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Found 7 results

  1. Came across this on the net. A per Province breakdown of total tobacco revenues across all tobacco product types from 1990 - 2016. In short. For a country of ~30 million, taxing tobacco has brought in billions per years to government coffers. In 2016 total Provincial and Federal taxes have brought in $8.3 Billion. Link to PDF Tables Page 3 has a breakdown of cigarettes, cigars, pipe, etc.
  2. I often read the cigar "forum" on reddit known as /r/cigars. I came across an interesting post from a food scientist that works with things such as mold and various types of vermin. (@CanuckSARTech) excluded. I approached the OP to provide a link back to the thread and the OP was fine with it. So, please read through the link and feel free to discuss here. I found it very interesting. FYI. Some of the responders to the OP also had some good info which some of you may/may not be already aware of. So without further ado. Read On Thanks to user "Aulm" on reddit..
  3. Article from Granma regarding the newly accepted (16-17 campaign) Corojo 2012 Strain. No mention as to the qualities of the tobacco as a finished product, only that it will be more resistant to disease, and most importantly, yield two more leaves per plant. Only 200 Hectares planted this year, but if results are good this new strain could begin arriving on our doorsteps in 4-5 years. So, a reach back to the old Corojo, or another step away from the cuban black tobacco of old?
  4. I am not sure if i can go into much depth with this question so I hope this thread starts to snowball off itself.. -What are the different leaves of the tobacco plant? -What role does each type of leave play during the aging process ( I understand certain parts get better with age, and others don't change much with age) -Is there a certain correlation between leaf length and the length of the intended cigar? -How are different leaves rolled to produce a finished product? After reading through a lot of forums I understand that certain cigars benefit from age more than others.. Different l
  5. Greetings all. Haven't posted much lately. Thought I'd try to stir things up a bit. As I sit here enjoying a 2009 P2, I've been thinking about what cigars I've enjoyed these past few years and from what year they came from with less concern on the specific box codes. If we treat Cuban tobacco crops the way vintners do with their grape harvests; which years in the last 10 years stand out for you? Don't dwell on the marcas but the overall sampling of cigars you've had from specific years that make you think. "This was a good year for Cuban tobacco." I've broken down the poll into two quest
  6. I originally wrote this for a thread on the embargo. I am not going to edit all that out, but in the event that this thread gets whacked or closed, I figured it would be better it be on its own and not bring down the thread of another member. Let the melee commence! …as I stated, the opening comments are regarding questions about the embargo! From a slightly different angle… Not all US Americans like CC's. The draw is too stiff for them and they don't have that tin can, metallic twang that they appear to love. I am not putting down, NC cigars, I just don't like them. Having shared CC's wit
  7. So some Scientists in Germany have found a way to make Tobacco plants seemingly grow indefinitely and continue to grow reasonable looking young leaves. Could we one day be smoking cigars made from a Tobacco plant older than the curing of the leaves etc?

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