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Found 11 results

  1. Trinidad: The Full Story/History Trinidad...when you hear the word you'd probably think of the Caribbean Island Nation. If you think of the marca, you'd probably reflect on its spectacular recent success surrounding its 50th anniversary. And if you're familiar with Habanos cigars for a number of years, you'd know that the reputation Trinidad currently enjoys hasn't always been that way; in fact, there were times when the Trinidad story was in the doldrums, particularly for a 'premium' marca. Below is the Cuban version of the Trinidad story that a number of you would be familiar with...
  2. Driving out of Trinidad to Valle de los Ingenios and Torre Iznaga last month I saw several signs pointing to a "Disco Ayala" .... intriguing to say the least. I even saw some really nice people looking up the way to that Disco. Pity I didn't have the time to enquire further as I was headed back to Havana that day, but congrats Prez, nice venture .... :-) .....
  3. To my recollection I don’t believe I ever had a Trinidad Fundadores before, so these are my first impressions. At 192mm (7.56 inches), this is a formidable cigar, despite it’s svelte 40 ring gauge girth. The format is a Laguito Especial, which seems to be the only vitola from Cuba with these dimensions. It is my understanding the Trinidad Grand Panetela was the predecessor to the Fundadores, which was a Laguito No. 1 like the Cohiba Lancero and Montecristo Especial No. 1, but I don’t think the Grand Panetela was ever commercially produced. There was a rumor at one time that the Trinidad Gran
  4. In preparation for my video review of the Cohiba Lanceros for the 2017 Xmas Sampler Series, I researched pigtail caps on Cuban Cigars. I was unable to find a definitive reference on-line as to why or which cigars have a pigtail cap, but looking at the list below it's safe to infer some reasons... The following Habanos cigars have (or had prior to discontinuation) pigtail caps: Cohiba Lanceros Cohiba Coronas Especiales Montecristo Especial Montecristo Especiales No.2 ALL Trinidad vitolas including the Fundadores and special releases such as the 2016 Topes Limi
  5. Hello again my brothers, time for another lighthearted video review from the Pig... Been absent these past days and likely will be for awhile. I just picked up a new project management job, 27M corporate HQ TI. The job is a mess, of course and I am pretty immersed in it. The team is great and I am having some fun building again!!! With that said, this is the first cigar that I have smoked in two weeks. I just have not had the time. It is once more a good time for me to stock up on Partagas Chicos and leave a box on my trailer office desk (right Nik???). That way I will have sufficie
  6. I love it when I have a cigar that qualifies for a review weekend! Let's proceed. Trinidad Reyes 4.3" (110mm) x 40 Preliminaries: What a nice looking cigar. Bought these a month or two during a 24: 24 sale. They're HQ grade. Beautiful, gold Colorado wrapper. Some vens, including a few Frankenstein stitches, but nothing major. I cut the cap, and the draw is snug. Cigar feels very solid and well-rolled in the hand. Light and initial thoughts: Takes to flame easily enough. The draw is snug, but I'm getting enough smoke. Right off the bat,the cigar is stronger
  7. I came across the following article of interest from Simon Chase, the great British 'Cigar Sage' who worked for Hunters and Frankau from 1977 until his retirement in 2009. As I've stated before, I always find what he has to say of interest, due to his passion and experience for Habanos cigars. His latest article for Cigar Journal discusses the beginning of Trinidad as a cigar for diplomats up to the latest 2016 Limited Edition release, the Topes. Photo: Courtesy of Cigar Journal Trinidad Rises to New Heights The o
  8. Had to attend a Black Tie Award ceremony last night organized by my employer - I picked up two Cigars to take with me - the Coloniales, and a Partagas Selecion Privada. Both cigars I had been aging for over a year now in the humidor. Coloniales from a 5 Pack i bought last year on a whim while transiting through airports and hence I don't know the date code (Pity). Turns out my department ended up winning all the awards last night including picking up one myself, so it was the perfect opportnuity to light up a celebratory cigar. Since it was already quite late in the night I ended up choo
  9. Made this review a little over 2 weeks ago and forgot to share it on FOH. my bad fellas.. here is it Length: 11 cm Ring Gauge: 54 Factory Name: Vigia Vitola: Torres Type: Petit Robusto Presentation: Box of 12 and Tubos of 3 (TBC) Release Date: Third quarter 2014 During the Trinidad Evening in the 16th Habanos Festival last February 2014, they gave out the Trinidad Vigia and Cohiba Robustos Supremos EL 2014 for sampling with our dinner. The cigar was great to smoke along with the a wonderful evening that made it so memorable! That is why I kept one to review for y

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