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Found 2 results

  1. Great way to start the weekend! Very old school cigar, Great morning cigar - Medium body, smooth draw , very creamy taste, perfect structure with very nice ash. have a great weekend!
  2. A good friend invited a bunch of us to his cottage up in northern Ontario. Roughly a 3 - 4 hour drive from Toronto. I used this opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and quiet to light up some cigars and a enjoy "a few beverages" First off, the view. A nice quiet lakefront. Neighbours are about a football field apart on either side. None across the lake. First smoke of the trip. RA Superiores A Behike 56 from 2011 on the following morning after breakfast. Later on the same day, I braved an NC. A Liga Privada No 9 with about 3 years of age on it. Not much to say about it. Not much flavour wise going on. Was tempted to pitch it at the halfway point but given the sheer relaxation of the environment and the knowledge that I could make up for this stick with a better one, I smoked it all the way through. At least it didn't ruin my palate. Later in the evening, I followed it up with a custom roll. Hamlet's take on an RA 898 with a closed foot (I added the band). I must say, I've had these for about 3 years now and they're really coming out on their own. Very close to the RA blend. A real pleasure to smoke. My after lunch smoke the following day. A La Escepcion Don Jose Later in the evening by the campfire, a Hamlet Tabaquero Salamon. (sorry for the picture quality). This was a really good balanced smoke. Some rich notes here and there but smooth overall. My last smoke of the trip the following day, an ERDM Choix Supreme from 2009. Delicious.

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