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Found 17 results

  1. What an incredible time to be alive. I think the 1950s would have been incredible as well. Just think they actually had Federal customs officials who would sit in the Cigar factory and clear the Havana tobacco. The tobacco was not taxed until the cigars were rolled. This government system ensured that Havana cigars were of guaranteed origin. Before me is a beautiful claro wrapped clear Havana cigar. The American market was almost always claro selected. Prior to the Revolution Cuba sent certain types of tobacco out to different regions. The American market was mild Havana tobacco. I once read t
  2. I attended a big gala dinner a few weeks ago. Great wine, great food, great friends and off course I´ve brought some good cigars. Standing out smoking a Dip#4 later in the evening I started a conversation with an elder gentleman quickly realizing he was a true Brother of the Leaf. Tried to offer him a cigar but he regretfully told me he had quit smoking some years ago due to health issues. Then he told me that he had some boxes at home that he had tried to give away without luck. "You wouldn´t be interested to check them out some day? Maybe you find something of interest."
  3. Hello fellow lovers of the leaf! Few of us in Hong Kong are trying to start some weekly ish reviews and figured some of the members here might find them informative/entertaining as you will. Cheers Nate
  4. The transition of a friendship and thinking about my grandpa (long gone)... It was a dark and stormy night.. ...actually it wasn't, it was just dark, and bitter cold. Which sucked. Fortunately, I have access to a local Cigar Bar with terrible ventilation such that my hand still reeks of smoke for days after I'm done and my wife has me strip in the garage before I enter the house (Sorry ladies, no photos). I dont visit often, but my buddy does. My friend Tom is in his mid 60's and an interesting man who has lived more lives than I ever will. My wife and his really clicked too so the
  5. The great book L'Histoire du Havane provides a nice list of the best vintages of cuban crops up to 1981. More relevant for me: Have any of you seen a similar listing for recent years? -The harvest of 2017 looks promising. Let us hope it will be as good as the harvest of 2012. Which the cubans denotes as cosecha 2011.
  6. Anyone any deeper insight into the latest vintage? With the current price announcements and critic's notes having come to light, it is not a particularly hyped year, but most say, the best vintage since 2010, with the right bank having been particularly successful. While JRobinson sais it will drink "relatively early", but reports to be "glad to be able to report enthusiastically", I read one crtitics even speak of the "most beautiful year" in his 30-year career, Suckling calls it "extremely exciting"..... The typical "best vintage is current vintage"- gibbberish, or more flesh to it
  7. For this review I took the opportunity to revisit the king of kings from Hoyo de Monterrey: the Double Corona This cigar isn't called a Prominentes for nothing the Double Coronas undoubtedly represent the best of their marca's and are time-honored and honed showpieces of what a Cuban cigar should stand for. This particular example was boxed in 1998 and therefore the tobacco is approximately 20 years old. The 1998 cigar was made with the old Corojo tobacco and it shows in the small veins on the wrapper. Spidery and smooth with a slight reddish tint to it. Smoking time 2:30
  8. Review: La Escepcion Coronas Extra Largas Release: 1974/75 Release Vitola: Lonsdale 44RG by 7.7inch Production: Regular. Discontinued 1970’s Box Code: UNK. Stamped 9/75 by tobacconist on underside. Paired with: ice water Date: Sunday July 30, 2016 Start Time: 3:37PM EST Reviewers Notes: My style of cigar reviewing is “open”. I try to jot down what I’m experiencing with every draw. When you see a “/” consider that a break in between puffs. What I leave out in fancy prose is made up with observation. Consider each segment a p
  9. REVIEW: 1982 Davidoff No 2 Tubo Note. I use the following double forward slashes to separate a tasting note, or general thought. "//" Vitals: Laguito No 2 Vitola. 38 by 152mm(6.0) First released in 1969 and discontinued in 1991 34 Year old sample. Prelight notes Smooth, claro wrapper. Floral aroma, pine, almost "perfumy". Hints of pumpkin spice. Baking spice on the foot. Yellowed band shows its age. Clean, smooth tobacco aromas all around. 1st. Third Woodsy // earth opening // cedar, hickory // slight astringent notes // Dark Chocolate // Very smooth // Hints of hickory // bubbly, cham
  10. Hello all, Like the title says, I was offered to take a look at some Davidoff cigars that a person is selling who shares an acquaintance with me. We have not yet talked prices, but these are the pictures I was sent. I do not have any experience with vintage Cuban Davidoffs, and am hoping those with experience can take a look at these and share your opinions on their authenticity, quality, etc. I know that a lot of advice given here is to "trust your source" and I agree with that. I have bought from our mutual acquaintance before and the cigars were legit and he seems to be a very good cha
  11. Greetings all. Haven't posted much lately. Thought I'd try to stir things up a bit. As I sit here enjoying a 2009 P2, I've been thinking about what cigars I've enjoyed these past few years and from what year they came from with less concern on the specific box codes. If we treat Cuban tobacco crops the way vintners do with their grape harvests; which years in the last 10 years stand out for you? Don't dwell on the marcas but the overall sampling of cigars you've had from specific years that make you think. "This was a good year for Cuban tobacco." I've broken down the poll into two quest
  12. From the album: Old Cigars

    1969, the year I was born. Some of the nicest wrappers I've ever seen.
  13. For years I have collected everything from wind-up toys to antique quilts to vintage fishing lures. Of course now my obsession is Cuban cigars. With the cigars I have found some terrific collectible items to place around my cigar room. You?
  14. 1970's H Upmann Sir Winston Prelight notes: Lovely box pressed wrapper Light milk chocolate in color Light cocoa aroma on the foot It doesn't have that "aged" aroma I'm used to. If anything, it smells quite fresh The stick passes the pinch test easily. This cigar has been well maintained over the years. Cold draw is smooth. Just enough resistance to keep it from being a wind tunnel. Nicely packed tobacco. Please note: Whenever you see a "//" that is a visual cue that another draw has been taken or I've jotted down a thought at the time. First third Opening draw //
  15. I smoked this beauty a few nights ago. It's been a long time since I've done a review. And for those of you that have never read one of mine, I tend to "dump" out what I'm tasting and any other thoughts in my mind as I'm smoking. This review is not as lengthy as my past efforts. I hope you enjoy it. Now, on to the review! Name: WM Penn Panatella Circa: 1943 Observations: Nice box press on the panatella, the tobacco passes the pinch test easily. This is not some dried out relic. The cigar is very much alive. Aroma at cold is floral with a hint of baking spice. That is promising
  16. A recent little pickup. Clear Havanas from 1926. They smell pretty good. They had a long trip but after some humi time, I'm going to fire one up. Lovely workmanship on the package. The front of the box looks like hammered copper. A little bit of info on the back. The opened box. Cigars in cello and a little ribbon to act as a hinge. (Very nice touch) A closeup of the cigars along with the original inspection slip.
  17. With the dust settled from the Montreal herf, I've had some time to take some shots of a little discovery we made while browsing an odd cigar store prior to the herf. We found some interesting sticks but this item in particular struck me. A box of 1970's era Le Escepcions. Coronas Extra Largas Here's the top. A close up of the label. The back of the box with the words "CLARO" and "9-75" which I am assuming could be the date September 1975 Side shot. Open box. Two surviving sticks in their cello. Unfortunately, there's a beetle hole or two. On the plus side, the cigars ha

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