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In the most recent episode of Flash Forward the Evil guy cuts off Simon Campos' finger with a cigar cutter after giving a monologue about how he had emphysema from years of smoking cigars and only bad guys smoke; It was like the surgeon General had to approve the scene. He also lit a cigar but was never shown smoking it.

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This is where the US gets it right. Couldn't have a cuban, but after work tonight I took a cab into town and smoked an Oliva Serie V (ok, not good but ok) indoors, in the company of other chaps who were all interested in cigars. It was almost enough to overcome the fact that the cigar was just average. I'll be going back again tomorrow, to smoke another average cigar indoors.

It is not so easy to smoke indoors in the US as some may think.

Many states have banned smoking. Here in PA the only bars that can allow smoking are

those that make a very small percentage of sales from food in relation to drinks, or private clubs.

The pickings are slim.

I always got a kick out of 'Boston's last scene also - wanted to light up and smoke along with Capt. Kirk!

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