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Best wishes for a prompt and definite recovery... keep a positive outlook, pray and enjoy the company of your loved ones. We're all barracking for you mate!

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Having ones' health decline is a *****, it is hard not to let it get you down, I know this as fact. Finding strengths in the Lord and ones' personal friendships helps a lot. You know you have friends and well wishers here on the board so stop in and share a story or two. I actually had many comical stories of my many days in the hospital in 2008. Get your head around getting better and try to stay in good cheer. Most of all, get well soon. -Ray

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Van...good to hear the the prognosis is promising. Keep up the'll beat this thing. Take care of yourself and I hope you have a speedy recovery from chemo.

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Positive attitude all thye way, my father was diagnosed in `07 shortly after his first trip to VN, he kicked it with chemo and radiotherapy and came across again at the end of `08 to see me married off!! Early `09 they found it had come back much to his doctors suprise, regular check ups after you nail it are a must.

He did pass away from a complication last year after having cyber knife treatment, it wasnt the cancer but a blood clot .But all the way through his treatment we where planning his next trip over, not once did he think of it as something other than an inconvience that had to be dealt with.

Miss him like you wouldnt believe and not a day goes past I dont think about him

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Van, may you have a speedy recovery. Thats great news and thanks for sharing, I'm sure there will be more great news to follow.

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Van, I am convinced that you have the combined physical and spiritual strength,

and the determination, to come out a winner.

After the chemo, you will need to boost your immune system with lots of vitamins

and anti-oxidents, especially vitamin D3.

A couple of weeks on a Cuban beach wouldn't hurt. :clap:

Always keep in mind that you have your brothers and sisters from FOH,

all around the world,

sending you our prayers and positive vibes.

All the best,


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Cancer can be beat! Stay positive and keep your faith, God is a healing God! My wife had lung and brain cancer 3 years ago, totally free now! I know that it is a hard road but never lose your faith. If you ever want to chat just send an E-mail.


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