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Found 4 results

  1. Cuba has for decades been a David amongst Goliaths in the International Baseball and Boxing communities. The last few years have seen some decline here, especially in the area of baseball players defecting. However there is still quite a bit of respect due for what they have been able to accomplish. I was unable to catch a baseball game during my last trip for a number of reasons, but it is at the top of the list for my next trip. I will post the photos I was able to get of Latino Americano Stadium later. I have been unable to find anything, at all, regarding boxing within the country itself. I am assume that all boxers on the island are "Amateur" which would preclude any inter island leagues or matches like we see for baseball. I know that Horse Racing and Cock fighting both have long histories on the island. But facilities for both were systematically removed during the revolution. Some have tried to push Cricket, others Soccer/football but without much success. I know there has been scattered post regarding some of these items in the past, I will locate what I can and copy links here for what already been posted, but if anybody has new info, drop it here!
  2. Anyone here with season tickets or plan to attend some games this year? This will be my 5th year of season tickets for the Raiders, and, uh, I picked a really bad time to start buying them. It's been a few small victories mixed in with a lot of incompetent, losing football. Because they've been so bad, though, the tickets are pretty cheap (relative to other NFL tickets). $225 for 9 home games this year (they make you buy 2 pre-season games ) They're playing a game in Mexico City this year, which I was hoping to attend, but I'm not sure I'll make it now. Every year, I have foolish optimism, but this should be the best team they've had since they went to Super Bowl after the 2002 season. I am trying not to get too excited, but if things go well this year, they should be able to compete for a playoff spot. And if things don't work out well, the Golden State Warriors start in October right next door... What team do you root for, and are you excited for the upcoming season?
  3. Starts up in about a month, anyone have any thoughts on what's going to go down or who they want to win? I unfortunately am half-german, in the states. So both teams I would root for are in this WC's "group of death" I hope US and Germany pull through. God I hate Ronaldo's pretty boy hair. Lol.
  4. Hey Guys, Baseball season is almost upon us! A week or so away from opening day. I for one cannot wait. Personally its one of my favorite sporting events to attend live. I'm starting this thread to discuss the mlb season, discuss our teams, standings, games, doped up players, you know the ususal. I'll be keeping an eye on the Blue Jays this year, with their bolstered up roster thanks to Mr. Loria in Miami...(dont get me stated on Loria...) Expectations are high, Its defenitly Playoffs or bust with that team. I've always liked the BoSox as well. Something about that team always had me rooting for them. Pedro Martinez had a lot to do with it I think...Despite what pundits think, I think the Bosox are the second best team on paper in the AL East. I'll be following the Mariners as well since I am a seattle boy...they might surprise a few. All in all, i'll be watching as much baseball as possible. My routine summer time is usually to have a cigar on my balcony with the ball game on the tv in the house, or listen to the games online via a streaming radio. Howbout you guys? what do you think will happen this year? who do you root for? who do you think will be a surprise team? Let the season begin!

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