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Found 17 results

  1. Hey everyone! So going camping for this weekend,noob to cigars so wanted some advice...going for 3 nights 4 days, weather will b 75-80 during day dropping to 50-55 (f) at night...i bought a small 9 quart cooler plus I have the boveda humidor bags I will put my cigars in before they go into cooler...will this be enough? Should I worry about them going bad? If it rains will they become soggy logs? Sorry everyone worried about my sticks...4 days, that's a few cigars lol....all info appreciated!
  2. I have accumulated more boxes than I will smoke in the next 2-3 years. Some Anejodas or Reservas, but some regular production boxes ranging from 2011, 2014, etc. When I pull out a stick I haven't enjoyed for a long time, I find that some are better than I remembered, but some really aren't. I recall reading El Presidente saying that SLR Regios may be at their best 60 days through about 2 years from the box date. That made me wonder. Are there other sticks that seem to have a short peak aging time? Do some cigars decline with age? Or just not get any better? Just wondering what experience every
  3. Hi Everyone, Long time reader, first time poster. I'm a British expat living in Singapore and having spent about year getting into cigars through buying singles, I decided to make the decision to get set up with a humidor of my own and buy in bulk to save on the exorbitant cost of cigars in this fine city state. As many of you will know, Singapore is hot and humid. A normal day is 32 degrees C with humidity levels routinely topping 90%. My house has air conditioning, however I'm not there during the working day, and can't leave my aircon running all the time, particularly not when I'
  4. Recently did a quick inventory of my 2 large humidors and found that a 50 cab of Punch DC and 10 box of Cohiba Piramides contained sticks that were damaged. It appeared the ends on some of the cigars were frayed and the wrappers seemed to be disintegrating somehow. Appreciate if anyone who has had this occur to them can clue me in on whether its a humidor humidity issue or possibly a knock off characteristic. I do not believe I had purchased these boxes from FOH and no other boxes seem to have his issue!
  5. Dear FOH: I'm so happy to have found a group of serious cigar smokers with Friends of Habanos International. Your feedback will help me immensely. I'll be 59 in June so I decided to get started building my "Retirement Collection". I started my collection in 2014 like a crazy man and must have ordered maybe 8-10 boxes. Now I have 5- humidors and am running out of space That's problem #1. I want to store cigars properly so that they will taste great within that 5-7 year time frame. Problem #2 I can't seem to keep my hands out of the cookie jar. I need a strategy but don't have a clue Problem
  6. Good morning, I have been smoking cigars for 20 years now, cubans exclusively, but I would like to know the point of view from foh forum aficionados. As I am quadraplegic since a rugby scrum it is quite complicate with my "hands" to properly cut my cigar alone so I must beg for help....I have an efficient cabinet humidor for aging my cigars and I wonder if I could cut all my cigars in advance even if I don't smoke them before months/years. Will it change the aging process ? Thanks for your advices.
  7. My Montegue cabinet humidor has served me well, but the Tetris game is getting harder and harder! I’m at about 1,100 cigars, and with 8 more boxes in the air, it’s gonna be tight for a bit Fortunately, I have a MXT on order from Bob Staebell. It should be here in about 6-7 weeks. It can’t get here soon enough! My 24:24 activity will have to go on hiatus for a bit, I think.
