Rest in Peace Alejandro Robaina

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RIP Don Alejandro...smoked a VR Unicos in your memory last night.

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A life well lived, and a legacy that will last for generations.

A great soul has passed on.

Que descansa en paz.

Condolences to all his family, and to his countless friends.

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Just a for what it is worth here, a couple of points

None of the VR marca was from tobacco from don Alejandro's farm. He grew wrapper only.

He was somewhat mystified by the VR brand, although he understood it was an honor.

He once said to me that some people were so poor that all they saved was money.

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Back from vacation, and I see that cigar idol has passed. I hope that his final days were spent as happy and painfree as possible. May we cherish his life and contributions to the industry. Condolences to the family and Cuba for their loss of the tobacco messiah.

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Thank you Sir and Rest in Peace

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