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It is with immense sadness that I pass on the news that great friend to the forum, great friend to Lisa, Smithy and I, Chuck Vaughan- LLoyd (Tampa 1257) passed away suddenly today at 1pm. We are di

I hate to hear this news. Chuck was always one of those guys that shared his knowledge freely. He never minced words about who/what he supported. He's a great guy and will be truly missed.

Chuck was one of the few I could truly feel his passion and love for this.

The screen name "Tampa" should be put in the hall of fame and never used again.

My deep and heart felt sympathy to his family and to all at FOH and HCF.

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Rest in Peace, my cyber-friend.

While I never had the honour to meet Chuck,

I could always feel his immense presence on FOH;

grounded, open to all, always the voice of friendship and reason.

He leaves a void that will never be filled.

My heartfelt condolences to his family,

and to all those who were so fortunate as to have crossed his path.

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Chuck was the reason I am where I am in my cigar life. I emailed him after meeting him on Myspace about a website a co-worker used to order cuban cigars. Chuck steered me clear of that site and directed me to places he trusted, such as here.

WOW, I'm shocked right now.

RIP Buddy and thank you for all the information you provided me over the last 5 years.


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I am like most in total shock !!!! Me in Chuck butted heads more times than I can count as we both have differant views on cigars as most here know.And sometimes the words on both ends got out of control and were not called for..

But one thing we have in common is a passion for Cuban Cigars and overall I will miss him as he was as firm in his beliefs as mine and i respect that about him.

Funny thing is Chuck is the one that had me sign up here with Rob back when the site first went up..


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OMG & unbelievable, Chuck was basically inspirational when I first happened upon the FOH. I guess I sort of looked up to him after reading his many posts, and his avatar at the time showed him w/those silly sunglasses. So as my family planned a vacation trip to the Bradenton area about three summers ago, I sent Chuck a note that I would near-by and perhaps we could get together for a smoke or two or three. I ended up breaking away from the family for an evening and headed north up to the Clearwater area and a local pub/establishment of his. There I met Tampa-Chuck, somewhat of a legend in my opinion on the FOH site. He was very friendly, easy going and boy did he love his cigars. We both traded cigars and stories for a few hours, although Tampa didn't tip the sauce, just many cigars & water. Man he was a wealth of knowledge and will be missed, by me and I'm sure many others who knew him better. RIP my friend!!

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RIP brother... You will be missed and I know those close to you will cherish your memory. We will never let your presence fade and as your life is celebrated, may you enjoy yourself in that big humidor in the sky.

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Wow that is sudden and bad news. Life is not assured so smoke your best cigars now. I can remember when it was Rob, Chuck, me and just a few other blokes getting this Forum going and the loss of a charter member like Chuck is a big deal.

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What a terrible loss. I think Chuck embodied what cigar communities are about; a fraternal order of partaking and sharing. While some come and others go there are bellwether men, like grand old oaks, withstanding the storms and the droughts always alive to proved the cool shade to energize the hot humid days. I think Chuck was one such old soul.

I had not seen him around a lot lately, but he was one you knew lurking if not posting, never exhausted enough or disgusted enough to pound the drum just one more time, often on a topic that he had likely discussed ten thousand times before.

What a loss for us; a true Friend of Habanos... stalwart defender of the thin ring cigar, man of wisdom, humor and good taste. God bless you my friend. -Ray

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