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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, hope everyone’s well! Recently just purchased a box of RyJ Churchill Añejados and wanted some opinions on if it’s genuine or fake. Everything seems to check out honestly but what got to me thinking was that the date on the box (SCO E000) I know this line is supposed to be aged at least 10 years but if I’m not mistaken does the code mean these would be around 20 years aged? And from there you know I started to overthink everything lol thank you very much and cheers?
  2. Preliminaries: Romeo y Juliete Wide Churchill Montesco 5.1" x 55 Scored a quarter box during a 24:24. Believe it was a PSP/HQ listing. Straight off, this thing is gorgeous, with an oily and streaky rosado-colorado wrapper. Feels great, and very substantial in the hand. Feels a lot less great in the mouth. They call these Montescos, which sounds like the name of a lefty specialist relief pitcher from Venezuela or something. It's a fat 55, too. Probably the equivalent of a 56 or 58 RG non-Cuban. This is not my favorite size to say the least, but I have really enjoyed th
  3. Vitola: Romeo Y Julieta Cedros De Luxe No. 1 Code: ORA JUN 14 Size: Cervantes / 165 mm / 6.4 inches x 42 Smoke Date: 09/25/2016 The CdL No. 1 is an attractive Lonsdale with a light nearly blonde Connecticut claro wrapper. It feels somewhat soft and a bit light, giving the impression it may be slightly under-filled. There are a couple of medium sized veins, but none too prominent. I scalped it shallow, just enough to remove the cap. The wrapper feels thin, but looks well applied with barely visible seams. Cold draw is almost like sucking through a straw, no resistance at all, confirming t
  4. Romeo y Julieta Piramide Añejado - a gift from Zürich When visiting Cigar World with my friend Jan Pellegrom, we met with Urs Stephan Adler from and his wonderful girlfriend Jacqueline. Of course we shared a smoke and the conversation turned to the subject of special programs. We both have read very different opinions about the Añejado program and Urs kindly gifted me this stick to try and see what I could make of it. Of course I am happy to oblige and to add to the confusion The Ashes Size: Piramide (52 x 156) Smoking time: from 14:15 to - 15:45 - 1:30 hours of smoking ple
  5. Romeo y Julieta Piramides Anejados Size: 52x156 Box Code: GEA MAR 08 Pre-light: Good aroma at cold, loose is draw and quite soft feeling construction. Doesn't have a that particular 'aged' smell to it. 1st third: Ample amount of dry smoke, toasted tobacco with some wood flavors. Cedar. Medium body and quite smooth. Halfway: Sitting nicely at medium body, short finish, still lots of smoke. Good tobacco and cedar flavors. Definitely taste like a Romeo. A bit too shallow for me. No depth nor character... Final: increasingly strong and nicotine potent. Not as smooth anymore. Still flavors
  6. Vintage Review: Romeo y Julietta Fabulosos No 1 Vitals RG: 47 Length : 190 (7.5") Vitola: Double Corona Year: Early 1960's Pre Light Observations Slightly mottled wrapper. Foot has some interesting colored tobacco swirls. Slight pinch to the foot springs back nicely. A good sign. Aged earthy, tobacco aroma. Fruity spice aroma. Smooth cold draw after a punch. 1st Third Easy to light with match. First puff is musty but that goes away quick. Initial flavours are saltiness. The draw is very good. Toasty tobacco. Oily feel on the finish. I don't get that often. Nice

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