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Found 5 results

  1. Good read. Mr. DeMille, I’m Ready for Your Booze Stash Dusty hunters seek valuable old bottles of whiskey and other spirits. This one found the collection of a lifetime. Some of Kevin Langdon Ackerman’s liquor collection, including a few prohibition-era bottles owned by American filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille, photographed in Los Angeles, Calif. Credit...Rozette Rago for The New York Times By Aaron Goldfarb Sept. 29, 2020Updated 11:47 a.m. ET Kevin Langdon Ackerman had a good lead, so he left
  2. 44 bottles made at €35,000 each. I have liked the Middleton I've had but, for me personally, not at that price! There is a video somewhere of this but I have only seen a Facebook link so far. If you find the video, please forgive the Cork accents! I know a little about this, the pricing was interesting. That's the minimum price set by the distillery. The price was due to be nearer 50k but Dublin Airport duty free is getting a bottle and insisted on a duty free price. Thus the price was lowered for every retailer as all bottles a
  3. I see a lot of whiskey, scotch and bourbon paired with cigars... anyone here enjoy a good rye with their smoke? I figure that mongrel pairs great with mongrel as well. What are your experiences? Any suggestions?
  4. The Sazerac Cocktail...have you ever had one? In 2008 it became the official cocktail of the state of New Orleans. Personally, I love it, it is one of my favourite cocktails, when I want a cocktail to wind-down my working week, this is one of the cocktails I go to (the others are the Old-Fashioned, Martini or Manhattan). But what exactly is a Sazerac Cocktail, I mean, what constitutes one? It seems that every recipe you read on-line or in classic Cocktail books is different. Do you use Cognac or Rye (or even Bourbon)? What about Herbsaint or Absinthe? Sugar Syrup or granulated sugar, even?
  5. Gentlemen, (and ladies if pertinent), This is winter. Its cold. Its time to improvise and overcome. Overall though, I'm not doing bad. 7 out of 10 in my own opinion. Per the pictures, -PopUp Tent with lights, sides. -Kerosene heater -Entertainment in a PC -Xikar Light/Cut -Coffee, black -Whiskey (or whisky for you Irish fellas, always to note) -and 1 Quai D'Orsay Corona from our host Cigar is so smooth and light, perfection. Easiest retrohale I've probably ever had. Buttery, creamy, and slightly grassy at the time of this writing, first 1/3. Building slightest of strength. Downfal

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