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It is with immense sadness that I pass on the news that great friend to the forum, great friend to Lisa, Smithy and I, Chuck Vaughan- LLoyd (Tampa 1257) passed away suddenly today at 1pm. We are di

I hate to hear this news. Chuck was always one of those guys that shared his knowledge freely. He never minced words about who/what he supported. He's a great guy and will be truly missed.

Sadly, I didn't know him at all. Just from the posts I've read in the short time I've been here. Sounds like a great guy who will be sorely missed by those who called him friend. My condolences to you all.

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I am deeply saddened by the news of Tampa's passing.

I never met Chuck, but I also never missed any of his posts.

When I first joined FOH I looked for his posts.

I learned about CC's and being a BOTL from his insights.

I will smoke a CCE in his honor.


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I'm still in shock from hearing the news this morning! Chuck was a good friend of mine who I got to know here in Tampa along with Professor Twain. He taught me a lot about cigars and was a genuinely nice man. I'm going to miss him a lot!

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:cofcig: Woah- what a shock. Please may you rest in peace Chuck. My condolences to he, his family, and whomever else he influenced positively in his lifetime.
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Haven't written too many posts over here. Not sure why but maybe one board is all I have time for but in this case I want to say I hope Chuck is in a better place and resting in peace. We weren't close and maybe talked once but the guy could teach you about cigars every time he posted. Sad day for sure.

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When I got the news about Chuck’s passing from a very good family friend yesterday afternoon I was in shock and deeply saddened that I was unable to post until I got my head around what has happened. Chuck had made sure that if anything happened to him we were to be contact straight away as FOH was a important part of his life and he wanted his friends to know.

Chuck you will be missed by everyone here and I will miss your Facebook requests to have a dance and a hug… save me a dance my friend as one day I will be there with you and I will have my dancing shoes on

Love you honey and I am sending you my big hug


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Just terrible news. Chuck was a dear friend. Always upbeat even if he had reason to be down.

I had just communicated with him this week regarding planning a yearly sitdown

Sadly, we smoked our last cigars together last New years day. I shall miss him terribly.

RIP Chuck.

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So very very sad.

My sincere condolences to Chuck's family and friends.

When my website was first setup, Chuck bombarded me with emails offering his thoughts, comments, suggestions and encouragement.

His passion for cigars was evident from these emails, and his passion for life was evident from his posts.

I never meet him but I would have been proud to.

Rest in Peace Chuck.


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Chuck was the first to welcome me to this board...........he was a gentleman...............

he has his pick of cigars in Heaven.............. doubt smoking a 1492................

and not having to nub it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What can I possibly say when so many FOH members here have said it all already. :P

Sincere condolences to Chucks family, close friends and to FOH members alike.

What a horrible shock to read the news, loss of breath at the suddeness of this news. (He only posted just recently!) :cofcig:

I also never knew Chuck other than on FOH, his wealth of knowledge was valued and respected by myself.

We PM'd each other a few times over the last year and he was extremely helpful and kind with his advice.

May Chuck rest in peace and may everyone effected by this sudden and sad loss also find peace in time.



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