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Found 2 results

  1. Format: Robusto Dimensions: 58 ring gauge x 127 mm Date: Saturday 9th of July, 2016 Cold Draw: Chocolate, cocoa and vanilla bean and 'refined'* barnyard. (*refined barnyard, as in, a barnyard aroma that is easily scented, yet not pleasantly overwhelming, if you get what I mean!) Lit: 2:05 p.m. Initial Draw: Again, I used my 3-in-1 Credo Punch Cutter, using the largest 14 mm cut, to make another perfect punch. Like my recent H.Upmann Magnum 56 2015 Limited Edition review, this cigar is another jaw-breaker, with a 58 ring gauge this time! There's nice elements of light chocolate and Cohiba grass/hay, with a little leather. The best way to describe the initial draw is to liken it to a Cohiba Magicos on 'steroids'. At times the grass/hay element is extremely enjoyable and refined, whereas the strong leather element indicates, in my mind, that this cigar still requires more time to settle. First Third: Again, I've paired this with a nice black espresso, my usual beverage of choice. The construction is outstanding, the burn is even and smoke output is fine. I'm getting some more refined grass/hay intermingled with chocolate and leather on the aftertaste. In summary, this cigar is not as refined as I'd like it to be. I detect some spice/pepper through the nose now. Overall the cigar is medium to medium-full in strength. Second Third: I'm still getting some very pleasant Cohiba honey and grass, with that fuller-bodied leather. There's some more spice coming through. I'm smoking a little slower now, with less multiple draws, to savour the grass/hay on the initial puffs. The construction continues to be excellent and the burn is very even, with smoke output good too. Final Third: The cigar has become medium-full at this point, with chocolate and leather/'earthy' flavours dominating. There's still some tinges of refined grass/hay, but not as much as in the first two-thirds. There's even more spice than before, especially through the nose. The cigar is much less flavoursome though towards the end of the final third, a sure sign that this requires a re-visit down the track to see how it progresses with further resting. Completed: 3:40 p.m. Conclusion: If you approach this Limited Edition expecting a 'supremely' flavoured mild, Cohiba grass/hay, honey and vanilla cigar, prepare to be disappointed. Rather, I'd approach this as a 'Supreme' Cohiba Magicos instead. Coincidentally, having enjoyed an aged 8-year old Cohiba Magicos yesterday with Trevor Leask, I can attest how appealing the combination of chocolate, espresso and an underlying Cohiba grass/hay base can be. As for the Cohiba Robustos Supremos, even at 18 months old, it's a good cigar, but not a great cigar. I intend to re-visit this in another 18 months, and then another 18 to 24 months after that, as this could become a very, very good cigar, but it probably won't approach the same depth of class as the most recent Cohiba Limited Edition, the Cohiba 1966 LE (2011). If and/or when that leather and earthiness settles in the back half of the cigar, and it becomes more medium to medium-mild in strength, that is when I recommend enjoying this cigar. Until then, keep them safe in that beautifully varnished 10-count box.
  2. I managed to snag one of these "obscene" monsters. For comparison, I lined it up against the BHK56 and Cohiba 1966 EL 2011 Here they are in line. A look at the foot Part 1 A look at the foot Part 2 I didn't notice a huge difference in the RG between the Supremo and BHK. The BHK56 did seem a bit puffy to me at the foot. Either that, or the 2RG difference isn't easy to make it.

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