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I bought a box of PSD4 at the Partagas factory 4 weeks ago. Also with the "suspect" band without the dots. So I don't think they sell fakes there!? BTW boxdate is MAR10...

EDIT: I just had a look at the PSD5 (EL2008) band, its of the same manner like the suspect D4 one. Without the dots and a slightly darker red compared to the regular band.

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Have sent Jose an e-mail.

Thanks for this warning. Very helpful.

Looking into this, mates. Seems to me these boxes are genuine just by carefully looking at the seal, the finishing of the cap, general appeareance and color shades even though it´s difficult to tell sometimes. Besides, the smoker´s impressions coincide with a Partagás Serie D No 4 but the issue here is the band. Sorry I have no answer for that. I called a friend at the warehouse to find out. Also tried calling to the factory and to the provider of the bands for the industry. It looks like a temporary mistake or if a change has been made, we have not been notified...YET! Go figure! Keep you posted on this...

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Everyone is making a big fuss about the band, it's Cuba! For the ones who have experience in the design and print industry you will understand how easy it is to make a mistake, especially when you have embossed and foiled material, like teh PSD4 band.

I would say it's a printer issue and NOT fake cigars. Enjoy them.

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Curious that there is that sort of variation in the bands. I just went through a box of d4's of mine (December '08 for those playing at home) and whilst they do all have the dots on more than a few bands there is variation between where "Partagas" is printed bellow "Serie".

It seems to move slightly left or right :S

On topic - enjoy your authentic d4's!

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well buddy I just check the ones I have that I bought at La Casa Del Habano and they are all from different boxes from 07 to 09 box dates and they all have the dots after the D and after Partagas. I'm no expert but I found out that the little details on the bands normally tells you if there fake or not. The only place where I live at to buy the real deal 100% of the time is la casa del habano, anywhere else your run the risk. This fourm has help me out several times on finding out the fakes. Thanks to all. And smokeum if you like um

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Got a box of 10s with same box code (UGA SEP 09) as thread starter yesterday, and they are also missing the dots. A Swiss company with excellent reputation (atleast until now???) was the source.

You guys might have the real deal just a mistake in printing. I'm just a weary person after being burned by buying fakes.

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I have run the serial number on the habanos website. I have no idea how to do it right, and every time I input what I see, it tells me in bold letters that I am a victim of Fraud (thanks for not mincing words, Habanos)

The two numbers that I see are

000016 978188

000016 978140

The bands are definitely different, no question with the lack some dots, and also with the location of "PARTAGAS" being offset different under the "SERIE" than it is on Trevor's site.

Yes, it's true that if I enjoy the cigar then who cares what it is - but I do not want to be one of those clowns who smokes a fake and proudly pronounces how good it is. I buy and continue to buy from Czar to ensure what I get is top-notch and authentic (and doesn't have resin spots or the wrong damn year), but I would have thought that cigars purchased from a resort walk-in humidor in Santa Clara, Cuba would be also authentic.

I guess I just hate dishonesty so much that I'd hate the thought of having fake cigars, no matter how good they taste. I suppose I should get off my high horse!

Add a 0 in front of the code. I ran the first one and with the 0 in front, it comes up legit.

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