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fascinating to see some of these. my top three would change every day i suspect. and several times a day.

some of the films here all absolutely all time classics and some, for me, have rotten tomato written all over them. amazing how much people vary.

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Grosse Point Blank


The Great Escape

there are also some that I will watch over and over and never be bored - just pure entertainment; all of the Bond films, The Rock, Predator and Ghostbusters to name a few of many...

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Star Wars Trilogy (if just one Empire Strikes Back)

Predator (''I'ma have me some fun, I'ma have me some fun...'')

Rear Window

Special mention for opening battle scene of Gladiator:


The only one which has ever come close to the 'de-foliation' scene in Predator.


Yes, I grew up in the 80s :lookaround:

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forrest gump, lock stock 2 smoking barrels, something stanley kubrick (full metal jacket maybe)

also a few good men, bourne trilogy so many!

tv wise 1) The wire 2) mad men 3) changi (aussie tv show about ww2 diggers in a japanese concentration camp)

also BoB, sopranos, deadwood i rate highly

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I would have to say (Apologies I have more than 3 top faves):

- Star Wars trilogy.

- Tombstone

- Indiana Jones trilogy.

- Seven Samurai.

- Saving Private Ryan.

- Batman series (With Christian Bale)

- Terminator

- Clint Eastwood westerns (They're all great!)

What a tough question considering there are so many greats out there. I too am a movie buff, have an extensive Blu-Ray and DVD library.

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Rear Window

;) 'Rear Window' is probably my favourite Hitchcock film.

Given that movies are for entertainment purposes (primarily at any rate), it's difficult to choose favourites. It all depends on one's mood, and so on. Anyway, I'm fond of,

  • Gosford Park
    Touch of Evil
    The Pianist
    Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet

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I have some favorites, but it's more like one absolute heads-and-shoulders favorite and a bunch of others. That movie is...

Fight Club, for these reasons:

1. Dark and humorous, just the way I like it.

2. Got me into reading again with all the other Chuck Palahniuk books.

3. Introduced me to The Pixies, my favorite band now.

Others, in no particular order:

Leon, The Professional

Cool Hand Luke

Pulp Fiction

Boondock Saints

Taxi Driver

In the Heat of the Sun (阳光灿烂的日子)

Silence of the Lambs

and so many more...

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Very tough. Even three films in any particular catagory would be difficult...didn't give it much thought until the question was posed.

Well, here goes...

The Blues Brothers (it's got, dance, car chases...Illinois Nazis!!!)

The Good, the Bad, an the Ugly (one word...Tuco)

The Maltese Falcon (Hammet, John Huston and Bogey)

of course there are others in high rotation...

The Thomas Crown Affair (the King of Cool in a suit)



The Yakuza


The Man Who Would Be King (Huston, Connery, Caine...Epic in every way)

Le Mans

Tom Horn

Escape from New York

The Thing (Carpenter and Russel again)

Big Trouble in Little China

The Lost Battalion

And so many more...

And Ken G, perfect read on the Star Wars films.

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A Better Tomorrow - Directed by John Woo, Starring Chow Yun Fat


Saving Private Ryan

Animal House

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Shawshank Redemption ---> A beautiful reminder to appreciate life, regardless of the conditions.

Fight Club ----> This is one of my all time favorites. Just an epic tale of sickness, and people on the fringe.

Pulp Fiction ---> Another dark tale of people on the fringe. I can't get enough of stories like this.

Honorable mentions:

The Green Mile

Mad Max




I am sure there are others, but that is my short list. :lol:

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I cant pick just three, lol, but here are some:

The original "of the Dead" trilogy and the Cemetary Man

Godfather trilogy

Indiana Jones

There are so many!

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