  8. Hello, I have a question about storing Cuban cigars… But first, I found many online cigar sites and it looks like this one may be the best. I have been a cigar “dabbler” for 20+ years - willing to spend 15-20$ US on a cigar but not really knowing the Good from the Bad and the Ugly. Prior to the recent Cuban embargo relaxation, I preferred Nicaraguan cigars. I have recently come into an (I think) amazing windfall… A friend has a client that needed some political help - they needed to get their remaining family out of Cuba, so this friend of mine had a connection in the U.S
  9. Many of us share in a common problem of limited storage space. Do you mix sticks within boxes and cabs to maximize your storage space? Other than not being able to find certain cigars easily, do you see any issues with this for longer term storage (years)? To get as many sticks as possible in my Humis, I will mix sticks in boxes and cabs. I even bought a 25 Cab to store mixed double coronas:
  10. Hey, So I recently bought some Custom Rolls from local guy. He told me that they like higher humidity levels...72RH. I told him I'm using Bovedas in my Wineador...He said to get rid of em...Something about Boveda using a newer solution with some salts or something that Rob cigars of their natural oils. I searched around online and on this forum a bunch and didn't find anything on the matter. Has anyone else heard anything about this? Can anyone present evidence that Bovedas are ore aren't robbing cigars of their natural oils? Thanks! E
  11. This thing is SO tempting. Would basically need nothing IMO, but 60mm CPU fans up at the top blowing right to left and inside the ice box itself blowing up would promote wonderful circulation I'm thinking.... Each side is 14x14" square and ought to handle two dress boxes side by side easily. Metal shelves already in place would not hinder air circulation. I have an unused LeVeil humidification unit that ought to be ideal for this box and I don't believe I would even have to drill any holes to get power inside. A wire should easily fit up through the ice box water drain hole.... Doors se
  12. So, took the fam on a year long trip around the US - made it to Phoenix where it was 108°. Forgot the cigars were in the RV with no air conditioning... and so the humidors read over 120°. They were in that condition for around 8 hours. They are now at 70°. They have been for a few days. They were all in with Bovada packs that held at 62%. I need not do the math for y'all... 62% rh at 120°+ is not ideal. The cigars do feel a bit dry, but not too dry. But as I sit here smoking them, they are harsh and seem ultra dry to taste. I normally don't worry much - they are leaves. You can dry the
  13. Hey guys, Finally finishing up a long journey with my sleeve tattoo, so that means more money for cigars!!! I am currently working with a small tupperdor big enough for a few empty boxes in which I store singles. I want to upgrade as my funds will be allocated to my other vice I am torn between wanting a nice solution like a wineador and cost friendly solution like a coolerdor. My main concerns with the windeador is that I have heard horror stories of condensation ruining thousands of dollars worth of stock. Also, I don't want to spend $250 on a wineador and run out of space. Plus extra
  14. Hey guys. Looking to start my CC collection with a few boxes.. What is everyone's take on storing and aging for long periods of time?? My current setup is a few empty boxes with singles in medium sized tupperdor with a hygrometer and a few Boveda 65%. I was thinking of buying another, much larger, tupperdor for long term storage (3+ years) of boxes. Throwing a few Boveda packs in there with a few hygrometers (depending on size of the tupperdor) and possibly a small fan that I can control if I can find one. What is everyone's take on storage? Store boxes individually in a zip-lock back insid
  15. Please redirect me if I'm repeating another topic as I know there are many topics on storage. I've seen many suggest CC's store best closer to 65F/65RH and NC's 70F/70RH. And I know much related to this topic is subjective, however, as I've lowered my temperature and humidity closer to 65/65 I feel like my Opus and Anejo are smoking much faster and also some Monte2 that were stored at 70/70 when I first smoked a few of them, and they also seem to have lost a little flavor character. There were more burn issues at 70/70 but I miss the flavor. And I got almost three hours from the first Mon
  16. There has been considerable talk in the Humidor forum as of late regarding the “dehydration process.” In a recent topic about a walk-in humidor project it was mentioned as a recommendation by a tobacconist that a new walk-in be built without sealing it, assuming that the exterior ambient would provide sufficient diffusion of water so that no dehydration process would be necessary. It was at least implied, as I read it, that without leakage and transfer of water to the outside environment, the humidor would over hydrate. That ‘leaving the door open’ or leakage to the outside macroclimate would
  17. With all the effort we put into properly storing our beloved smokes I began to wonder how proper humidity is maintained during the warehouse storage phase of the cigar supply chain. How do you humidify a commercial warehouse? Or is it not needed because the stock is constantly moving out to customers on a regular basis?

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