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Found 3 results

  1. Cohiba Gran Reserva Cosecha 2003 Siglo VI Review Vitola: Canonazo 52 ring gauge x 150 mm or 5.9 inches I had the opportunity to smoke this cigar a few months ago thanks to our dear friend @Trevor2118. We smoked one together and both agreed it was the best cigar we've sampled, and having sampled some exemplary cigars over the years, this is quite a statement. What is it like? Well, picture eating a honey, vanilla and cream sweet shortbread cake, only smoking it. I read a review on-line in preparing this reference review that the Gran Reserva series are amplified versions of their blends, only more subtle and refined. This is an apt and highly accurate description of this cigar. Like the video below, where El Pres and Smithy are both echoing each other's phrases in exemplifying how good this cigar is, I too was lost for words in adequately describing it, hence my lack of a detailed tasting review through the thirds. No matter, below are other reference threads for you to consider... In conclusion, if you happen to be fortunate enough to be able to pick up a box of these, or even singles, do so, you certainly will not regret it!
  2. Hi All, Would really appreciate some expertise here! A friend of mine went to Cuba over Thanksgiving and brought back 3 boxes of Cohiba Siglo VIs that he said he purchased for $50 each. He's saying that he went to Fabrica de Tabacos Partagas where the Cohibas were rolled and in the factory they told people you can buy boxes with or without the seal, which I find bogus to begin with. He didn't buy them IN the factory, but from "a guy with a good connection." I know that's a red flag in itself but he's been arguing with me for days now swearing that they're real with 100% certainty, yet the guy doesn't really know anything about cigars. The cost is really what shocks me as I know those boxes cost around $500-$600...does anyone know if $50 is BS if purchased in Cuba or are they still very expensive there? He tried to make the argument that people are very poor in Cuba so that's why goods are so cheap there, but when have cigars ever been a poor man's hobby in the last decade at least? He also said that "all the international hotels sell them for $100, so $50 isn't that far fetched." I've been to Nicaragua a few times and cigars there are even MORE expensive than they are in the states because of the taxes, which refutes the argument he makes about the country being corrupt and not well regulated...I don't think Nicaragua is further ahead than Cuba and if it is, not by a huge margin. Can anyone tell with 100% certainty by looking at the photos that these are real or fake? If you could explain why that would also be very helpful. Thanks so much all!
  3. Hello Everyone! I just broke the bank on a box of Cohiba Siglo VI's, box code BTO December 2012 . Just wanted to know if anyone has any experience with this particular factory code what should i expect? I was wondering if it is indeed as per popular opinion a box from the El Laguito Factory. In terms of when to smoke them do u reckon they are ready for ignition or would they do better being put away for a while (if so how long do u think is a good time to set them away for). Went into the walk in humidor to pick up a budget box of SLR regios's and ended up walking out with this expensive box of cohibas because of the box code. hope its worth the $$$. Cheers

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