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Found 1 result

  1. Following my earlier post on Solingen cutters. I was "inspired" to look for a new cutter. Over the years I have used a number of cutters - in particular Xikar cutters. Part of the attraction is the lifetime warranty. Essentially they replace the part - no questions asked. In the past - you could return the item to the original retailer and it would be replaced (at least where I live). Now that appears to have changed since Xikar was purchased last year by Quality Imports. So they have to be shipped back to QI in the US. Lengthy process (over a month turn around) and additional costs associated. But I digress. Back to the issue: a number of different cutters were used/purchased and all have had to be replaced. Blades have gone dull/blunt. These are the ones I have used so far. Xi2 Ultra Slim M8 Twist punch Now I would not call myself a prolific smoker 3-4/week on average. Typical threshold has been 12-18 months before the blades start showing signs of challenge. There does not appear to be an adequate method to sharpen the blades. Ironically a bevelled shell casing lasts longer. However for the larger vitolas, I would prefer a cutter. Wondering if any other solutions could be suggested. Or just purchase cheaper/disposable and consider it the price of doing business. I understand that this all falls into the category of First World Problems (FWP)....

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