness. Giving this cigar the business like a masseuse mixing uppers and juice. 19 minutes and 1st third is ending. Medio: No signs of spice on the palette, retro; zilch. Dark, earthy w/ a sweet finish. Volume of smoke still relatively light. Faint touch of woody spice. I found it funny that I hadn't had any up until I made note of it. Next draw? Trickles in.. Cinnamon went left on the scale, just as light, but w/ some wood nuance to it. Burn is straightening out. Please open up? Faint spice and coffee. Rich leather & coffee. Interesting tasting them alone in a room. Midway through the 2nd, earthy flavors now for a few draws, constant, clean. Ash is nice. Getting stewed fruit almost to raisin on the finish. Draw is opening up some. Pepper starting to come through, subtle licorice. Good rhythm. Burnt raisin and coffee. Call 2nd done, 46 minutes. Fin: Start of the 3rd I got a lot of draws that while not spicy through the nose, were quite ashy. In my mind I questioned if this was due to some build up from the earlier tight draw. Charcoal for a few draws. Lots of leather. Now fruits and caramel on the finish. Again. Little meat, some salt, no pepper on the retro. Great unexpected mellowing. Coffee, white pepper, touch of cocoa on the finish. Burnt wood and coffee. Red line taste, but without the spice on the retro, how odd. Lonely coffee. Still burning pretty cool. Smoky, woody, barbecue. My personal favorite draw, retro was slightly salty, the palette already had some char and spice. I just walked up to the grill and kinda chomped the air w/ a steak on. Rich cocoa. Back to redline teeter. I'm really curious if some of the experiences (both good and bad), could be attributed to the draw issues? Final smoke clock: ~1 hr 15 min
  3. BRC...for some reason i just never reach for these when im in the mood for a Robusto. RASS and PSD4's are staples for me, Everything about the BRC looks appealing to me...the aroma at cold, the dark wrapper. so why do I pass these over all the time? Well I picked one up, packed in my caddy and finally deceided to put flame to it. I punched this cigar with the medium punch of my creedo 3 punch cutter and light it up. First third: FIrst puffs were just pure coco. Dark chocolate in spades. Cigar was producing tons of smoke as well. It was burning beautifully and even. after the first few draws on this cigar, I knew right there and then I was in for a real treat Second Third : I am absolutly enjoying every puff of this cigar. The dark chocolate flavours continue, and i am now getting espresso flavors in the mix as well. As i am smoking this cigar i am thinking to myself why havent i reached for this more often? why do i always overlook this when considering what box to buy next? I am enjoying this cigar so much so, that i forgot to take any more pics of this cigar! Last third: What can I say. this cigar has exeeded my expectations, its blowing me out of the water. Dark chocolate, espresso, coffee beans. Its very coparable in flavour to a BBF, but more on the the midium side rather than the full side like a BBF. Conclusion : Just wow. This cigar changed my mind about the BRC's. I will probably look to pick up a box of these rather than buying D4's like i usually do. Overall score : 94

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